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Found 20 results

  1. A hand dropped, two men screamed at each other, and they came together, limbs blurring as they struck and blocked and parried and countered. It was an amazing display of physicality, martial prowess, and controlled fury. Controlled, because when the man in the blue robe stuck the flat of his hand into the neck of the man in the orange robe, they both froze. The referee shouted, the men separated and bowed, and a few of the more knowledgeable spectators applauded. Tona Baudin was one of them. She had been especially interested in the arm-lock the tai chi master had attempted, and the way the snake-style specialist had slipped out of it almost bonelessly. Her eyes glittered in anticipation as she looked at the next few fights coming up on the docket. She hadn't even know this martial arts tournament existed a month ago, until her friend Mali mentioned that she was going to watch. In just a couple of weeks though, the young archer had become obsessed with the idea. A place where she could see all sorts of fighting styles on display, measured against each other? It was a thrilling notion to her, and she had waited impatiently for it. Tona wasn't happy that she was restricted to sitting in the bleachers, but registration had closed months ago. She had eventually, reluctantly, agreed that her own style was too wilde and improvisational to be judged in formal competition, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy what she was seeing.This was her Super Bowl, her World Cup, her PAX, all rolled into on, and Tona was determined to take in as much as she could.
  2. 15th April 2005 "So are you sure this is the place?" said the young woman, looking skeptically at the building in front of them. It hardly seemed the place to go for a biology consult. Hell, it looked like an apartment building. The man beside her checked his email on his smartphone. "Yuuup. Sharl said it was here. Something about a fake front to the building" After they'd got in contact during the problem with the Communion, Geckoman and Sharl had stayed loosely in contact. Being a member of Young Freedom was, while really only a big deal during school, still a thing. They'd all presumably come running if one member sent out an SOS. Or help out if one came asking around. "You ready to go in?" Liz Lawlett sighed. "Well, we've tried a bunch of stuff, Kenzie. This'd hardly be the weirdest place we've asked about this. Come on." She strode on into the gym, long black coat whipping around her ankles as she went. Chris hurried after her, until they hit the door. "How do we get in?" "I don't know, you know the weird digital guy." "He's not that weird! Ummmm." Geckoman reached out and pressed a buzzer down for a few seconds. Then the one below it. Then another below that. "Hit the buttons until someone answers?"
  3. GM New Genesis Inc ( A Grant Clonglomerate Subsidiary) The North End, Freedom City, New Jersey Monday, November 3rd, 2014 4:14 PM Nestled squarely between Freedom City University and the many upstart tech properties lied the newest startup lab. Headed by Dr. Francis Newman, New Genesis Inc is a biongengineering firm. Dedicated to "providing a better tomorrow, today" as the words on the lobby say. The building was a dome shaped testament to architectural advancement. Appearing much like a sleek metallic lotus flower from the outside. The inside dug below the surface of the city. Secure access making a break in a difficult task. In reality, the building was a repurposed supervillain lair from the 1950s. Each floor filled with its own scientific think tank. Scientists are actively rotated among the floors depending on the need of a particular project. Leaving very few people actively aware of any projects that they weren't personally involved in. As part of Claremont's Work Study extracurricular program. Thaelia and Cho had been chosen to shadow Dr. Cassandra Steel for a week. Just as she was selected to join a developmental study on the lowest floor of the New Genesis labs.
  4. For rolls and suchlike that happen in this thread.
  5. December 25, 2014 Walking about the Dubai International Convention Centre and mingling, Amir al-Misri would have been well within his rights to congratulate himself on a very successfully hosted conference. The science and technology summit - his PR people had come up with a more pompous title but it had sounded a little too obviously designed by committee to stick in the billionaire philanthropist's mind - had drawn experts in civic engineering, clean energy initiatives, information networking and a few dozen other equally impressive fields from around the globe. The chance to compare notes and show off the latest prototypes had been incentive enough but the sizable grant money being offered by his firm to the most impressive projects hadn't hurt, either. He wasn't left to bask in satisfaction for long, however, as one of his aides rushed over, his colouring pallid with stress, and shoved a tablet into Amir's hands. "Sir! Sir, you have to see this," the uncharacteristically disheveled man insisted, running a hand through his neat beard. "Some sort of weapon just made groundfall in the Rub' al Khali! It looks like- the data suggests it was launched from orbit. The payload... we don't have any idea what we're looking at, sir." The thermal satellite image on the tablet showed an aerial view of the Empty Quarter with a small, strangely cool blotch at the site of the impact. A blotch that was slowly but noticeably spreading outward.
  6. Feel free to have each of your characters receive the same information as Asad through their own channels. I figure Maxima and Terrifica can already be at the summit; Citizen, too, unless you'd rather have him e-mail himself from Freedom City, AA. Vahnyu, Hronos is a cosmic enough sort of guy I expect you can come up with your own reasons for him being around!
  7. August 30th, 2014 - 10:07am Liberty Park - Freedom City GM Post It was the closest thing to a lazy Saturday one could get in Freedom City. Summer was just starting to wind down, so everyone was soaking up the last of the summer sun while they still had the chance. Whether it was just running errands, people going out for an early morning jog, or spending some quality time with the kids, it seemed like everyone was outside today. In a perfect world, the day would unfold without incident, but fate it seemed had other plans for this day. Shortly after 10 o'clock in the morning, a piece of space debris made contact with the upper atmosphere of the earth and began its plummet to the ground in earnest. The fiery rock streaked across the Freedom City skyline, before striking down in the heart of Liberty Park. The shock wave rumbled through the streets and a huge plume of dust and dirt hung over the impact zone. Car alarms, police sirens and the cries of the terrified populace filled the air as everyone tried to get a handle on what just happened.
  8. Geez3r


    Table of Contents 1. 2.
  9. May 29th, 2014 10:30am Rennamex research lab; A Grant Conglomerate's subsidiary The building at the listed address was rather unassuming, with the exception of the security checkpoint at the main gate. Besides the sign plastered on the front of the building, there was little to differentiate it from many of the other industrial office buildings in the area. It was relatively small, compared to its peers, at only 5 or 6 stories. It was tall, blocky and corporate, with next to no aesthetic qualities. The main lobby did very little to dissuade this feel. There was a receptionist behind a desk, that blocked them off from the rest of the lobby, the only way to enter was from a door on the other side of the desk, and like the three other doors in the lobby, required a keycard to access. At least two security cameras surveyed the scene. There was a small waiting area with a handful of chairs, and a coffee table with a few scientific periodicals and local newspapers. The only interesting bit was the scientist in a lab coat practically bouncing off the walls, only pausing long enough to look out the window into the parking lot. “They aren't due for another 10 minutes Dr. Steel. I can page you when they arrive.†said the exasperated secretary to the young scientist. “Not gonna happen Randy.†replied Cassandra shaking her head frantically. “They're a 16 year old kid with oblivion running in their veins. They're going to be scared coming here, and I have to put them at ease. Besides think of all the science! Do you know what Terminus exposure normally does to the body? Trick question! You don't, because nobody does, and I get to try to find out! Oh this should be fascinating!â€
  10. Player Name: Geez3r Character Name: Maxima Power Level: 11/13 – 195/202PP Trade-Offs: -5 Attack // +5 Damage; -5 Defense // +5 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 7 Progress To Bronze Status: 22/30 In Brief: Super smart mutant experiments on herself for the double whammy of SCIENCE! & JUSTICE! Alternate Identity: Dr. Cassandra Steel, aka: Cassie Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Scientist / Researcher Affiliations: Grant Conglomerates Family: Alexander & Lisa Steels (father & mother respectively) Description: Age: 29 (DOB: November 19, 1984) Apparent Age: Same Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'8†/ 8'8†Weight: 165 lbs / 8,000 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Dirty Blonde / Black Cassandra Steel is a relatively tall woman with a toned and moderately muscular frame. She often attempts to contain her bushy, dirty-blonde hair into a pony tail, with varying degrees of success. When she's working in the lab, there will often be a few pens and pencils tucked behind her ear or in her ponytail for later use. Her dark brown eyes are usually focused intently on the task at hand. Those that know her joke that she has a mischievous or even slightly mad look about her, especially when she's deep in her work. She tends to dress rather conservatively, rarely having a skirt above her knee or wearing a shirt with a low neckline. The one caveat to that is that Cassandra often prefers to wear clothes with short or no sleeves. As Maxima, Cassandra undergoes such a radical transformation that she doesn't even have to bother with a mask. She quite literally gains three feet in height and puts on a few thousand pounds of muscle; the logistics of which sent even her super powered brain reeling. Her facial structure also changes. Her cheekbones become more defined, as does her jawline, but her other features become more rounded. In addition, her hair turns get black, and loses its bushy quality becoming sleek and straight. Her costume is based on the singlet worn by Olympic weightlifters. It is primarily a light blue, but has a large white strip running down her front and down her back, as well as two smaller stripes on the side of each leg. The boots she wears follow the same color scheme. Power Descriptions: Cassandra's powers started out as a genetic mutation. She was stronger and tougher than her peers, but far and away from an unstoppable powerhouse. But that wasn't enough for Cassandra, so she took matters into her own hands. Over the years, through genetic and chemical manipulation, she augmented her existing powers into something far greater. The most notable result of this experimentation is her Maxima form. Cassandra is able to temporarily dramatically increase her size and stature for an exponential increase in her strength and durability. While it may be true that this form came about due to chemical manipulation, it doesn't require Cassandra to take any sort of drug or potion to catalyze the transformation at this point. History: Cassandra is a native of Freedom City. She was the daughter of Alexander and Lisa Steels, the former being a professor at the Hanover Institute of Technology, and the later being a lab tech for AEGIS. So it would come as no surprise to the average onlooker that they were the intellectual type, and wanted the same for their daughter. They always took a very active role in her education, and did everything except give her written tests. To be fair, it worked out quite well for them. Cassandra developed into quite a brilliant little girl. She was insatiably curious about pretty much everything. However, as her parents did their level best to ensure that the majority of Cassandra's free time was taken up with something educational, this could have very well been a way for Cassandra to try to interact with the outside world, or at least have some awareness of it. Cassandra was the quiet and shy nerd at school, and didn't have many friends. She figured that was just her lot in life, but that would change in middle school. Every year they always did those presidential fitness tests, and every year Cassandra was at best marginally average. But in 6th grade, Cassandra was suddenly the best in the class, hands down. When they were doing pull-up, the gym teacher had to tell her to stop because Cassandra had already hit them limit. Cassandra got a whole lot of odd looks after that. But for the first time in a long while, there was something Cassandra was good at that didn't involve a book. And moreover, she didn't have to be this shy, nerdy girl her parents wanted her to be. In the bit of spare time that she did get, Cassandra began to experiment to see what the limits of her powers were. Around this same time, Cassandra also noticed another change, she was getting smarter. She had always been an egghead, but now she was getting a solid 100 on every test without effort, and she was practically able to recite parts of her textbook verbatim. These two events lead to Cassandra's fascination with biology and chemistry. She wanted to know what was happening in her body and if there was a way to improve upon it. However, a teenager has access to precisely none of the components for conducting such research. For the next several years, Cassandra breezed through school, while slowly building the groundwork for her future tests, coming up with various hypothesis and theories as to how her powers work. When she was finally admitted into the prestigious Hanover Institute of Technology, she was able to begin her experiments in earnest. Over the course of her college career, Cassandra gained a great deal of clarity on how her powers worked., and she even began to create formulas and compounds to augment her developing powers. This eventually gave birth to her signature ability to “Max-out†and dramatically increase her stature and power. After college, she went had a few part time internships here and there, but she didn't get her big break until she signed on with Grant Conglomerates. Sure, Grant Conglomerates' subsidiaries have had a few run-ins with the law in the past, but either out of eagerness or naivety, Cassandra signed on the dotted line. She was fresh out of college, and here she was being offered a rather prestigious position at a company that is at the forefront of superhuman biology. It was practically too good to be true. Well actually it was too good to be true. Certain higher ups in the company know of Cassandra's abilities and that she augmented those abilities with drug-treatments. She was hired with the full intent of being shipped off to an expendable subsidiary, and being abducted to be experimented on under the cover of “an unfortunate industrial accident†that tragically claimed the life of a young scientist. There was just one problem: the defunct project that was going to be scrapped for this industrial accident? Cassandra made it work. The product being made was a compound to increase bone density. The goal of the project is to reverse the damage done by osteoporosis... oh and if was used on healthy individuals it could likely make them stronger and more resilient to injury, but the former sounds better in a press release. In a moment of pragmatic clarity rarely seen inside shady boardrooms, the executives called off the abduction of Cassandra. They reasoned that instead of trying to forcefully get the information from Cassandra, they could use her expertise in the field to wholly and legitimately make a mountain of money. They realized that a compound to increase one's bone density is something Cassandra likely had to take at some point. And that if they kept putting her on projects like this, she would slowly but surely give them her formula piece by piece. All the while, building up goodwill with a hero, who in all likely hood would go to bat for them if any of their seedier operations came to light. To that end, Cassandra was placed in a special operations group, that was a think tank for Grant Conglomerates subsidiaries. They would assist when projects reached a stumbling block. It also gave Grant Conglomerates' top scientists time to document and study Cassandra, as well as give them iron clad reasons to pick her brain on all matter of subjects. To date, Cassandra has noticed precisely none of this, after all, she's just in it for the science. She has now worked for GC for nearly two years, and has become very successful financially. She has added quite a few patents to her name, and has used her funds to further her own research during her down time. She recently made an acquisition of an old research facility for one of GC's subsidiaries', which was shut down due to various health and safety violations. Which to Cassandra meant that she could get it cheaply and no one would pay any mind to her doing extensive renovations to it. The top levels are now her living spaces, with some of the labs still being functional. The lower levels, from the outside appear to be decommissioned, but Cassandra has instead converted it to a headquarters for her activities as Maxima. Personality & Motivation: Cassandra is the type of person that prefers to set their own goals regardless of what society says. She can be quite the risk taker while in the pursuit of her goals, especially when she believes she's on the verge of a breakthrough. She was never much of the social butterfly, so suddenly being thrown into the spotlight as a super-hero has thrown her considerably off her game. As such, she will try to duck the spot light as often as possible. Which can be hard as she wants to start meeting up with the other more experienced heroes for some tips and advice. She wanted to try and go about being a hero solo, but well, you only need one bad experience with atomically powered gorilla robots to shake that notion out of your head. The only time she really opens up and starts talking is when she's discussing something scientific, at which point the difficulty becomes getting her to stop. Most people would consider her to be a bit of a health nut. She always watches what she eats, bringing precisely measured meals for lunch whenever she's at work. She's been known to go to the gym almost daily, and most certainly going jogging on a daily basis. A few brave souls from her friends and coworkers have tried to go with her one on occasion or another, and she has left everyone gasping for breath on a street corner. This actually servers 3 purposes. Firstly, she actually is just a bit of a health nut, and really does enjoy exercising. Secondly, maintaining a precise diet and exercising daily are key to keeping her powers in check. Last but not least, it gives her a perfectly legitimate excuse for going on patrol as Maxima, after all by this point no one even bats an eye when Cassandra goes missing for hours and comes back winded and sore. She is firm supporter of almost any scientific endeavor, feeling that the pursuit of knowledge is one of the most, if not the most, noble of aspirations for humanity. And she'll defend that notion zealously, to the point of being flat out rude to people. She believes science is the way we can craft a better tomorrow, but only if we let it take its course. She took up the mantle of a hero in part because she feels that too much of the world's scientific resources are being taken up by the war against super villains. She wants to do her part to end this conflict so scientists the world over can get back to solving problems that better society. Powers & Tactics: Cassandra is able to radically increase her size and strength practically with a thought. She has dubbed this “Maxing out†for rather obvious reasons given her superhero identity. Maxima is still a novice crime fighter, as reflected by her abilities. Her saving grace is that she is so strong and tough, she is able to afford to be a little rough around the edges. Her main tactic is quite essentially to pummel the bad guys into submission without any real frills. In her civilian ID, Cassandra has taken up some self defense classes and greco-roman wrestling to supplement her rather lacking skill set, but as of yet they haven't made a significant impact on her combat style. However, Cassandra's greatest unexpected strength is her intelligence. Most of her foes think they can easily outsmart her. Boy are they surprised when she starts spouting technobabble. She's hoping that interaction with the other heroes will help supplement her skill set. Complications: Identity: Secret. Not all it's cracked up to be: Growth and Density have cost reductions to indicate that sometimes being extra big and heavy isn't all that fun. GM's are free to exploit that whenever they want without compensating with a Hero Point. Chemical Dependency: Maxima uses a chemical regimen to augment her powers, and also to keep them in check. If left devoid of these treatments over a period of time, or if a large concentration of other chemicals or formulas make it into her system, it can throw her powers out of whack. Corporate Puppet: Unbeknownst to her, Cassandra's identity and powers are known to the higher ups in Grant Conglomerate's science division, and they are pumping her for information reguarding super-human biology so that they can weaponize it. Blind to the Obvious: While Maxima is extremely intelligent, but also rather naïve and not so good with the social graces. That combination means that she can miss an obvious clue or hint that's staring her right in the face. That coincidentally sets up for an excellent eureka moment down the line. Abilities: 12 + 0 + 12 + 10 + 10 + 0 = 44PP Strength: 22/42 (+6/+16) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 22/32 (+6/+11) Intelligence: 20/30 (+5/+10) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +4, +6 Melee (-1 Size Modifier) Grapple: +12, +31 w/powers Defense: +6 (+4 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed (-1 Size Modifier) Knockback: -2, -18 w/powers Saving Throws: 2 + 2 + 3 = 7PP Toughness: +6/+16 (+6/+11 Con, +5 Protection) 10 Impervious Fortitude: +8/+13 (+6/+11 Con, +2) Reflex: +2 (+0 Dex, +2) Will: +8 (+5 Wis, +3) Skills: 104R = 26PP Computers 5 (+15, +17 w/tools) Craft (Chemical) 10 (+20)Skill Mastery Diplomacy 4 (+4) Disable Device 5 (+15, +17 w/tools) Intimidate 10 (+12, +14 Maxed Out) Investigate 5 (+15, +17 w/tools)Skill Mastery Knowledge (Business) 5 (+15)Skill Mastery Knowledge (Civics) 5 (+15)Skill Mastery Knowledge (Life Sciences) 10 (+20)Skill Mastery Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 5 (+15)Skill Mastery Knowledge (Technology) 5 (+15)Skill Mastery Medicine 10 (+15, +17 w/tools)Skill Mastery Notice 10 (+15) Sense Motive 10 (+15) Search 5 (+15) Feats: 16PP All Out Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 2 Benefit (Wealth 3) Dodge Focus 2 Eidetic Memory Equipment 12 (free from Player Rewards) Interpose Luck Power Attack Quick Change Skill Mastery 2 (Craft (Chemical), Investigate, Knowledge (Business), Knowledge (Civics), Knowledge (Life Sciences), Knowledge (Physical Sciences), Knowledge (Technology), Medicine) [2pp] Speed of Thought Equipment (60/60 EP) Utility Belt & Other Gadgets Commlink - Communication 5 (radio; 5 mile radius) [5ep] Handcuffs [0ep] Camera [1ep] Binoculars [1ep] Concealable Microphone [1ep] Mini-Tracer [1ep] Flashlight [1ep] Masterwork Tools 4 (Computers, Disable Device, Investigation, Medicine) [4ep] Headquarters – Re-purposed Grant Conglomerate's Research Laboratory [25ep] Toughness: +15 (2ep) Size: Large (2ep) Features: Combat Simulator 2, Communications, Computer, Concealed, Defense System 4 (see below), Fire Prevention System, Gym, Holding Cells (+50% Toughness), Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Pool, Power System, Security System 2, Workshop (chemical) [21ep] Defense Systems: All have a +10 Attack Bonus 1 – Snare 10 – Glue Guns 2 – Stun 7 Extras: General Area Burst; Drawbacks: Full Power – Sleeping Gas 3 – Obscure 4 (Visual & Auditory, 50ft radius) – Peristant Flash Bangs 4 – Blast 10 – Deterrent Lasers Shared Headquarters – Average Joe's [21ep] Toughness: +15 (2ep) Size: Large (2ep) Features: Combat Simulator 2, Communications, Computer, Concealed, Defense System 2 (see below), Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Infirmary, Library, Living Space, Pool, Power System, Security System 2 [18ep] Defense Systems: All have a +10 Attack Bonus 1 – Snare 10 – Bola Launchers 2 – Blast 10 – “Stun Guns†Powers: 72 + 10 +1 + 2 + 1 = 86PP Container 12 (Max Out Form; 12 + 18 + 6 + 12 + 7 + 3 + 2 = 60pp) Extras: Continuous Duration [72pp] Growth 4 Extras: Permanent (+0), {12pp} +8 Strength +4 Constitution +2 Intimidate +4 Grapple Checks +5 Carrying Strength -1 Combat Size modifier -4 Stealth Checks Density 6 Extras: Permanent (+0) {18pp} +12 Strength + 3 Protection, +3 Impervious Super-Strength 2 Immovable 2 x5 Mass Enhanced Constitution 6 {6pp} Protection 5 Extras: Impervious Toughness 7 {12pp} Super-Strength 3 Power Feats: Shockwave {7pp} Leaping 3 {3pp} Speed 2 {2pp} Enhanced Intelligence 10 [10pp] Leaping 1 [1pp] Quickness 4 (x25 speed) Flaws: Limited to mental actions (-1) [2pp] Speed 1 [1pp] Drawbacks: (-0) = -0PP DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 20 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Unarmed, Powered Touch DC 30 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Shockwave 50ft cone DC 25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) DC 20 Reflex save for Half Abilities (44) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (07) + Skills (26) + Feats (16) + Powers (86) - Drawbacks (00) = 195/202 Power Points NOTES While Maxed out, Maxima has an effective Carrying Capacity of 70. Light Load – 64 Tons Medium Load – 125 Tons Heavy Load – 200 Tons Maximum Load – 400 Tons Her Speed is 3, for 50mph, or 500fpr. Her Leaping is 4 (x25 height).
  11. From the album: Geez3r

    Height measured in inches, with each cell equating to 3 inches in height.
  12. GM July 6th, 2013 Pyramid Plaza, Freedom City 7:42 AM Pyramid Plaza was crowded with runners, volunteers, and on-lookers as the last touches were put on the day’s big event. The red-white-and-blue arch straddling Wading Way was already up, with gold and blue balloons tethered to it and ready to fly off. Volunteers were standing behind folding tables, signing in the last few attendees, while other runners stood in close knots or began stretching in preparation of the day’s activities. Off to one side, a line of news vans were lined up, and several reporters were shooting second or third takes for the morning news. One reporter, however, was preparing for a live broadcast. Melissa Zhong checked her appearance in a hand mirror one last time, made sure her audio lead was invisible and her microphone was working, and took her position in front of the camera. “Ten second, ‘Liz,†the cameraman said. “Ten, nine, eight, seven…†On cue the light went on and the reporter’s face broke into a pleasant, sunny smile. “Good morning, Freedom City,†she said. “This is Melissa Zhong, with Channel Four news in the morning, reporting live from Pyramid Plaza!†She walked and the cameraman rotated, swinging the view from the Channel Four van to the base triple towers, an icon of the city’s skyline. Right now though the view was crowded with people, and Melissa indicated the crowds with a sweep of her arm. “Hundreds have come out for today’s run, the 41st Annual Independence Day Charity Marathon. Almost every corporation in the city, from Dawes Tech to Martel Industries to Majestic Industries, has sponsored at least one group running here today.†The reporter plunged into the crowd and the cameraman followed. They quickly zeroed in on one young red-blonde woman, as she stretched and checked a device hanging from her neck. “Speaking of which, here’s Jessica Parker herself! Ms. Parker, who are you running for today?â€
  13. The OOC Thread for when we'll need it.
  14. GM Post Hanover Institute of Technology Today was a fine day to be one of the few who had the luxury of sporting a lab coat to work every day. Doctors, biologists and scientists all over made their way to the Hanover Institute of Technology. Today they were hosting the annual GBCE (Grant Biochemical Expo). This was started some 20 years ago by Grant Conglomerates to show off its newest hardware, but had since been expanded into an industry wide affair. Everything from microscopes, to MRI machines to DNA sequencers was on display. The expo was being held in HIT's largest gymnasium, and even spilled out into the nearby hallways, as well as having several outdoor booths. There were of course refreshments in the cafeteria. There were representatives from a multitude of think tanks, hospitals, police forces, government agencies, and investors looking to get in on the action. This was of course in addition to all of the students who were taking the opportunity to try to do some networking for their subsequent job hunting. A few lucky students even had a booth set up for some of their research that they've done at HIT over the past few months. Suffice to say, the place was packed. There was no telling who you might run into.
  15. The thread for rolls related to >this thread.
  16. “Date: Saturday May 18th, 2013 Time: 18:53 Project: Seven – Niner – Foxtrot – Tango†Uttered Dr. Steels allowed as she began to record her daily report. “Blood cultures are advancing within acceptable bounds as defined in audio log...†she paused as she looked over her notes. “...Six – Eight – Foxtrot – Tango.†She continued finding her spot. “Despite the presence of pathogens and temperature holding steady at 20 C, cultures are progressing at standard rate. Of note however in sample 3, abnormalities have begun to appear. Vacuole size is visibly diminished, whereas mitochondria count seems to have increased. This suggests increased energy use on the cellular level. Result has not yet been determined. Will continue monitoring for additional adjustments. Suggest additional layer of protein analysis, and chromosomal count to determine if mutation was induced from exposure from pathogens at close of experiment in 72 hours. End log.†Finished Cassandra as she switched the recorder off.
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    Maxima 3

    From the album: Geez3r

    Original by Nebezial
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    Maxima 2

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    Original by skage
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    Maxima 1

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