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With One Voice- Recruitment


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Planet inspector and spokesbeing for the Dotrae, Dol-Druth of the battered Lor Republic, has arrived on Earth. His first duty is to examine the changes of human society since the 1950's, which requires him to interview representative citizens of Earth. To that end he's parked himself at a table outside a Starbase, people-watching and inviting anyne who doesn't look like they're in a hurry to sit with him and answer a few questions over the course of conversation and hot caffeine.


Basically one of the more chatty issues of Astro City.


Who: Anybody who lives or would have reason to be in Midtown Freedom City. PL no object. No group size preference or goal.


When: Early April, 2016. Mid-afternoon.


Where: Freedom City, Midtown.


What: Social only, no combat or skill use whatsoever.


Why: Arguing for humanity's merit and learning about the wider universe from the comfort of a coffee place.

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