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So, I'm going to have Gabriel go to the comms and try to send an urgent warning to various contacts on the planet, since it sounds like the Communion forces are moments away from appearing.

OOC I know the Lighthouse goes dark any time now. IC Gabriel doesn't know that.


Will him attempting to use the comms work, fail before it starts, cut out halfway in between? I kind of want to incorporate whatever it is into my post, if possible.

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Not sure where you got that the Lighthouse was supposed to go dark?

The comms will work for getting the message out.

I'd seen a couple other threads say something like that, but I may be mis-reading or mis-remembering. Lots of things going on in all these threads!


Anyways, that's what I needed, thank you.

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So, uh, just FYI, Gabe's gonna be using some classical literature to be the fluff text of his Inspire.


And by "classical literature" I mean "Shakespeare".


And by "Shakespeare" I mean "The Saint Crispin's Day Speech from Henry V".


So, ah, yeah. That could get a bit wall-o-text-y, I acknowledge that. Just let me know how you'd like me to split it up or whatnot. In my mind, ideally, he'd start it up (and burn the HP to have everyone start combat with Inspire running) right before the boarding ships hit or whatnot. But if you'd prefer we start posting in init order, that's cool too.


(I make no apologies for my choice of speechification; Caron's classically trained, damn it!)

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And this may be my largest Inspire to date. I can't recall if there's a hard numerical limit on how many folks can benefit from it. If there is and it's tied to Charisma, assume he's running in his Maximum Charisma array configuration. So if it's based on Cha Bonus, then at least 20 people get the +5. So that's the 5 PCs (GK, Tia, Fleur, Frost, Vel), pluse 15 NPCs.


Thus our first round we'll be Inspired and I'll be down an HP, if that's cool.

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Okay, Gabe's speech happened before combat begins, so everyone will start the round fully Inspired. KD, it is based on your Cha bonus, so all the PCS, Tiamat and a bunch of staff are all inspired.

Making rolls for the Communion boarding parties

Round One

52 Velocity (unharmed, 4 HP)
26 Boarding party 5
26 Boarding party 6
25 Fleur de Joie (unharmed, 3 HP)
24 Boarding party 7
19 Gaian Knight (unharmed, 3 HP)
19 Boarding party 4
19 Boarding party 8
19 Boarding party 10
14 Gabriel (unharmed, 5 HP)
10 Boarding party 1
10 Boarding party 9
8 Boarding party 2
7 Boarding party 3
7 Tiamat (unharmed)
3 Comrade Frost (unharmed, 1 HP)

I will say boarding party 3 is the one in the command center, there are 8 of the antibodies present.

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Velocity will move down to one of the other boarding locations (I will say boarding party 5) and use her targeted, selective area attack on all the antibodies present there. With the Inspire she will Power Attack for full (-5 hit, +5 dam), getting a 23 on her attack roll which hits all eight.

Antibodies toughness saves. One actually managed to make its save!

The antibody tries to counter attack: missing badly with a 13

Boarding party 6 is off who knows where, so Fleur is up!

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After checking with Thev to see what would be within range (that he'd notice from the monitors), GK'll head down toward the hangers for party 8.

And once there, he'll attack them - Blast 13 (general area, shapeable, indirect 2) - DC23 reflex for half, DC28 Toughness.

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