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  1. Road Trip!

    Facsimile'd be happy to go with him, hit up the greasy spoons along the way. as for highlights, facsimile would wanna look at everything, all those small towns with their tourist traps and attractions action wise. Might be a good oppertunity to meet some small time or more corny villains who would desire such ultimately banal items or places as thematic trophies or lairs maybe a brush with ghostworks, shady government organization that want to use metahumans for various things, they kidnapped facs in An Assimian & you and me. or even more relaxed pace maybe a particularly belligerent biker gang could hound them, like from the movie, Anyway but who.
  2. Revanche Engines of Destruction (OOC)

    I imagine its the command deck of the lead ship in the formation attackin the artifical comet.
  3. Revanche Engines of Destruction (OOC)

    Stunting this last TP. Not sure of the distance required to travel so....same as last time? dropping easy and grabbing accurate to make it 40pp?
  4. Vision of Fire

    "always!" dreadnought answered, his honest heart shining through his voice "Change I champion when it is for the better, Cold stagnation i shall always oppose, that which does not change and grow, Dies, in mind and spirit if not body." the ground rumbling and whelming under his feet indicated that something massive was working its way up, "As surely as your age comes anew, so too shall it end again, it is change that preserves us from stagnation and entropy." Shifting his body weight to prepare for the emergence of whatever was coming. "but enough of this idle banter, i will see you take your leave now."
  5. Revanche: Engines of Destruction (IC)

    "Moth is good for maybes one more..." he huffed in tiredness "Afters that, Not gonna be much goodings for magics for a bit." he answered honest as he always was in such matters "Just needings to calculates pathways and of courses a location, ranging may affects the smoothness of the travels as will urgencies, as you have experiencing." he adds thoughtfully as he stands back up from resting on his knees
  6. Vision of Fire

    "You will try. but you are but brittle ice, you have shattered on my flesh and melted away before ember, you have gnawed and bitten at humanity all this long age but your teeth were blunt and man endured and now i am here to break your fangs forever more!" he boomed in answer. He wondered just how much of an effect ember was having on his mind and body as he began his descent into the hole "come forth and face the dreadnought if you dare, or disappear from this world with your heads bowed, whimpering our names! face your ends however you choose, it descends upon you now!"
  7. Vision of Fire

    the pain was immense, more than he could've imagined, and yet, everything he'd expected, his eyes, he was pretty sure, were boiling in their sockets as his armour glowed red with heat and small tendrils of whispy flame errupted from his mouth and nose with every staggered breath. the way was however, clear now, he could see where he had to go, he knew what he had to do, but first he needed to address the tribe "We go now to do what we must." his throat was scorched dry and rasped like it'd be sandpapered, even his invulnerable flesh could be made dry like parchment. "Do not follow, for this battle will be titanic." he simply states as he takes off running, it felt oddly good to move like this, though the wind blowing against his flesh as he went, though it cold do little to cool the supernal fire blazing across his body it still felt good, once he was sure he'd cleared the tribes immediate vicinity his let his leg muscles explode as he launched himself like a rocket into the crisp night sky, his blazing vision fixed upon the path he had to take as he hurtled along like a comet.
  8. Vision of Fire OOC

    I will take the fatigue for now!
  9. Vision of Fire OOC

    So with ember on board and the way clear its time for dreadnought to take to the hunt with all his gusto. In the ancient world where he has less things to worry about landing on i feel like he would be willing to make use of the power he dreads most, leaping. On his array or the Super strength outside of it he can hit up to leaping 10 (x2500) which is pretty far Running jump: 67500 ft, Standing :33750ft. High jump: 16875ft Sound good to you?
  10. Vision of Fire

    "Pain is something i can deal with, i accept." He states firmly "I will carry you within me into the heart of the ice demons nest and see them destroyed." He resolves to himself, he'd been on fire before of course, though armitages elemental was pitiful in comparison. This was really gonna hurt, though he would endure, as he always had, dreadnought the unstoppable, the undefeatable, the unrelenting. Flinging his arms wide "let our covenant be formed whilst time in on our side."
  11. Vision of Fire

    he pondered a little bit, he was not a smart man, he simply was not, but it was pretty clear what had to be done, at least in his heart and mind, so he tried to formulate it. "I offer to pay the price for Morgan's sight" he stated simply "and offer of myself further than that to you in exchange for sparing her the loss of her eyes and mind." that was what he wanted, plain and simple. "Ask of me what you will in exchange and i will do everything in my power to grant it, now or thousands of years hence."
  12. Vision of Fire

    "Believe me, i have tried everything to stop myself." he mumbled "none of it worked." memories of the dark days following the loss of his foster home flickered through his mind. he felt bad for the seer as he tugged and weeped, he couldn't help it, if there was something that could be done, he would've done it, but he was no psychologist and judging by embers words if it were possible he would've shielded his seer from the madness if possible. but now he had this conundrum to ponder on, he was by no means a smart man, that much he accepted, but he was, if he said so himself a particularly cunning sod so after only a few moment of thought he put forth his answer. "By disparity, Stillness and cold are the absence of motion and heat, shadows cast by fire." he offered "Censored from the mind and eyes by their absence from the sight."
  13. Vision of Fire

    "I am the Unstoppable Dreadnought" he said, looking the being in the eyes "and i have come to bargain with you." he says simply, he'd dealt with beings like this before, kinda, whatever armitage had created lacked intelligence and power of this being, but in that same difference there was room for talking. "I come from many many years hence." he adds "these ice demons that hunt and slaughter this tribe, they are not meant to be and must be undone." he states resolutely to ember "but i require this sight your apostle morgan speaks of to find them, so i can put them down." "I understand however that beneficial though it may be to you, such things cannot be accomplished without a sacrifice." he ruminates, looking to morgan over his shoulder a little bit "though Morgan is willing she doesn't have much to give for that gift, i offer that you take from me and grant her what she seeks, for i have much more to give you, i will owe you a favor, i will become your instrument on the earth; for i know what the pact entails and that i would make a most mighty avatar of your will."
  14. Vision of Fire

    Joseph had nothing to hide, his heart Loved, Raged, Hated and soothed with all the faces of the omnipresent ocean he'd learned to love over his life as a shipwright in liverpool, he'd learned a deep sense of love and community from the harshness of the work and the camadere of his fellow workers, many of whom had followed him into making the ironclad charity. That anyone he could call a friend would injure themselves on his behalf was utterly intollerable to him, perhaps he was just a big lug, but he simply couldn't allow it to transpire, not whilst there were other options. "If Dreadnought is blind, it is dreadnought who must be made to see..." he said to her softly as he rose and strode across her, always mountainous in stature his walk was no slightly more purposeful, gently touching morgan's shoulder as he passed her and stepped unblinkingly into the fire, letting the flames lick and consume the cloth of his costume. "Oh God of fire, spirit of flame that burns for three days and gives light and warmth to mankind, i prostrate myself before you" he began, holding his arms aloft as the fire continued to climb his body like the vines of a creeping plant. "your tribe is strong in heart and body, they readily prepare to sacrifice of themselves to grant me the sight i need to find the demons and crush them to dust in my hands, i would have them not need to do so, so i beseech you, if you require strength to give morgan her sight of fire, take it from me and not her, i have limitless power to draw from, i will not miss it." he asks sincely as the winds blow across his now more exposed form "Do this for me and i will swear myself your instrument on the earth, now and forever more, sharing my immortality with your chosen apostle to be directed against your enemies as you see fit." he offers hopefully. "Do this for me so i can find these demons and crush them to dust between my hands, to see them scattered to the winds of the earth." he vows resolubtely
  15. Vision of Fire

    Dreadnoughts resting rock tumbled over with a soft boom as he jerked upright in suprise at her mentioning she intended to cut out her eyes and throw them into the fire, he'd not seen that coming at all it caught him completely off guard. "Ahh...no you mustn't do such a thing Morgan." he said, a slightly louder whisper than orignally shared with her "no god would ask such a thing of their champions..." he said, lying through his teeth, he'd read about it and heard about it, he could feel his desperation beginning to build, he didn't want anyone to hurt themselves, he was invulnerable, and unceasing strength and stamina and here he was, somewhere it was no use. "I am...unaging, i will remain with you and your tribe through out all the days as i search the land for these demons, i will find their nest and crush them at their source." he vowed anew to her personally as he had done to the tribe and the cheif and seer previously "If Nothing Else, Give me but a few days and i will find some great sacrifice to offer the flame instead for your vision" he could feel his own eyes start to dampen with sadness "Do Not hurt yourself for me or anyone else."