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  1. London Calling

    Is the creature linked to the bonfire? or has it left it?
  2. London Calling

    "We talked, We Disagreed, He's begun to chant and has fallen into a trance of some manner, i imagine his attack is beginning if it hasn't begun already, he desires to tear down the walls of Global society and rebuild them to service those he deems worthy." he states calmly and cooly to mr fiddle "we must thus spring into action ourselves sirs! " adrenalin in the face of a battle pounding through his veins. "In the fire Aye?" he says regarding Mr Murk. "then it is as i suspected." he turns once again to acknowledge the people in the park "you must do what you can to help them Sirs without placing yourselves in harms way...I am about to wrestle with a creature from the ether for the lives and souls of the people around us, i fear it will be barbaric and brutal." "Godspeed and good luck." he says with a feint smile as he once more thunders towards the fire, voice bellowing with his rage and fury. "I know you're in there, Foul Creature! Come and face The Invincible Dreadnought if you dare! Or Cower in the flames and be rooted out!" slamming his great fists together with resounding booms "You have no other choices!"
  3. London Calling

    "let us find out." Talking as much to himself as doctor armitage as he once again donned his domed helmet and twisted it into its locked position He had to move decisively now giving a firm nod of his head towards mr fiddler and Mr murk to let them know things were kicking off as he prepared for battle. The thick steel bands he wore around his biceps screeching and groaning as the muscles beneath expanded till they at last gave way, a primative method of restraint that helped him measure just how much force he held behind his blows, now removed by their release.
  4. Do students ever show up early? (OPEN)

    "Doom room? I thought it was the Wreck room?" he asked "ya know, Wreckreational space?" he adds with a wink at his own dumb joke "but yeah, weather you like it or not, that a part of the curriculum, its best you know how to handle yourself, but also that you don't lash out in blind panic or anger in day to day situations as well, which when you have powers, can get pretty dang weird and stressful." "I imagine there's extra curricular clubs for kung fu, there is probably one for extra terrestrial Kung Fu, given we got some exchange students from way out there." he gestures with his hands, wiggling his fingers a bit. "Keep an eye out for anyone from that other school, whats it called?" he asked looking around at the other Claremont at the table "they tried to crash our dance once."
  5. London Calling

    "And of the person making such a decision?" he asks "What of them and their judgement, where does justice end and vengeance begin?" his last attempt at disuading the course of action that was all be inevitable now, it was honestly exhausting and relieving in equal measures "You do as you must sir, As Will I" he states cooly "Though know this, I have never been bested by any being from any time or place, no force has ever injured me beyond inconvinence, no obstacle has withstood me indefinately, not even time and space themselves as you no doubt know, I hope you do not pay too dearly for what you bring upon yourself."
  6. London Calling

    "the world is as simple or as complex as we allow it be for ourselves." he states simply as he turns to face Doctor armitage "Indeed, I dare say in another time and place you and I would have been fast friends." it was lamentable that things were going to turn out as they had. "We cannot make decisions for her, Sir." he answered plainly "We can only make known the alternatives; you are a man of great renown, charisma and by no means inconsiderable wealth, You could enable her rather than decide for her." he whispers "You need not bargain with things that care nothing for you, her, or any bystanders in the way; Things that will be indignant and seek every possible corruption or twisting of your noble intentions." he adds humbly. "Paris is beautiful this time of year, I am told."
  7. London Calling

    "my vision sir, is unobtainable by brute strength, in a way it is the antithesis of brute strength." he answers as he turns to stare into the fire and contemplate his own mind as he musters his answers "I dream of a world lead by committee rather than ruled by strength, Where cooler heads prevail and truth and humanity triumph over Comfortable lies and Economic Weight." it was a simplified answer to be sure but it suited for now. "To use my strength to create such a world...to force the world to take the form i desired, i would invite corruption into the heart of my vision and it would never truly come to be, instead i shall patiently wait for it and when necessary, bring my strength to bare in defence of is nascent beginnings."
  8. London Calling

    "all things come in due time, it is merely ours to make the most of that which is given to us, Doctor." he answered plainly "lest the harvest be unripe and spoiled." He had nothing to hide but he was rather enjoying himself sparing with this man, verbally though it may be "Aye, liverpool sir, may she stand for another hundred and fifty years, travelling into ever brighter futures, No offense to norway o' course, but no place is as beautiful as ones home." Turning to regard the sights of the city at night even as he looked for Ms Longfield, now noticing that She'd disappeared With the oaf dragging her along. "what a brute that man is, Like a gorilla in a tweed suit...." he mumbles audiably "But aye sir, change must be cultivated and slowly reared, less the walls crumble onto them that pushes at them."
  9. London Calling

    "Indeed, I find him...wanting, it is sad that people can be born into such crippling wealth and privilege that it reduces them to creatures of appetites and inflict themselves on others" he says thoughtfully "sadder still when men are driven to acts of dark desperation by systems that would make slaves of them, " Probing at Armitage's defences was going to prove difficult but much like himself, he was merely a man, one who had needs, fears, desires and the like, it was simply a matter of finding one he has less armour on. "That said sir, Such things cannot stand, not forever, the foundations crumble and the walls of jericho fall to thunderous applause."
  10. London Calling

    "ahh, and you sir, must be doctor armitage, i have heard tell of you from Mister fiddler." he says cooly as he turns, giving lord Rhodes a gentle pat on the shoulder , just enough to make his knees tremble slightly as he turns to face "Its good to meet you sir, i feel like you and I will be getting to know each other very well before i depart." he says solemnly He had his theories of course, that rhoads was in love with longfield and that this faustian bargain he was about to make would no doubt be an act of desperation, though in his own way he was similar to rhoades, concerned only with his own desires and wants, willing to consort with the infernal and the inhuman to attain his desires rather than simply convince Ms longfield to elope with him. "Very well indeed."
  11. Character Edits 2017

    Now for a smaller Update to Facsimile! His equipment is now covered by the silver reward +2pp (2/15pp) For 18pp total to spend. Increasing Object mimicry by 2 from rank 8 to 10 (50pp Pool) -12pp Upgrading skills -2pp Drive 4 (+6) concentration 12 (+14) Purchasing the feats - 4pp Second Chance (Concentration Checks to sustain powers) Skill mastery (Concentration, Stealth, Notice, Sense Notice) Hide in plain Sight Fast task - Feint For 18pp total spent.
  12. Quanta (PL 10) GamerXZ (WIP)

    Ok! where to begin... Your accurate specialization wouldn't apply to your enhanced strength as it would be improving your unarmed attack rather than making such a power of the array. (attack specialization unarmed would be needed) as it stands a lot of your powers are underranked and slightly overpaid for, namely Damage 7, Variable descriptor is a Power feat and costs 1pp for a narrow group or 2pp for a broad group, making it cost a total of 11pp with the other feats. Autofire blast 7, Blast is 2pp a rank, autofire is +1 so 3x7= 21 even with the two Pfs accurate and precise that would only be 23, id recommend dropping accurate and precise both and bringing it to rank 10 for a solid 30pp cost attack that hits caps with no trade off. i would recommend taking accurate off the array itself and increasing its rank by 1 and thus its pool by 2 (which is not listed, simply the pool of points it provides) and using those two points to accurate 2 on the individual powers that require it, which is not all of them require attack rolls on.and spending it on other goodies or extra ranks on powers that don't have attack rolls. namely namely your Impervious + Relfective linked power and your Flight + space travel linked power, both of which are mispriced. Reflective and impervious costing 1/a rank extra would be 20pp (reflective all damage is a +2pp/ a rank extra making it 30pp) flight costing 2pp a rank at 15 ranks would cost 30pp on its own and we use a simplified version of space travel in the house rules similar to the dimension and time travel powers (namely 3 ranks at 2pp each for the levels of "interplanetry, interstellar and intergalactic.)
  13. London Calling

    "Aye, a giant from Liverpool, or a Norwegian troll, if the rumors are to be believed sir; though i would never dream of taking such a delightful young lady captive, people are not possessions after all." he says with a thin smile of disdain as he steps forth once again, thudding across the landscape as he closes the distance between himself and the lord "Tis a pleasure to meet you sir, though i must say i thought you'd be taller...then i'd thought the same of a great many people so i am used to that particular disappointment." he adds as he holds out his hand to the gentleman "You're a brave sort sir, perhaps you'd be willing to shake hands with me?" he says with a hint of challenge "your young lady friend was bold enough to extend the courtesy to me." he adds he didn't intend to injure him of course, though he was tempted, this "gentleman" was a creature enslaved to his appetites and whilst it would be easy to injure him purposefully he simply hoped that he would decline and diminish his standing in the view of the people around him but he had a plan even if he did accept.
  14. London Calling

    gently bending his knee he takes her delicate hand on the bridge of his tick fingers and presses his lips to the back of her palm, barely brushing against it like the wings of a butterfly "All good I hope, Milady" he answers before rising back to his feet to turn his attention back to her uncle. "Aye sir, i believe in the inherent goodness of all mankind and that it is our nature to change and grow and whilst it may take many long years we will find universal brotherhood amongst all peoples." he says softly "Tis the duty of them who can to do for them who can not do for themselves." he recites from the top of his mind "Or at least I've been taught to believe." "I am also a firm believer in liberty and equality as well as brotherhood as well as love." he says removing his helmet to reveal his face by twisting it loose of its moorings "Platonic or romantic, it should triumph over all obstacles, no walls of stone or bars of steel can quiet the beating of the heart." "though i understand such things are rarely simple in today's world, if you should ever need legal advice i would never so much as hesitate to recommend my good friend Ebeneezer fiddler." he says "he too holds such things in high importance." Perhaps not a very subtle hint but one he felt all the better for giving to the young Miss Longfield. "rather than be made slave to a system that knows nothing of love and compassion, only numbers, Esteem and wealth."
  15. London Calling

    "its a long road, but aye, the future is bright and more open minded, save a few whom fear change." he answes solemnly "And they are largely looked down upon for their antediluvian views." he adds, a small iota of pride in his chest "2013 marriage becomes legal in our united kingdom." he adds softly "earlier still in other places, but now sirs i bid you a good evening, gods speed and great luck." as he begins to walk over towards the young expectant bride and her buzzing uncle with no attempts to quiet or deaden his approach, letting the ground rumble all the more as he strode across it, every bit the giant he was but no lumbering brute, his back straight and his arms loosely at his side, regal and composed.. "Aah, Mr Charles, its good to see you again sir, i believe i owe you something of an interview...but first ye must introduce me to this fine lady, your niece i presume?" he says "every bit as beautiful and petite as you had described sir." he adds with a polite bow to the young lady in question "tis indeed a great pleasure to make your acquaintance milady."