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OOC for this


Ok we are going for a Casino Royale feel her. Lots of social conflict. Ocassional bouts of violence. And more importantly, feel free to use all your skills and powers in non-combat ways., 


To start off, you can make a knowledge (current events, business or streetwise) , or gather information skill roll, to see what the "Buzz" is. Feel free to narrate the particulars of what you know according to what skill you use and the particulars of your hook in. 


DC 20: 

The High Steaks is selling "the Grand Prize", nobody knows what it is, but the Mafia, some major coorperations, and other outfits are investing big in some players to win it for them. Word is, its illegal. 



DC 30:

The Grand Prize is infact a massive Daka Crystal, smuggled illegally into the country and unsellable by conventional means. Hence, the poker game. 



Also, you can make a Knowledge (Civics) Roll DC 25 to see if you can disentangle the legal jargon around the invitation and rules, to realise this is a smuggled, illegal item. 



Then, please narrate your entrance! Narrative license is yours, so feel free to add what you want to the ambience. 

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Right, so it is rub-down time.


For reference the rules are p134 of core book. 


Essentially any concealed items need a sleight of hand roll. 


This will be matched by the security mans search roll, and +4 bonus for patting down, meaning a +5 roll over all. I will say he takes a 10 on this, which means you have to oppose a DC 15 check. 



Of course other tactics and options may apply, this is just the base pat down. 

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Great, you are all at the table!


Before we start of with gambling, feel free to eat or drink or chat a bit. 


There are four other gamblers:


Gambler [A]- Large Afro-Carribean man. make a DC 30 Notice Check. 

He is the White Lion, undercover and in disguise!


Gambler Small Chinese Lady. Make a DC 20 Streetwise Check

You see the hints of tattoos that indicate she is a member of Dr. Sin's gang!


Gambler [C] Large Caucasian man. Make a DC 20 Tactics Check

He has an obsucure tattoo indicating he was a member of the French Special Forces


Gambler [D] Handsome Silver Fox. Make a DC 25 Sense Motive or Behavioural Sciences Check

This man is extremely confident and quick with cards, believing he will win



Lastly you may make a DC 20 INT check (modified by +2 for every level of wealth you have) to show off about how well you know your wines and vintage, when the bottle is opened! (purely for bragging rights). Feel free to give yourself a +2 or +5 situational bonus if you are a general conniesuer of fine wines (or speak French!)


Even more lastly, the area is now under a Radio Obscure 5 effect. 

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Yes Eidectic Memory will work for that. 


Also: Please post Ic once you have rolled. Bear in mind that we are now in a situation everyone can hear, so be mindful of what you say (although feel free to blurt). You may wish to use the bluff / innuendo rules if yo communicate to others!

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Right so we have the first stage of play, with high stakes, but they will increase!


Cheating here will be tough. But possible. If you want to go sleight of hand, please do so, but if you get caught you may get your ass kicked (unless you do some major bluff, or the spotter actually wants you to succeed!). The other players are card sharks so be aware they are skilled. 


Basically this is a game of skill and bluffery. Your success will be based on a bluff roll modified by your INT (smarter characters will be able to calculate the odds better), and +1 per rank of wealth (if you have more money, you have more resources to play with). In addition, make a Sense Motice Check, DC 20. If you make this, you get +5 to your "Playing" roll. Taking 10 not allowed! ;)


So, make your INT + Bluff + Wealth (+ sense motive bonus if you make it) rolls here please, and feel free to narrate your playing!


If you have any tricks or ideas, also post them here!

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Foreshadows card skillz are the awesome. 


HG feel free to respond to "Mr Lock", who appears to know the person you are pretending to be! 


Also, to all: Once you roll feel free to narrate your playing, any tricks, the drinks, the steaks, and interactions with other. Once we have all rolls I can narrate the effects of play. 

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Grim's Untrained Sense Motive check: 1d20+2=17 Aw, so close!

Crazy Card-playin' Skillz: 1d20+23=32 Now that's more like it!

Edit: Grim has some fairly impressive Slight of Hand skills (+15) and she also has the ability to conjure objects out of thin air; in theory, she could create fake cards and work them into her deck, but as has been stated, she would be in deep doo-doo if she were caught.

On the other hand, her Bluff skills are impressive and at Charisma 26, she's both very attractive and potentially intimidating; I will have to think about what tactics she's employing...

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