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Found 3 results

  1. Ellis stared into the mirror comparing ties, which he rarely wore outside of work functions to start with, and let out a heavy sigh, "What am I doing?" he mused under his breath as he quickly and methodically tied the hunter green silk in place. He looked up at the sound of a muffled laugh behind him turning to fix a long suffering look on his younger sister, "Getting ready for your daaate." she teased with a smile as she stepped forward and somewhat needlessly straightened the tie with his collar. "It is not a date." he countered perhaps too quickly, "She's a parent at the nicholson school and it may be a good match for the kids." he pointed out not for hte first time since he'd broached the subject of the coffee, meeting, with his sister. He looked down at her sternly, "That is all. I don't have time for dating, nor," he cleared his throat, "Inclination." he rushed a bit belying the little white lie. "Sure sure of course not." Grace replied with a smirk her tone thick with a younger siblings biting sarcasm, "Just two single adults taking time out of their day to meet one on one and consume beverages and possibly food." she posited with an arched brow, "That sounds nothing like a date at all to me." she added with a faux authoritative nod. "Exactly." Ellis confirmed with a smart no of his head, "Just two people meeting for coffee to discuss prospects for hte children." he said almost more to himself than her. Grace was unable to hold it together any longer and barked a sharp laugh as he ran the lint roller over his shirt clearly not for the first time this morning. "What exactly do you think dating in your forties is Ellis?" she countered tilting her head to fix an incredulous look his direction, "You look nice." she complemented tapping his shoulders and let out a small sigh, "You're allowed, no you deserve, to be happy." she said quietly, "Even if you are absurd." she added with a smirk, "Barbara would want you to be happy." grace whispered barely audible drawing a stern look from her brother. "I am not having this conversation." he said sternly, "No it is hackneyed narrative right out of a lifetime movie and I won't have it." he said firmly though with a hint of a smile, "Thank you for watching the kids." he said finally as he headed for hte door shutting the heavy oak front door to the sing song, "Have fun on your daaaate." *** Elis arrived a bit early, perhaps intentionally though he'd blame light traffic over the bridge certainly. He kept a brisk pace as he walked first past the agreed upon coffee shop, the cheekily named Neutral Grounds, glancing in the windows to see if Stesha had already arrived before turning and with a deep breath entering the shop and ordering an oversize black coffee and taking it to a table with an indirect view of the door trying his hardest not to look like he was watching the door avidly and the handsome doctor earning his fair share of whispers from the barristas over who he might be waiting for. A slow tuesday morning perhaps not the best choice if one strived for anonymity in a coffee shop one did not frequent, live and learn.
  2. GM High Earth Orbit The Lighthouse December 25 th, 2014 9:40 PM Greenwich Mean Time (4:40 PM Freedom City) The last nearly two months had been busy ones aboard the orbital headquarters of the Freedom League. With so many of the senior league members off in space trying to help against the Communion, the work load for the remaining League members had increased, the team feeling rather stretched at times. The information sent back by the League members in space had done little to easy the stress of those remaining behind. As shocking as it had been to learn of the destruction of Lor-Van, what the Communion had done with the planets and peoples they did not just outright obliterate was perhaps even more horrific. But there had been little time to fully dwell on things, as there had been crises around the world and coordination with heroes across the world to try to be ready should the Communion turn towards the Earth. And then a few hours ago, the League members in space had sent a message back to the Lighthouse, stating that they had located the Communion’s world killer spacecraft, and it was heading towards Earth. The remaining League members on Earth had moved into action, contacting the various heroes they had spent the last two months connecting with and getting people moving to various parts of the world to prepare should the Communion make it past the League members in space. Freedom Hall had served as a launch point for many, teleporting them up to the Lighthouse, and then back down to Earth to the various League teleport locations that had been set up over the years. For a time, everyone had been so busy organizing things, there was little time for anything else. But once they had coordinated setting things in motion, there was little to do but wait for news from the League members in space, of for the Communion to just arrive if there was no one left to hear from.
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