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OOC - Cyberpirates of the Atlantic Basin

The Sailor

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Okay guys! I'm going to ask for rolls while I work on the GM post... once I make the GM post you can post your result of your check in your IC post...


DC 15 Notice

The waters are pretty calm for this time of year, but the air's cold. There isn't anything out of place outside of a little fog forming ahead of the group.


DC 20 Notice

You think you spotted a light forward of Rampart and the boat some 2000 feet ahead in the thickening fogbank


DC 25+

It looks like a regular beacon light, as you pay attention to that area.


If you roll a higher DC for your notice, the lower DC facts of the scene become apparent. (and no peeking, please ;) )


Oh if you have any pertinent skills to the ocean in terms of seamanship, feel free to make a roll, depending on how good a roll I might reveal extra tidbits. I won't penalize for visual range on this, as these difficulties are more for the changing conditions than anything. No matter what anyone gets, the fog is building.

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I got some post editing to do.


From Cerys' postings it seemed she flew. It seems that wasn't the case. Either that or I didnt' catch on.


In either case there has been a >MAJOR change in the formation and postings... please take note.



Addendum: It seems Samaritan doesn't fly either... Starting to get highly annoyed.

Addendum 2: Okay changes have been made.


On the Boat: Cerys, Rampart, and Samaritan.

In the air: Sakurako and Casey.

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I just made a notice check for Sakurako...

Sakurako's Notice...: 1d20+10 30


We're good. If anyone wishes, they can add +2 to their notice checks, and Sakurako probably sees something more... Everyone might use Sakurako looking in a certain direction if they make any of their checks (by more than DC20). She'll spit it out once I post.... but I'll let the others post first. If everyone else gets better than a 20, She'll add to what they saw. If someone beats 30, I will PM you the details...

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