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The Meta-Grue goes on 16 


So our order is - 


Wraith: 23, +1 Complication HP 

Foreshadow: 19

Meta-Grue: 16 

Crimson Tiger: 12

Blod: 11 


Incidentally, the Meta-Grue's sheet is cartoonishly awful. 

You should assume I am using a version of him where he has used his Shapeshift to hit his actual caps as a powerhouse - so he has a DEF of +9, a TOU of +17, a melee ATK of +12, and an unarmed damage of +14.

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Wraith's currently shifted to something like this:

Leaping 1 (x2 [Running Long Jump: 30ft]) [1pp]

Speed 1 (10mph / 100 feet per Move Action) [1pp]

Strike 5 (Feats: Improved Critical [19-20], Mighty, Power Attack) [8pp]

She is not super pleased with this whole situation! A grue is just the awful icing on the awful cake.

She's also the only tou-shifted character here, if I'm not mistaken, so she'll go ahead and leap right into the action - she closes to melee and tries to smack 'im.

Melee Attack Roll vs. Meta-Grue, DC19 (Strike; Power Attack -5/+5, Charge +2) (1d20 + 11 - 5 + 2=13)

Swing and a miss! I'll let that stand, for now; she may end up needing that Ultimate Toughness.

She'll be interposing for Foreshadow, for the time being. Wraith is at -2 Defense until the start of her next turn.

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So let's see might as well cover my actions before the next IC post,


Foreshadow draws his Stun Rod.

Then he follows up by feinting with an Acrobatic Bluff: 1d20+22 36!

Now to round things up with a (Power Attack -2 Atk/ +2 Effect) Stun Rod (Fortitude DC19) vs Meta-Grue: 1d20+8 15

Which hopefully hits after the acrobatic bluff.  Alas sneak attack doesn't apply to non damaging saves  :argh: .

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