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HG's Shameless Plug for a Calvacade of Camaraderie

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So I'm  looking to just generally get into more threads not just revive the old threads I have been reviving as of late.  


So come one come all.  In the spirit of Gizmo's Freedom Finest (Seriously go check that out those with newish characters Giz will make you care for NPCs like never before) and Electra's And I Was Just Standing There (Also seriously check that one out.  E's characters are awesome why wouldn't you want your characters to know them?) a here's my thread.  A shameless piggy back of their excellent ideas.  


Essentially, anybody whose interested in grouping our characters for a thread (Social/Combat/or somewhere in between)  drop me an idea here, through pm, or in Chat and we'll work something out together.  I will accept pitches for up to 3 PCs per thread (including my own PCs), but no more than that.  The joking goal may be to overwhelm me, but it's not to leave everyone hanging in doing so!

Yes, I know I have some thread ideas in my old thread that I've yet to form into threads.  But those are ideas I pitched. Now I want to hear what ideas others have had sitting in the back of their mind.  Any of my characters are available.  


So here's a run down of my characters, if you want to have a team up thread with one of them.



Argonaut (PL: 10 [7 if Argonaut is to stay unarmored all thread as armoring up formally requires permission])  : Late 40s.  Freed Omegadrone turned Agent of AEGIS.  Has been on Earth Prime for two decades, but has been an active part of the hero community for far less time.  Not always great with normal social cues or leaving out grim details, Yves Zermeno is not the world's most social butterfly, but her survivor's guilt and PTSD drive her to place the lives of others above her own without fail. 


Dalir the Dashing (PL10):  Emerald City Stage Magician.  Connected to a hidden society in the mountains, the illegitimate son of ASAD Dalir has a penchant for the flashy but his powers are tied to his nine viridian rings.  Dalir has no particulars about the sort of crime, but he will always follow a lead to locate his missing mother.


Foreshadow II (PL12):  Early 20s.  Prescient heir to the Foreshadow name.  Adopted by the original Foreshadow, Erick Sloane is a shameless flirt (happily taken though), millionaire turned billionaire through investments, with a recently earned MBA.  Attached to the UK superhero team Vanguard(Whose access to portals allows him to travel back and forth between the UK and the rest of the world), Foreshadow favors street crime above all else.


Glamazon (PL 14 [9 if the thread involves somehow depowering the demigoddess of her divine powers]:  Atlantean Princess, Olympian Demigoddes, ambassador to the Surface, and Freedom League Aux PR disaster.  Glamazon is essentially a Homeric heroine with more modern sensibilities.  Glamazon acts before thinking and her first thought is usually to punch things very, very hard


Hellhound (PL7)  Bedlam city bouncer by night, Werewolf by also night.  Hellhound is your typical down on his luck blue collar werewolf as you are want to find in Bedlam City.  Waging a one-man war against his father's MC.  The Bedlam hero favors street crime but is more than equipped for the magical woes of the city as well.


Roulette (PL11): Zultasian Bounty Hunter and part of a crew of bounty hunters known as the Voidrunners.  Roulette is just the worst taking pleasure by grating on anyone and everyone's nerves, but the man has a semblance of a conscious.  Despite the fact that he shoots concussive laser beams from his eyes, he has an aversion to violence and will generally attempt to avoid it.  


Shock and Awe (PL9) He's human thunderstorm, she's a lightning rod.  Together they fight crime.  These two Southern teens find themselves attending the Prestigious Claremont academy as part of the intramural Orange squad.  One's sour, one's sweet but both are full of all sorts of uncommon Southernisms.  

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I didn't want to hog this, given that I'm taking part in the first Freedom's Finest issue, and my first game thread ever on this site was in response to Electra's And I Was Just Standing There, but...there doesn't seem to be anyone immediately leaping into the fray!

Having looked over your characters, I'm going to have to say that Glamazon looks to be the most entertaining to play off.  There are definite arguments in favour of either Wildcat or Cerulean to interact with the Atlantean Princess, but I'm thinking that in the long run the dynamic between 'Cat and Glam would probably be the most fun to play with.  That, and the Claremont girls will have plenty of opportunities to run amok together.

What comes to mind is a chance encounter between Wildcat and Glamazon (hmmm...he has a lot of chance encounters, and all with women.  A hitherto-unknown power?), given that they both tend to patrol in the West End.  Wildcat can suggest that little girls should run back home and leave the heroing to grownups, and we can let things grow organically from there?  I'm thinking either she punches him through a wall or she shows him up badly, but either way he has it coming. :D

Sound at all interesting?

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It's an interesting way to get on the bad side of her temper.  As she would most certainly send him through a wall in response.  Perhaps whatever dismissive comment he makes coupled with her reaction buys enough time for criminals to escape for the hook?  Though, I'd be remiss to not point out.  She's a pretty tall girl with more than her share of muscles to boot.  I'm not sure if little girl would be anyone's go to assumption .  Although I guess if she's in uniform he could recognize her age that way.

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I would be up for threadiness!

It's been suggested a few times that Deep Freeze and Sei would make good potential Voidrunners, so maybe we can start moving towards that? I think Rav had an idea in that vein, but I forget the specifics.

I'd like to see future collaborations between Grim and Foreshadow, but maybe we should see how our first thread turns out first? ;)

Glam and MG obviously could make fun battle buddies.

I don't think any of my characters have met Argo; what type of stories do you use him for? Maybe a Argo/Grim thread?

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I had an idea earlier, so I'm going to open it back up here. I have an idea for a thread where Glamzon is called to Michigan, to intercede between a treasure hunter and the Atlanteans who don't want him exhuming the latest ship he's found. Who would Glam take with her to see the beauty of Lake Michigan and the dark secrets of Atlantis's past?

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I'll get that jailbreak thread going asap.

And sure I could see Foreshadow and Grim teaming up again.  Though technically Grim Demeanor is their second outing together.  We just never got to see how High Steaks would have ended!

Glam and MG could definitely smash stuff up together.


She'd definitely want someone who is either 

A) More level headed than she can be at times.

B) She doesn't have to worry about their oxygen supply when underwater.

So looking through those she's teamed before/or attend/attended Claremont, but possibly hasn't interacted with on screen, with her who don't have to worry about drowning:

  • Miss Grue
  • Amorph
  • Grimalkin (Though she may not even be aware of her immunity)
  • Rampart (Though Rampart has an equal measure of temper if not more so)
  • Set (Technically his immunity would be through shapeshifting gills or the like, so that's not to say she would be aware he could do it but who knows what Temperance has said about him!)
  • Tsunami
  • Temperance

That's not to say she wouldn't bring someone with a rebreather or scuba gear.  But, the first people that come to mind would be those not needing a re-breather just in case

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Looks like you've got a couple going now, but next time you're looking, I had a couple thoughts. Stinger and Foreshadow both prowl for lower level crime, so Danny's hatred of corruption/ "untouchable" bad guys might lead him to loudly conflict with a gang that Foreshadow was already tracking. More excitingly, AEGIS would be interested to know that SHADOW is creating cybernetic soldiers, and it's already been mentioned that Argonaut would probably have a few personal issues with that, so she and Stinger are bound to cross paths eventually..

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Queenie's ring imparts Life Support, so she can go anywhere. And you know, I think she and Glam would get along famously.


In other news, if you want to do that Stinger/Foreshadow thread, Terrifica is in. No such thing as "untouchable" bad guys for this supergenius. Just ones she hasn't put away yet.

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Now, I had told Jedi in Chat rather than immediately doing the SHADOW one.  We'd do one with Argonaut being tasked with writing up a Threat Report on Stinger.  And seemingly unrelated hijinks ensue.  Including a villain battle in public. And an ensuing hook for follow up in going after said SHADOW guys.

How about this?

Getting Seahawk involved in that first thread.  So Argonaut/Stinger/Seahawk there.

Foreshadow, Terrifica, and Stinger go after a gang.  Some commhon street crime,  Maybe with the twist of bionic gangsters!  So a secret underground hospital in which these surgeries are performed needs to be shut down too.

Then I can still nudge AA into a takedown of a different facility

Queenie and Glam.  While I of course lean to undersea zombie sub.  Because, of course I lean to undersea zombie sub.  How about they get involved w ith a Foundry plot?  In which a robot repeatedly attacks a location and they have to defend

Grim/Argonaut let's let the mama bear claws come out.  Investigating a series of kidnappings.  And then things get weird when they find out what happened and end up captured temselves!

Foreshadow/Seahawk get involved in a thread involving the crash site of a different Ga'Hai ship.  But, they're not the only interested parties.


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Alright, Argonaut/Blue Stinger/Seahawk (describe the description of the Cultural Arts festival was purposely left vague so you can paint your PC's surroundings however you like):

Blue Stinger/Foreshadow/Terrifica:



Argonaut/Grim:  I'll get to it!

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Ah, sweet! I mentioned in chat that I'm currently travelling, so my initial posts might come a little slower than normal, but I'm going to try and keep on it as best I can. So many threads going now! It's exciting...

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A couple of ideas that occur to me...

Foreshadow and Echo sound like they might make for a fun teamup; both are agile, wisecracking crimefighters who spend a lot of time in Southside (she attends classes there). There's the potential for a little friendly rivalry there, especially when it comes to their respective acrobatic prowess.

Glamazon and Vox could also be interesting. Both are Claremont students, and Glam's boisterousness could be played off in direct contrast to Vox's shy and withdrawn nature, as well as Glam's fondness for good ol' fisticuffs versus Vox's preference for the subtler, more careful approach. On top of that, their vastly different backgrounds (Atlantean princess and street kid) could also be a source of drama (or humor).

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I'm a fan of a little friendly competition.  But, I have to admit I'm drawing a blank on a plot.  My first indication is an open season thread.  Lisa Stein places a bounty on Ellie's head.  So as Echo she protects Ellie (while keeping it hush that she's protecting herself).  Foreshadow getting involved by following mob traffic.  But, might be a bit soon for Echo to find herself involved dealing with her doppelganger inter dimensional hijinks.  Maybe something lower key stopping a shipment or something?

Okay.  So Glamazon and Vox could definitely work.  Would have to be backdated to the school year.  But, I think some sort of school intramural competition sort of thing could help play with their differing methodology.  Anything that particularly strikes your fancy?  A series of events like an obstacle course, etc are the first to come to mind.

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The first idea certainly sounds fun to me, but you may be right that it's a little soon in her career. I suppose it wouldn't be crazy, sort of an early run-in to cement Lisa as her archnemesis (although there's also the question that if Lisa knows where she is, why she doesn't just come kill her herself). Maybe simplicity would be best, in which case just stopping a shipment of something unpleasant would work as well.

And yeah, some kind of intramural competition sounds like a lot of fun! It would showcase their different approaches, and I suspect Vox might have a little bit of a competitive streak deep down. It also sounds like something that might help him start to break out of his shell a bit.

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