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Found 20 results

  1. A hand dropped, two men screamed at each other, and they came together, limbs blurring as they struck and blocked and parried and countered. It was an amazing display of physicality, martial prowess, and controlled fury. Controlled, because when the man in the blue robe stuck the flat of his hand into the neck of the man in the orange robe, they both froze. The referee shouted, the men separated and bowed, and a few of the more knowledgeable spectators applauded. Tona Baudin was one of them. She had been especially interested in the arm-lock the tai chi master had attempted, and the way the
  2. 15th April 2005 "So are you sure this is the place?" said the young woman, looking skeptically at the building in front of them. It hardly seemed the place to go for a biology consult. Hell, it looked like an apartment building. The man beside her checked his email on his smartphone. "Yuuup. Sharl said it was here. Something about a fake front to the building" After they'd got in contact during the problem with the Communion, Geckoman and Sharl had stayed loosely in contact. Being a member of Young Freedom was, while really only a big deal during school, still a thing. They'd all presumably c
  3. GM New Genesis Inc ( A Grant Clonglomerate Subsidiary) The North End, Freedom City, New Jersey Monday, November 3rd, 2014 4:14 PM Nestled squarely between Freedom City University and the many upstart tech properties lied the newest startup lab. Headed by Dr. Francis Newman, New Genesis Inc is a biongengineering firm. Dedicated to "providing a better tomorrow, today" as the words on the lobby say. The building was a dome shaped testament to architectural advancement. Appearing much like a sleek metallic lotus flower from the outside. The inside dug below the surface of the
  4. For rolls and suchlike that happen in this thread.
  5. December 25, 2014 Walking about the Dubai International Convention Centre and mingling, Amir al-Misri would have been well within his rights to congratulate himself on a very successfully hosted conference. The science and technology summit - his PR people had come up with a more pompous title but it had sounded a little too obviously designed by committee to stick in the billionaire philanthropist's mind - had drawn experts in civic engineering, clean energy initiatives, information networking and a few dozen other equally impressive fields from around the globe. The chance to compare notes
  6. Feel free to have each of your characters receive the same information as Asad through their own channels. I figure Maxima and Terrifica can already be at the summit; Citizen, too, unless you'd rather have him e-mail himself from Freedom City, AA. Vahnyu, Hronos is a cosmic enough sort of guy I expect you can come up with your own reasons for him being around!
  7. August 30th, 2014 - 10:07am Liberty Park - Freedom City GM Post It was the closest thing to a lazy Saturday one could get in Freedom City. Summer was just starting to wind down, so everyone was soaking up the last of the summer sun while they still had the chance. Whether it was just running errands, people going out for an early morning jog, or spending some quality time with the kids, it seemed like everyone was outside today. In a perfect world, the day would unfold without incident, but fate it seemed had other plans for this day. Shortly after 10 o'clock in the morning, a pie
  8. Geez3r


    Table of Contents 1. 2.
  9. May 29th, 2014 10:30am Rennamex research lab; A Grant Conglomerate's subsidiary The building at the listed address was rather unassuming, with the exception of the security checkpoint at the main gate. Besides the sign plastered on the front of the building, there was little to differentiate it from many of the other industrial office buildings in the area. It was relatively small, compared to its peers, at only 5 or 6 stories. It was tall, blocky and corporate, with next to no aesthetic qualities. The main lobby did very little to dissuade this feel. There was a receptionist behind a
  10. Player Name: Geez3r Character Name: Maxima Power Level: 11/13 – 195/202PP Trade-Offs: -5 Attack // +5 Damage; -5 Defense // +5 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 7 Progress To Bronze Status: 22/30 In Brief: Super smart mutant experiments on herself for the double whammy of SCIENCE! & JUSTICE! Alternate Identity: Dr. Cassandra Steel, aka: Cassie Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Scientist / Researcher Affiliations: Grant Conglomerates Family: Alexander & Lisa Steels (father & mother respectively) Description: Age: 29 (DOB: November 19, 1984) Apparent Age: S
  11. From the album: Geez3r

    Height measured in inches, with each cell equating to 3 inches in height.
  12. GM July 6th, 2013 Pyramid Plaza, Freedom City 7:42 AM Pyramid Plaza was crowded with runners, volunteers, and on-lookers as the last touches were put on the day’s big event. The red-white-and-blue arch straddling Wading Way was already up, with gold and blue balloons tethered to it and ready to fly off. Volunteers were standing behind folding tables, signing in the last few attendees, while other runners stood in close knots or began stretching in preparation of the day’s activities. Off to one side, a line of news vans were lined up, and several reporters were shooting second or third t
  13. The OOC Thread for when we'll need it.
  14. GM Post Hanover Institute of Technology Today was a fine day to be one of the few who had the luxury of sporting a lab coat to work every day. Doctors, biologists and scientists all over made their way to the Hanover Institute of Technology. Today they were hosting the annual GBCE (Grant Biochemical Expo). This was started some 20 years ago by Grant Conglomerates to show off its newest hardware, but had since been expanded into an industry wide affair. Everything from microscopes, to MRI machines to DNA sequencers was on display. The expo was being held in HIT's largest gymnasium,
  15. The thread for rolls related to >this thread.
  16. “Date: Saturday May 18th, 2013 Time: 18:53 Project: Seven – Niner – Foxtrot – Tango†Uttered Dr. Steels allowed as she began to record her daily report. “Blood cultures are advancing within acceptable bounds as defined in audio log...†she paused as she looked over her notes. “...Six – Eight – Foxtrot – Tango.†She continued finding her spot. “Despite the presence of pathogens and temperature holding steady at 20 C, cultures are progressing at standard rate. Of note however in sample 3, abnormalities have begun to appear. Vacuole size is visibly diminished, whereas
  17. Geez3r

    Maxima 3

    From the album: Geez3r

    Original by Nebezial
  18. Geez3r

    Maxima 2

    From the album: Geez3r

    Original by skage
  19. Geez3r

    Maxima 1

    From the album: Geez3r

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