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Found 11 results

  1. There’s been a few threads like this already, so I felt a little inspired. I’m not the talkative or excessively wordy type, so I’ll just get down to busy. I could use a few good men. Or women. I have three PCs in need of assistance with keeping their thread count up. Let’s talk about them a bit, shall we? Terrifica. Early 20s. Supergenius. Does gadgets. Does kung fu. Nerd. Jerk with a heart of the shiniest gold. Has control issues. So much. Obsessed with solving every mystery she comes across. Heart of gold is for the smart/those who use forethought, and the jerk is for those don’t have either of those things. Which is so many. So many. Can show up virtually anywhere in Freedom (or anywhere else on Earth, really) on the trail of a mystery. Samaritan. Teenager. Claremont student. Spiderman, except less funny and human powers instead of spider ones. Generally good natured, but has a savage temper. Miiiight have PTSD. Haven’t fully decided. Good kid, though. Also, very much a teenage boy, no matter how he pretends otherwise. More than a little overconfident. Psychotically protective of his little sister and girlfriend. Has the worst luck when it comes to NOT finding trouble. Queenie. Late 20s. World class chef with a power ring. Lawful good to a fault. Looking for a Superman style hero? Look no further. Hardcore food lover. Drinks too, soft or otherwise. Her identity is based entirely around saving people and feeding something wonderful to the hungry. She’s practically a saint…except for that whole “I don’t care if I die saving someone” thing, the “I don’t need friends” thing, and the “Keep your gratitude to yourself, please” thing. So…yeah… She can be found at her restaurant, the Southern Queen, or patrolling the skies of Freedom like so many others. I try to keep the PCs in my threads limited to 3 (including mine), but more isn’t off the table. If you’re interested in a thread, well…post away. We can discuss ideas. Work something out, maybe. Yeah.
  2. OOC for this thread in which the Murder League gets all murdery.
  3. OOC for A Wild Endeavor. An adventure to a strange alternate earth... Starring Endeavor, Miracle Girl, Samaritan, and Amorph! Feel free to tag here, and follow the ooc and the ic once posted.
  4. Some AlleywaySouthside, Freedom City, New JerseyMonday, June 1st, 20151:04 AM GM In less than 24 hours, the Claremont class of 2015 would be walking across the stage. Normal high school seniors may have spent their last night without a diploma talking to their girlfriends. Throwing a rager with friends. Or even sleeping the night away. Tona had other plans. Blue Jay had been spotted throughout the night actively skulking the Southside moving from rooftop and preventing crimes as she saw them. At some point she ran into Samaritan, Vonnie who was taking full advantage of his Summer vacation, and the pair began an unofficial game of "who can catch the most criminals the fastest". Blue Jay was winning, but to Vonnie's credit the boy had no quit. In a night full of purse snatchers and muggings, when a woman gave a blood curdling scream it was easy to assume they were in store for more of the same. Chasing down the scream they found themselves in an alleyway. What they found was nothing short of horrific. The woman had an arrow struck through her eye. Signs of pressure from something small like a digit pushed against her neck. The corpse laying there. Silently contrasting what until just a few moments ago felt like a bustling night in the city.
  5. Do believe everyone's appropriately tagged. Chime in if you like. Should mention, the gathering under the tree is supposed to be all the ladies. Though, if you've got a better entrance, use it.
  6. There had been a spate of small power outages over the past several days. A slice of Freedom’s grid would blink off for as much as five seconds before blinking back on. A few blocks of one would go out, then come back. Then an entirely different neighborhood. The Fens. Lantern Hill. Southside. Lincoln. Even Bayview and Port Regal managed to get in on the act once or twice. It was weird, but Freedomites didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. It happened mostly in the dead of night. The power company said it’s nothing. More interesting things happened on a literally daily basis. And so on. Until Claremont Academy’s power “blinked†for the third total time, no one had taken much interest in the happenings at all. November 21, 2014. Claremont Academy. 11:45 PM It was a dark and stormy night. No, seriously. There was a pretty good thunderstorm going on in the skies of Freedom. Vonnie would normally be asleep by now. Class in the morning, and all that. But today was sweet, glorious Friday. He and LJ could text each other all night long. Or he could stealth over into the girls’ dorm and spend the night. His roommate slept like the dead, and her roomie slept like a rock. Or was one. LJ couldn’t tell, and Vonnie didn’t care enough to find out for himself. Yep, he was going over there and d#$% the consequences if he got caught. He strapped on his grapples, opened his window, and leapt out into space. A short grapple and climb sequence later, he was at her window. Wet and a bit windblown, but there. A few soft knocks after that, he was in her room and they were both sitting on her bed. Huh. Her roomie both slept like and was kind a rock. That was when the power “blinkedâ€. Somehow just short enough of an outage that the emergency power didn’t trigger and come on. Vonnie sighed. Third time in three days? His “this is a job for Samaritan†sense was tingling. LJ had a similar sense and gave him the “just go already†look. They started having a conversation based entirely on specific looks. <But he didn’t know where to start. Also pressing business here, yes?> <Vonnie, you know better.> Vonnie sighed quietly. “It’s not like New York. I was always first there. But there’s so many heroes in town, now I’m lucky if I’m fifth. I don’t know. I just feel kinda…extra, you know? Like I’m not needed, because someone else will always handle it.†LJ nodded. “So that’s why you’ve been patrolling less lately.†She grew thoughtful. Then she plucked him in the head. “Ow. What was that for?†“You’re overthinking stuff again. You’re not there for the dozen, hundred, thousand or more that don’t need you. You’re there for the one that does. Don’t give up so easy. It’s not like you.†Vonnie stood up. “Alright. But I’m telling you, somebody’s already on this. Probably have it sorted out before I even figure out what’s going on.†On that note, he opened LJ’s window and leaped out. Back in his own room, he grabbed his mask, shirt, and black hooded windbreaker(as his roomie continued sleeping like the dead) and made the most undramatic change from Vonnie Murray into Samaritan. Mask & shirt on. Jacket on, zipped up tight and hood up. This time, though, he’d go out the front door like a normal person. Yes indeed. Being just about the fastest non-speedster on campus did have its perks. He was out of the building before anyone had the chance to realize he was gone. He made it to the Gardens before running into anyone. He thought he recognized some of the group assembled under that big tree, if not all of them. He stripped off the mask, stuffed it into a jacket pocket, and pulled his hood tighter. “Hello?â€
  7. This is the OOC for the nautical hijinks of Cyberpirates of the Atlantic Basin! Please tag to let me know you're ready. With your character's Civilian Name, Heroic Name, and a link to your character sheet, please.
  8. GM February 28, 2015, 10pm Eastern Time It was quiet at Claremont Academy. The students were either a quiet Saturday night in Freedom City or resting snugly in their dormitories. Some were preparing for their routine "patrols" and others were working out in the simulator room. Headmaster Summers had discovered a strange uptick in bandwidth usage reported from his IT support at the school, and it was beginning to become worrisome. Worrisome as the FBI had sent an agent to investigate a large uptick in illegal downloading and uploading centered on the school. After a thorough investigation of the student activity over the network discovered nothing, not even a scrap of what was reported in the FBI investigation. This was going to not be a easy solution, but the Headmaster had an idea of how to start...
  9. HGM

    Apex Predators

    GM A tropical rainforest Somewhere probably not Kansas anymore. 6:12 AM Friday September 5th, 2014 Oskar was visiting a small German town which had its annual circus. A throwback to his prewar youth, he wanted to get caught up in the nostalgia decades after the fact. If only the bear hadn't gotten lose. The raging grizzly attempted to attack the audience. But it was quickly wrestled by Oskar whom promptly sedated and captured the beast without harm. Aside from the unexplained scratch on his shoulder, shortly followed by a loss of vision. Until finally the interstellar safari hunter had fallen unconscious. Alek for his part had finished a long night of tracking down a weapons smuggling ring to the base of its operations. The Yakuza in Atlantic city had control of it. At least until Nevermore had finished dismantling it. En route back to Freedom City the Talon suddenly began to die. Upon coming to a complete stop there was a sudden surge of electricity that jolted into his body and Alek was out. Vonnie's night was a little more low key. If you count a rooftop chase with a thief as low key. Having used his wrist mounted grapnel's as a snare Vonnie had the thief dead to right. If he had made that last jump he would have been well on his way home to finish packing before his return to a semester at Claremont. In fact, Vonnie knew that he should have made that last jump. Everything just got hazy after he felt a sharp sting on the side of his neck. When they awoke the trio were left in the middle of a massive forest. Handcuffed to one another. Nevermore left in the unfortunate position of being stuck in the middle. No sign of civilization immediately abound. Most of their equipment had gone missing, the only weapon left behind was Oskar's cybernetic hand. Their masks had gone missing replaced with animal skulls and paint. Alek's costume had been replaced wholesale by some sort of tribal outfit. On the ground there was a note which read:
  10. Player Name: Eternal Phoenix Character Name: Samaritan Power Level: 7 (105/112 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 7 Progress towards Bronze: 7/30 In Brief: Inexplicable Human Totem, capable of amazing physical feats and aware of every physical object around him. Alternate Identites: Vonnie Murray Identity: Secret Birthplace: New York City Occupation: Freelance Journalist Affliations: None, barring Claremont Academy in general Family: Vina Murray (sister), Elena Veracruz (mother, deceased), Laquiesha Janine Parker Age: 16 Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Half African-American, Half Puerto Rican Height: 5’ 9†Weight: 170 Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Dark Brown Description: Vonnie is dark skinned and a little skinny. He shows zero outward sign of being anything other than a normal mixed race teenager. However, to those with mystic senses, his soul shines brighter than the sun. His costume, such as it is, is a white T-shirt with a cross in the center and a blindfold style mask. History: Vonnie Murray was an ordinary teenager in the Bronx who had brains to spare and a slight gadgeteering bent. One day, when he was 14, one of his inventions went haywire, spraying both him and his sister with unknown energies. He soon found he was stronger, faster, and tougher than everyone on the block. Like most kids his age, he idealized super heroes. Now that he had super powers, what better idea than to give it a go? It was a smashing success. He saved people. Punched out thugs. Street level stuff, but Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan began to take notice of his presence. Meanwhile, his personal life had begun to improve. Gail Verner, one of his classmate and just about the most idolized girl in school (not that she catered to that impression, mind), started hanging out with him and his small circle. Small meaning Vonnie and a rotating cast of neighborhood kids. Most notable were Darrell (moderately wealthy), Tonio (meathead with a good heart), Carmen (fulfilling that tough Latina stereotype unironically), and Laquiesha Janine AKA LJ (fulfilling that airheaded party girl stereotype apparently unironically). As time went on, Vonnie and Gail even started dating. Young love is a beautiful thing. That said, The Labyrinth has a vested interest in new super heroes, as some of them can be…useful. However, Vonnie (now being called Samaritan by the media because of his cross t-shirt and borderline reckless devotion to getting people out of harm’s way), had no detectible super powers or special training, despite his tremendous physical gifts. A lesser DNA Ascendant was sent to capture him. It…didn’t go well. The man was an idiot, and a thug. Not to mention somehow his combat programming didn’t take, so he couldn’t fight any better than the thug he started out as. He went smashing through Vonnie’s home, and managed to murder his mother and Gail (who happened to be visiting) before Vonnie arrived. Vina was on the floor, clearly next. Seeing two of the three people he loved most in the worst broken like dolls, and the same about to happen to the third…something in the back of Vonnie’s mind broke loose. His vision grayed, and he attacked the monster who’d stolen almost everything from him. They almost killed each other in a savage brawl across what seemed like half the Bronx. The thug was strong, but for every hit he got on Vonnie, Vonnie hit with two or three. They fought until neither could stand up. Doctors still aren’t sure if the thug will ever walk again, but Vonnie recovered with remarkable speed. A neighbor (LJ’s dad, as it happened) took the devastated siblings in afterward. As it turned out, LJ was not an airhead. It was just a phase, and the shock of seeing her friend in physical and emotional agony shook her out of it pretty hard. As Darnell, Tonio, Carmen and the rest drifted away, she drifted closer. Gail was a good person, no doubt about it, but LJ possessed a decidedly larger heart. Vonnie slowly rebuilt his life. The NYC press blaming Samaritan for the whole affair didn’t help, but he refused to quit hero work. His mother and Gail, had they known he was Samaritan in the first place, would not approve. His reputation was ruined. So what? He didn’t do this for praise. Eventually his friends drifted back to him. By that time he and LJ had been going out for a month already. The press moved on. 10th grade was wrapping up. It had been an entire year. The memories still hurt, but on the whole...life was good again. He even felt confident enough to confide his life as Samaritan to LJ. She took it well, all things considered. And then another DNA Ascendant attacked. This one was smarter and could actually fight, but there was something wrong with her. She was a bird analogue with razor feathers, only she seemed very, very sick. There was an air of desperation about her as she launched an assault on Vonnie as he was swinging home. The combination made her sloppy, not that Vonnie noticed. The collateral damage added up, but he couldn’t do anything more to take her down than he already was. He couldn’t do anything but watch as people were injured. His people. And then he saw LJ, holding her fallen father. He was going to meet them at the corner store. Something in the back of his mind broke loose, and his vision grayed out. He was stronger, faster. The bird woman couldn’t dream of stopping him. He hit her again. And again. And again. Her razor feathers dug into his flesh, but he didn’t feel it. It was when he hadn’t been hit back in a while that he backed off. Blood loss abruptly caught up to him, but before he passed out he saw her. Broken, like a doll. Vonnie was horrified, but something in the back of his mind was well satisfied. The bird woman’s still in a coma. This time, Duncan Summers took a personal interest in the young man who’d garnered so much interest from a unknown party. However, Vonnie flatly refused to go alone. For one, his sister was starting to demonstrate powers similar to his own and that quite frankly scared him to death. Second, there wasn’t a way on this earth that he’d leave her or his orphaned girlfriend behind. That said…LJ told him off HARD. The language was both colorful, vicious, and tinged with just enough grief to hit what her anger couldn’t. Vonnie just took it. Meekly. It was, after all, all his fault. His fault for having the arrogance to think he could just put on a mask and save people. His fault for the accident that triggered his powers. His fault for being born in the first place. All the death and all the pain around him were all his fault. She finally ran out of steam. He nodded. Said one thing. And walked away. LJ watched him go, emotions warring. He wanted to return the favor from a year ago? When she’d been there for him when he’d lost his only parent? Who did he think he was? But…he could’ve asked for anything or even nothing at all. He didn’t even have to come see her again. But he did. He knew she’d be mad, but he took the verbal beating without a word in his own defense. All he did was ask if he could help her. Stupid @#$%^&. She ran to him. @#$% straight he’d return the favor. Thus, Vonnie, Vina, and LJ came to Freedom City, and Samaritan joined the student body at Claremont Academy. Personality & Motivation: Vonnie is a good kid. He was idealistic starting out, but reality has tempered that some. That said, he’s a hero. He firmly believes that because he has power, he should use it to help people. He’s no boy scout, though. He remains very much a teenage boy, and he’s definitely got that rebellious, angry loner thing down pat. However, he’s more often just earnest and caring. It’s just that great loss can take a toll on even the strongest of psyches. Power Descriptions: Neither Vonnie nor anyone else knows it, but his powers are mystic in nature. He’s a animal totem, but his animal is the human animal. At the moment, that means he has peak physical strength, agility, and stamina. He’s faster than the fastest of sprinters. However, the thing that sets him apart is his Spatial Awareness. He can sense anything with a physical presense around him. Neither walls, doors, or any kind of concealment short of magical can block it. As such, he’s rarely surprised. Powers & Tactics: Samaritan only has one tactic. Get the civilians out of harm’s way, then hit the bad guy in the face. He’s quite predicable in that regard, actually. What helps with this is his Wrist Mounted Grapples. They’re essentially wrist mounted grapple guns that he uses to swing through the city. He does require a fairly ready supply of hooks to put on the ends of the cables so that they’ll stick. He’s also been known to use them as a tether to pull or swing things around. Complications: Your Powers, How Do They Work?: As Samaritan’s powers can’t be detected by ordinary methods, The Labyrinth wants him badly. So they can dissect and study his physiology and learn how exactly his powers work. Got People Depending On Me, Man: Vonnie’s sister Vina and his girlfriend LJ are the most important people in his life. He’ll defend them more viciously than anyone else. Toeing The Line: When pushed hard enough, Samaritan can and has abandon heroic combat mores and start fighting with a vicious and savage bent. He regrets it later, but descending into savagery when stressed seems to be a part of his powers. Honestly? It scares the crap out of him. .I Can Handle It: Vonnie’s been in a lot of fights. Some of them went badly for him, but he’s never truly lost a fight. This, and being a teenager has led to a feeling of nigh invincibility that will come back to bite him someday. The Price Of Fame: Samaritan’s two brawls with the DNA Ascendants (flawed as they were), along with a few assorted other battles, have made him somewhat famous in super villain circles. Someone could try to take the kid out to make a name for himself. It’s not like Vonnie’s about to turn down a fight against a villain, after all. Abilities: 0+0+0+8+2+2=12 Strength 24 (+7) [10 (+0)] (Enhanced Statistic) Dexterity 24 (+7) [10 (+0)] (Enhanced Statistic) Constitution 24 (+7) [10 (+0)] (Enhanced Statistic) Intelligence 18 (+4) Wisdom 12 (+1) Charisma 12 (+1) Combat: 6+6=12 Initiative: +7 (+7 Dex) Attack: +3 (+7 Unarmed) Grapple: +10 Defense: +7 (+3 Base, + 4 Dodge Focus, +1 Flat Footed) Knockback: -3 Saving Throws: Toughness: +0/+7 (+7 Con) Fortitude: +0/+7 (+7 Con) Reflex: +0/+7 (+7 Dex) Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6) Skills: 28 SP= 7PP Acrobatics 2 (+2/+9) Bluff 6 (+7) Craft (mechanical) 1 (+5) Knowledge (physical sciences) 1 (+5) Knowledge (streetwise) 1 (+5) Knowledge (technology) 1 (+5) Notice 9 (+10) Sense Motive 7 (+8) Feats: 9PP Attack Specialization (Unarmed) 2 Dodge Focus 4 Inventor Last Stand (use extra effort to ignore damage penalties for one round) Uncanny Dodge (mental) Powers: 14+14+14+1+3+6+8=59 Enhanced CON 14 [14PP] Enhanced DEX 14 [14PP] Enhanced STR 14 [14PP] Leaping 1 (running jump 34 ft., standing jump 17 ft., high jump 8 ft.) [1PP] Speed 3 [3PP] Super Senses 5 (Spatial Awareness [accurate, acute, radius, ranged mental sense]) [5PP] Device 2 ( 10 PP Container; Flaws: Hard-to-Lose ) [8PP] (Wrist Mounted Grapples) Snare 1 (Power Feats: Improved Range 2[50 ft incr], Reversible, Tether [100 ft.] [6DP] Super Movement 2 (Slow Fall, Swinging) [4DP] DC Block: Unarmed (+7 Hit, DC 22) Abilities 12 + Combat 12 + Saving Throws 6 + Skills 7 + Feats 9 + Powers 59– Drawbacks 0= 105/112
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