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Found 11 results

  1. There’s been a few threads like this already, so I felt a little inspired. I’m not the talkative or excessively wordy type, so I’ll just get down to busy. I could use a few good men. Or women. I have three PCs in need of assistance with keeping their thread count up. Let’s talk about them a bit, shall we? Terrifica. Early 20s. Supergenius. Does gadgets. Does kung fu. Nerd. Jerk with a heart of the shiniest gold. Has control issues. So much. Obsessed with solving every mystery she comes across. Heart of gold is for the smart/those who use forethought, and the jerk is for those don’t have eith
  2. OOC for this thread in which the Murder League gets all murdery.
  3. OOC for A Wild Endeavor. An adventure to a strange alternate earth... Starring Endeavor, Miracle Girl, Samaritan, and Amorph! Feel free to tag here, and follow the ooc and the ic once posted.
  4. Some AlleywaySouthside, Freedom City, New JerseyMonday, June 1st, 20151:04 AM GM In less than 24 hours, the Claremont class of 2015 would be walking across the stage. Normal high school seniors may have spent their last night without a diploma talking to their girlfriends. Throwing a rager with friends. Or even sleeping the night away. Tona had other plans. Blue Jay had been spotted throughout the night actively skulking the Southside moving from rooftop and preventing crimes as she saw them. At some point she ran into Samaritan, Vonnie who was taking full advantage of his Summer vacation
  5. Do believe everyone's appropriately tagged. Chime in if you like. Should mention, the gathering under the tree is supposed to be all the ladies. Though, if you've got a better entrance, use it.
  6. There had been a spate of small power outages over the past several days. A slice of Freedom’s grid would blink off for as much as five seconds before blinking back on. A few blocks of one would go out, then come back. Then an entirely different neighborhood. The Fens. Lantern Hill. Southside. Lincoln. Even Bayview and Port Regal managed to get in on the act once or twice. It was weird, but Freedomites didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. It happened mostly in the dead of night. The power company said it’s nothing. More interesting things happened on a literally daily basis. And so on. U
  7. This is the OOC for the nautical hijinks of Cyberpirates of the Atlantic Basin! Please tag to let me know you're ready. With your character's Civilian Name, Heroic Name, and a link to your character sheet, please.
  8. GM February 28, 2015, 10pm Eastern Time It was quiet at Claremont Academy. The students were either a quiet Saturday night in Freedom City or resting snugly in their dormitories. Some were preparing for their routine "patrols" and others were working out in the simulator room. Headmaster Summers had discovered a strange uptick in bandwidth usage reported from his IT support at the school, and it was beginning to become worrisome. Worrisome as the FBI had sent an agent to investigate a large uptick in illegal downloading and uploading centered on the school. After a thorough investigation
  9. GM A tropical rainforest Somewhere probably not Kansas anymore. 6:12 AM Friday September 5th, 2014 Oskar was visiting a small German town which had its annual circus. A throwback to his prewar youth, he wanted to get caught up in the nostalgia decades after the fact. If only the bear hadn't gotten lose. The raging grizzly attempted to attack the audience. But it was quickly wrestled by Oskar whom promptly sedated and captured the beast without harm. Aside from the unexplained scratch on his shoulder, shortly followed by a loss of vision. Until finally the interstellar safari hun
  10. Player Name: Eternal Phoenix Character Name: Samaritan Power Level: 7 (105/112 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 7 Progress towards Bronze: 7/30 In Brief: Inexplicable Human Totem, capable of amazing physical feats and aware of every physical object around him. Alternate Identites: Vonnie Murray Identity: Secret Birthplace: New York City Occupation: Freelance Journalist Affliations: None, barring Claremont Academy in general Family: Vina Murray (sister), Elena Veracruz (mother, deceased), Laquiesha Janine Parker Age: 16 Apparent Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Half African-American, Half Pue
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