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Incursion: Science Team Go! [OOC]


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Feel free to have each of your characters receive the same information as Asad through their own channels. I figure Maxima and Terrifica can already be at the summit; Citizen, too, unless you'd rather have him e-mail himself from Freedom City, AA. Vahnyu, Hronos is a cosmic enough sort of guy I expect you can come up with your own reasons for him being around!

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Alrighty then. As soon as Hronos Arrives at the landing site, he will be doing some quick investigating. More Specifically:

Using his Chronal attunement and taking 10 to Notice (Total: 24) if there are any temporal/chronal effects in the works, in a 189 miles radius, just in case.


Taking 10 on Notice (Total: 24) using his regular senses, to see if he can find anything in particular that stands out about the site.


Knowledge [Technology]: 1d20+10: 29 [1d20=19]

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Maxima is going to take the scattershot approach to Science! and try just about everything.


You can take 10's on Knowledge checks so that'll be what Maxima does, and has Mental Quickness 2 so 5x speed.



30 - Life Sciences

25 - Physical Sciences, Technology (Business & Civics are also in this tier, but likely not relevant)

20 - All Other Knowledge skills due to Eidetic Memory, relevant ones are likely Galactic Lore, Current Events & History to recall details of computronium's properties


Notice Check // Search Check for Arrving on Scene: 2#1d20+15 31 20 Search being used in Conjunction with Investigate as below if things look safe enough to get close


Investigate the alien stuff: 1d20+17 31 (she gets the +2 for carrying tools in her utility belt, and also has the handy dandy feature of meaning that she doesn't have to directly touch the stuff)

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6 - Hronos - Uninjured, 1HP, Pending Toughness Save

Orokos' display formatting is a bit weird, showing the total result first and the dice roll second. 6 is what Hronos rolled on the d20, BEFORE applying his Initiative Bonus, which is +8, for a total of 14.


Anyways, since they attack first(a surprise attack round, perhaps?), Hronos has been caught flat-footed, so rolling a Concentration roll: 1d20+4: 17 [1d20=13]

If 17 is enough to keep his Defensive Roll on Toughness, then add +4 to the following save: 1d20+8: 21 [1d20=13]

So it's either 21 or 25.


Regardless, Hronos will use Time Stop, a Full-Round Distracting Area Stun on the jackals.

DC20 vs Reflex, in a 1'000ft Selective Area.


Hronos is now Distracted (Flat-Footed)

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Ah, sorry for misreading that, Vahn, I'll adjust going forward. I'm going to say that Hronos keeps his dodge bonus, since he had plenty of time to see the compu-jackals coming, so he passes the Toughness Save!
Reflex Save to Halve DC vs DC 20: 4#1d20+4 12 13 13 11
Reflex Save vs DC 20: 4#1d20+4 8 14 16 11
As minions they suffer the worst possible effect and are all 'unconscious'. Since these are very much acceptable targets, I'll leave it to you how you'd prefer to flavour that in-character. Once you make that post, however, be aware three more of the beasts emerge from the mountain!
14 - Hronos - Uninjured, 1HP, Flat-Footed
8 - Compu-Jackals x3 - Uninjured
8 - Compu-Jackals x4 - Disabled

I'd like to get Knowledge rolls from Asad and Teriffica before posting what everyone there spots but if I don't hear from you guys by tomorrow I'll post OOC for Citizen and Maxima first.

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A close look is enough to tell Maxima that the glassy green substance isn't just covering the desert, it's actually converting it. Knowing what she does about chemistry, this isn't a reaction, it's actually restructuring everything it touches at the molecular level. The obvious guess here would be nanobots. At the rate it's going now they're got at most a couple hours before it covers the entire Empty Quarter and starts reaching inhabited areas.

Her Galactic Lore is enough to recognize the material as computronium. It's properties make it a perfect conductor for sending and storing information. The converted area is effectively one big server.



Sharl already knows what computronium is and what it's used for: mote for mote it's the perfect material for storing information and making complex calculations. Quantum computing might be more powerful on a small scale but computronium doesn't have any upper limits that have been observed if you have enough of it. For instance, a computronium server the size of a planet would be completely effective and unbelievably powerful.

If the nanobots converting the Empty Quarter into computronium were the payload of the bomb, it stands to reason that they're putting all of their resources into said conversion. They'll still be getting their marching orders from a processor at the crash site; if they can stop that they may be able to stop the conversion process.



Terrifica recognizes the work of nanobots, converting the sand and other materials of the Empty Quarter into whatever the glassy green substance is. The ribbons of gold make her think of circuit boards and billions of tiny robots building one really big computer certainly seems like an idea with a lot of potential. That'd be more exciting if they weren't standing on top of the material being converted, of course. If these things have a kill switch it would presumably we at the crash site Asad's people recorded for them; if not that would at least be their best bet for finding out more about them. They'd better move fast, either way: they have a couple of hours if they're lucky before the tide of nanobots reaches a settled area.

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Now then. Hronos will fly at about 700ft above ground, as a Move Action.


He will use Chronal Blaster as a Standard Action on one Jackal, taking 10 on the attack, and using Power Attack (+2 dam/-2 atk), for a total of 18 attack.

If it hits, the Jackal saves against a DC27 Toughness

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The crash site - and with it, Hronos - is about two kilometers away from the edge of the converted computronium. Now that Hronos is up in the air shooting bright lights all around it would probably be fair for the other heroes to notice something is going on in the direction but they'll need to get closer to make out the detail without any relevant Super-Senses.

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Alright, things got a little confused here so new plan! Absurdist, give me Asad's Initiative when you're able. Whether or not a character is immediately involved in the fighting we're going to be using initiative order just to create a clear posting order and help keep track of where everyone is and who's doing what.
24 - Citizen - Uninjured, 2HP
19 - Terrifica - Uninjured, 1HP
17 - Maxima - Uninjured, 2HP
14 - Hronos - Uninjured, 0HP
8 - Compu-Jackals x2 - Uninjured
8 - Compu-Jackals with Wings x5 - Uninjured
8 - Compu-Jackals x5 - Disabled

Now, last we saw, Hronos was about 700' up in the air while Citizen and Terrifica had landed nearby. For the latter two, the computronium closer to the center functions as an ongoing Corrosion 5 Area effect. Give me a DC 15 Reflex Save to halve the effects of the DC 15 Fortitude Save and DC 20 Toughness Save each round you're standing on it.

As an additional reminder, the compu-jackals are minions, so feel free to take 10 as desired.

Charge Citizen, Aid Attack: 1d20+7 20
Charge Citizen: 1d20+9 14

Compu-Jackals with Wings
Combined Attack vs Hronos: 5#1d20+5 14 22 22 7 9
A DC 24 Toughness Save for Hronos.

> 24 - Citizen - Uninjured, 2HP
19 - Terrifica - Uninjured, 1HP
17 - Maxima - Uninjured, 2HP
14 - Hronos - Uninjured, 0HP
8 - Compu-Jackals x2 - Uninjured, -2 Defense
8 - Compu-Jackals with Wings x5 - Uninjured
8 - Compu-Jackals x5 - Disabled

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