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Atlantis & Dakana: Showdown of the Super-Nations!


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The landlocked African country of Dakana, home to wonders of science thanks to the mysterious and powerful Daka crystals, lately emerging from centuries of isolationism onto the world stage. They are few, yet still hold the keys to a fantastical future.


The submerged continent of Atlantis, a living myth from a vanished age whose people once held sway over half the world with their fusion of magic and technology and the mighty Orichalcum metal, now all but ignored and forgotten by the surface. They are many, but still a shadow of what was.


For eons these two have had nothing ill to do with one another, courteous cousins in the great household of nations. Now, though, tensions rise between them, and accusations fly thick and fast of deception and attempted evil!


Who could gain from bringing these two into conflict? Who would seek to make these two rivals or even bitter foes? Who plots a war that could spell a cataclysm across the Earth if it came to pass?


And who will step forward to stop...the Showdown of the Super-Nations?!



(All credit goes to Russoboo, and to Johnathan Hickman for being the guy who's writing the New Avengers series with an Atlantis vs. Wakanda plot)



Players: 3-5


Suggested PL: 10-13


Preferences: Characters with some kind of diplomatic standing, establishment with the Freedom League, UNISON or international status(aliens, etc).


Focus: Even split between Skills/interaction, with combat a distant third.


Tone: Serious, streak of bombast(because the stakes are high!).



I seriously doubt I'd be able to pull something like this off, but in the event of nobody else wanting to give it a go I'll get it a-rolling.



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I'd be down for FEII to hitch up with this if he gets approved in time, as he has his former AEGIS agent experience and good knowledge skills.

Plus, his flight harnass actually uses daka crystals for it's propulsion and power.
As Jack O'Connor he could be using his company as a "neutral party" to facilitate diplomatic such-and-such.

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