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Beach thread, with Corinne.



And for Asad, a charity event for people impacted by hero and villain activity.  Maybe legal fees, or when their insurance wont help.  Also for other places besides local.  And for heroes who don't necessarily have the resources necessary to deal with somethings, like legal battles.


I should note if you have an idea, or want to be in a thread with my characters I am happy to help.  Or run threads.

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I could perhaps offer Leviathan (or his human half, anyway) for the charity event.  He has plenty of money to donate, and Tristan just loves meeting new superheroes, especially more experienced and famous than himself, so he'd probably attend just to meet Asad.  The mere idea of a hero with a similar lifestyle to himself, but who's public about his heroic activities, would fascinate my little scientist. 


Now, if something's going to go wrong and require us to suit up, as it were, then it might be helpful to locate the event near the ocean so that Leviathan has a plausible reason for showing up, unless you want to see him agonize over protecting his secret identity versus protecting other people (or, really, just getting to play in the big leagues by fighting alongside Asad, which is mostly what Tristan would care about).  Although that, too, is fun.

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Salvo's middle name is Collateraldamage (not really), and unfortunately is what happens when her suit is used at its fullest power. She's new to the hero scene, but she's also batchmates with Miracle Girl, so there's that. Asad's charity event would be good for me then, not that I believe Nicole will be overly impressed with Asad's playboy persona; it's still a good thing to get your name out.


Aside from that, Nicole has attended Claremont, same as Corrine, and they both art. Nothing more than that, since I'm not sure what'll happen in the beach thread, but at least there's some connection besides happenstance.

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