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Continued from OVERTHROW in City Hall!

The Iceberg, headquarters of AEGIS, Freedom City

September 12th, 2012, 2.15 PM

The walk to Director Powers' office was a short one, made longer by that sense of unfamiliarity coming from new environments and the unceasing hustle and bustle of the American Elite Government Intervention Service going on all around them, reports of events happening around the globe the subject of constant surveillance and study, dour military officers considering tactical difficulties and pondering the best way to safeguard the world marching cheek-by-jowl with lean and excited scientists explaining new breakthroughs in cybernetics and the tantalizing results of new tests done on metals from another dimension, and they quickly opened ranks to accept the neat and professional shapes of the direct agents of AEGIS, who opined on new ways to undercut and overcome the forces of evil and villainy.

They quickly stepped to the side to let Agent Anthea, Agent Silas, and the heroes of city hall past, giving them stern but warm words of welcome, and more than a few quiet waves and thumbs-up as they went by. For their part, the guiding agents looked neither right nor left, acknowledged only a few close friends and followed the dark purple line that led them straight to the office whose thick oak door was marked

H. Powers, Dir. of AEGIS with a smaller sign below it saying "Do not disturb, bureau business"

Knocking three times on the panels, Anthea called in "Mr. Powers! The fine people you wanted are here." From within there was a brief sound like shuffling papers, and then the door was abruptly opened to reveal the towering, eyepatched, confident and vigorous master of the agency, Harry himself. Dressed in a neat black AEGIS uniform, the man oozed command from every inch of his being. "It says do not disturb, agent" he snapped, shutting the door behind himself and briskly taking the lead down another corridor following a green line "Do you think I put it there as a test? Dismissed! You and Silas are due for another assignment in four hours in India, get ready" he said crisply, folding his hands behind his back and leading the team in silence to a room dominated by a narrow table and large screen. Silas and Anthea saluted and marched off, Silas giving a slight wave before they were out of sight.

Tapping a small button on the table, the screen clicked to green life, showing the schematic of a ship, and the layout of a base. Turning to face the assembled heroes Harry Powers said gravely "Good day, I am Powers, the director of this agency, I am pleased to meet you and would like to request your assistance on a delicate mission." turning to Gabriel he added "Of course, I cannot force you to help, and if you would prefer not to act in tandem with us, you may use the information I am about to give you as you see fit." he leaned on the table, his one eye boring into the very hearts of the group who had saved city hall "Any questions before I begin?"

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Truthfully, Omen didn't blink twice once the agents were sent on their way to prepare for a secret op to India. The group was a bit too old for caretakers and it wasn't as if they were directly under Powers chain of command to begin with. They were at least conversationalists something that did wonders for AEGIS image despite the harm that top secret bathroom stall elevators undoubtedly did. Not that Erick was a prude he just felt entrances to underground bunkers should maintain a healthy distance from the path of

Director Powers certainly had an authoritative air to him. Leaving little doubt into how he got in the position he did. The eyepatch certainly helps sell the gruff I'm in charge now shut up and listen look. If superheroics or my business prospects don't pan out a career in international man of mystery might work. Of course he wasn't going to miss an opportunity to pipe in a joke or two when dealing with such a stern figure.

"Eh, I know I don't speak for everyone. But after we stop the podonok I'm not planning on sticking around for any after action reviews. Although if there's a gift shop where we could get some Te-Gra-Ha shirts made that'd be kosher too. Maybe a commemorative pen."

Settling into a more serious expression he would cross his arms before continuing. "Jokes aside, I'm game for working alongside your organization as long as the long red tape of bureaucracy doesn't get in the way of results. Glad to stick it to these guys any time."

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Gabriel raised a single eyebrow in surprise at the degree of infrastructure this far down and hidden so well.

"Impressive base."

He remained silent as they met "the boss" and he explained how things would work. Gabriel thought for a few moments, then slowly nodded.

"Those are reasonable terms. Are we going to have any support from your group on this endeavor, albeit indirect? Or simply directions and transport?"

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Starlight's expression didn't change on the journey down. It helped that she had settled back into her default stance of only having eyes. She tried not to stare at every agent they passed, but it was hard -- not because she was planning to infiltrate AEGIS HQ, but to take her mind off all the technology that was doubtless in those walls. She could just imagine what kind of scanners a super-spy agency packed its buildings with, and how they would react to having a Grue in their midst.

In a way, reaching Director Powers's office was a relief. If they were going to attack her, they probably wouldn't have let her get this close to the man in charge. Starlight formed lips and a mouth to join the conversation. "Any information AEGIS can provide about these terrorists is appreciated, obviously," she said, "but it should be understood that we are not working for you."

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"Eh, I know I don't speak for everyone. But after we stop the podonok I'm not planning on sticking around for any after action reviews. Although if there's a gift shop where we could get some Te-Gra-Ha shirts made that'd be kosher too. Maybe a commemorative pen." Settling into a more serious expression he would cross his arms before continuing. "Jokes aside, I'm game for working alongside your organization as long as the long red tape of bureaucracy doesn't get in the way of results. Glad to stick it to these guys any time."

"We are entirely in agreement, Mr. Omen. Just don't let Mr. al-Misri cause any tidal waves if you can help it." Powers said crisply, and without the remotest wisp of a smile he added "I believe a small import and export business attached to a nightclub in West End might have something like what you want. I am, of course, only as knowledgeable as my sources."

A quick-marching group of AEGIS agents passed by the briefing room, Gabriel hearing quiet and eager speculation about the 'real' identity of someone called Faraday. Most of them agreed that he must be related to 'the Associates', though a few were obstinate that he had to be a clone of someone.

"Those are reasonable terms. Are we going to have any support from your group on this endeavor, albeit indirect? Or simply directions and transport?"

Glancing over at the white-clad mutant with his gimlet eye, the director replied immediately "Anything you think necessary after the briefing, Mr. Gabriel. We'll provide surveillance data, gear, and of course directions and transport if you need it" he looked over the other heroes "We aren't exactly going to be stingy about the armory in a situation like this. So long as you return what you're given, of course. And no MAX armor, not even a piece." he said with a slight note of iron.

Starlight formed lips and a mouth to join the conversation. "Any information AEGIS can provide about these terrorists is appreciated, obviously," she said, "but it should be understood that we are not working for you."
The director of AEGIS nodded shortly at the Lightbearer's words. Taking a second to check the small battery life indicator on the briefing screen remote, a slight twitch of his right eye was the only sign of irritation he gave before he said to Starlight "Yeah, we have a similar idea." Flicking it deftly between the fingers on his left hand he circled the table, looking thoughtfully at the Grue. "We want to get this done, and we can't do it on our own. The risk that Overthrow could get away is too great. You all know what you can do better than anyone here, and we need people with the power and skills you've got to make this mission succeed." Halting in front of the group he gazed levelly at Starlight "You're not working for me, no. With me. I know better than to think I can order supers around just because I run AEGIS." he grinned for the first time, a surprisingly warm and pleasant smile as the remote vanished with a twirl of his fingers "Captain Thunder's done the Lord's work there. You get information about who's where, what's what and how this all ties back to a lunatic attack on the federal building, not to mention the chance to bring some internationally wanted terrorists to justice, while my people guide the team and make sure everything goes off without a hitch and help keep the world safe."

With a sudden flourish he tossed the remote up and down in his right palm, now all business and once again the image of the stern and maimed modern spymaster.

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Gabriel nodded and seemed to relax a bit, though the suddenly...playful...nature of the director of AEGIS caught him off-guard a bit.

"That's good to know, Director. And don't worry, I should be well-equipped even without any MAX armor."

He glanced around the room and shifted a bit in place, assuming a slightly less guarded posture as he continued to address the eye-patch-wearing man.

"That said, perhaps we should move on to the "meat" of the briefing? I think at this point, to give you much more input, we need to know what's going on, what we'd be getting into. Then we can all talk about what we bring to the table, and what support we'll need or want from you."

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"For the record, and strictly speaking, I do not cause tidal waves. Since everyone seems to know my powers without me having done any specific press releases towards that end, if you want to note my file on that, if this isn't being recorded right now." He smiled warmly, genially back at Director Powers, though arching an eyebrow impressively, almost challenging, but from the smile it was something else, probably just being difficult to be difficult.

"Considering my company has at least a dozen contracts with you I am not going to say no. What? The shell game governments pull with front companies is pretty well known in the business world, and I am a curious sort when it comes to who I, or one of my subsidiaries is working with." Shrugging a little bit. "Oh, I was going to have Ana send out an update, but since I am here, we are finishing up the tests on those InfiniDisplays, and you should see the beta product in a month. Unless that was the NSA contracting that out to us..." Looking pensive then, as he tapped a finger to his lips. "Hm, either way."

Clapping his hands together then, "So... where are we going?"

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"To the coast of Russia, as a matter of fact" Harry Powers said briskly, pointing the remote over his shoulder and tapping the large green button.

The schematic of the ship moved to the forefront, with the name 'EAST' appearing next to it. Walking rapidly to the head of the table, Powers politely saw the others seated before himself, beginning at once. "AEGIS agents operating in Russia recently learned that the man responsible for the 'Proteus Incident'" Harry mirthlessly made finger-quotes at the phrase "a man named Kenneth Malory with an unsavory history with power-making drugs, had been seen on the east coast. He was spotted in a fairly decent disguise boarding the Russian freight ship East bound for Panama. The ship was going to be intercepted, until it started dropping off the radar just a few miles out to sea. It took us a week, but we found him at last:" the 'camera' zoomed out at a tap of the green button, revealing a satellite image showing a narrow grey ship, and something huge, square and black underneath it in the shallow blue-gray sea.

The square block lifted up and became a cutaway showing a spacious undersea base "Apparently the good dealer has decided to hide out down there for a bit, and lead us on a pointless chase. The base used to belong to the Russian government during the Soviet era, an abortive attempt to study life underwater in case of a nuclear war" Powers glanced at the others and shrugged "It was closed back in 1981, and remained empty for a few decades..before Overthrow moved in." Leaning on the table he said crisply "He had several gallons of that stuff with him that brought the city to its knees, and since it was a lab, bound to have some infrastructure left to support experiments. Odds are good there's more than a few supers with him by now. More than we can handle."

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Up until now Agnus had been happy for others to do the talking she felt, and not for the first time, a little out of her depth. Still there was something serious going on her and they could probably use any help they could get, even hers.

But the mention of Russia rang little alarms bells for her, enough to spur her to comments.

“Um what about the Russian’s? I don’t think I’m going to be to popular flying around in there airspace looking like this.â€

She gestured down to her Union Jack inspired costume.

“I don’t want to make things more difficult for us all…â€

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"As fun as causing an international incident would be. And I'm sure you'd look lovely on the inevitable war propaganda posters. It shouldn't be too difficult to keep somewhat of a low profile inside an undersea base. And if not, always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Though push comes to shove, I'm sure Mr. Powers and his boys would love to play peacemaker easy to put a spin on it. After all, no one wants to be known as the country hosting Overthrow." Omen crossed his arms before sending a sheepish smile in the director's direction. There were some benefits to the current situation. He was slightly more concerned with how they were going to get to the base itself.

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"The Russians have our full cooperation in this." Director Powers told Young Britannia with a a dry look "So long as any secrets of theirs in that base are buried for good after you leave. As a token of their support, they've sent a special guest. A nuclear physicist named Aleksander Solokov, who should be arriving..." Harry glanced casually at his watch seconds before a gentle knock sounded against the sleek white-red door, at which he looked up with a look of triumph "...now. Open" he added to the doors, which obliged with a soft whisper of metal as they slid in their grooves, revealing a tall, subdued middle-aged man with longish black hair, a thick pair of glasses over dark eyes, handsome features and a polite smile. Casually attired in a classically professorial manner, the man seemed much at ease as he glanced around the room and said with a slight Russian accent "Aha! I was beginning to worry I had come to the wrong door. I am Dr. Aleksander Solokov. A pleasure to meet you all, I hope I shall be able to help win this day with my own modest talents." he said with a warm grin, taking a spare seat nearby Young Britannia and Omen, and relaxing with his hands folded composedly on the bright table. "Dr. Solokov is also the respected nuclear-powered Russian super known as Protonik" Harry Powers said with his eyebrow raised at the older man, who looked a little self-conscious "Unless you got Bogatyr, Blazing Star or Comrade Frost himself, you couldn't have a better babysitter in this mission."

"Speaking of which, back to the mission briefing" he gestured to the displayed ship and base "The most important thing here is to get Malory, all else is secondary. He's most likely," the director of AEGIS paced nearer the screen, tapping the button to proceed through the slides "to be on the bottom levels and near the lower exit hatches. They're Cold War-era steel and can be sealed from the outside without much trouble. Though if any of you are fast enough or can, say, teleport," he glanced at Starlight in particular "I would advise activating the emergency lockdown for those levels first, make it harder for him to get out manually." with a sharp clik the next slide appeared, this time a photograph of a container that held the vicious Proteus mutagen. Looking at it darkly with his one eye, the hard-muscled leader of AEGIS went on "Disregarding Malory's own mutative and mimicking abilities, it's a certainty you'll end up facing some of his victims, who are entirely unpredictable. By our count he had enough to give at least ten people powers, the crew of the boat being around thirty or so and the known maximum personnel capacity for the undersea base is twenty. We'll be giving everyone who wants a small supply of the cure so you can make them safe to transport and treat fully. Engagement is of course at your discretion, if you can get them to take the stuff voluntarily so much the better." A dizzying array of headshots showing young men and women flowed onto the screen "Last we checked, which according to my intelligence reports was two days ago, the rest shouldn't be much of a problem. Basic training and weapons, nothing that would really hurt Overthrow to lose I'm afraid."

A cutout of the base's layout appeared on the screen, each level lighting up as Powers spoke and gestured to it "First level: mostly open space, an unloading area for shipments from the surface and an entry-exit point. From there you can take a flight of stairs down to the second level, which is where most of the facility controls are and the lion's share of the storage space. It's mostly confined corridors and storage rooms, with the habitat and structure controls at the center. Going down from there, level three is where the living happened; dormitories, a rec room, library, food stores, baths and kitchen. Confined corridors but a few open rooms here here and there." Pointing to the pertinent regions of the red and white map, Powers proceeded to the last two floors "Fourth is the main laboratory level, a small garden for supplemental plants, lots of space devoted for keeping samples of local plant and animal life, and a crude but functional machine that gets oxygen out of the surrounding water." "It was not easy to build, or inexpensive" Dr. Solokov noted, looking at the digital blueprints with a pensive expression "I dare say, doctor" replied Powers with a curt nod "and it still works, so take pride in your friends' skill there. Anyway, that brings us to the fifth and final level. It's almost entirely open, and was designed as a chemical lab for testing compounds that would make life in the ocean more, well, livable" he shrugged, the display gently rotating as it revealed the stark square rooms "It's also where the medical equipment and base hospital was, and I'd lay pretty good odds that Mister Motley's found a nice new home there. Each level has at least one exit out into the sea past an airlock, and can access the store rooms on the second level."

He turned to the heroes, taking a sip of water from a glass that slid out of the table. Nodding to them, he asked "Any further questions? If not, we'll go right on to the freighter."

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Gabriel noted the name of the physicist, but it was unlikely he was related to his girlfriend; the name was close, but not quite close enough. He nodded as Director Powers went over the layout and scenario. He gave himself a few moments to think before continuing.

"We should assume worst-case numbers, I would say. As for support..."

He glanced at the others.

"I know I can navigate pitch-black darkness fine, but I'm not going to speak for everyone else. Perhaps those who need them can get some night-vision goggles? I wouldn't be shocked if he tries to slow us down by turning the lights off. Some re-breathers would be good as well.

Also, I would request that AEGIS, the Russians, or both of you have some more "standard" troopers on standby to start securing prisoners as we knock them down. We can't afford to lose our momentum, so we'll need to be the tip of the spear rather than the whole assault. They can secure prisoners, administer first aid, deliver cures, and give us a secure section of the facility to fall back to if things go badly, which we have to assume is possible. I would rather we not be stuck there with our support 5 critical minutes out. We would be the most noticeable section of the force, and thus would attract all the meta-human forces to attack us, leaving, at worst, some of the standard troops for your men.

I won't claim to know how you should arrange things precisely, but I do know that something like this would make me feel much better about how this operation is going to go down. "

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"If no one complains about Lady Liberty," Starlight said to Young Britannia, "I cannot see why they would complain about your outfit."

"I can make light, for anyone that needs it," she pointed out. "And the cold and the pressure don't bother me. I would ask how many non-empowered individuals Malory has on-board. My first tactic would be to simply punch a hole in the side of the ship and let it sink, but if there are too many non-combatants on board, we shall have to take control of the vessel and tow it to a safe harbor."

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"I'm not fond of the whole sinking the ship plan. Marine Salvage missions are bad enough, and someone's bound to try it at some point. Not to mention the risk of it doing damage to the undersea base wouldn't be good. After all we're not trying to kill the guys. Lastly any undersea locals won't take kindly to the act." Omen was counting of with his fingers the reason he opposed such a tactic. Towing being better, if it had to be moved in the first place. Either way dealing with the ship wasn't the most difficult part of the mission. "It does beg the question how heavily staffed are both the ship and the base? So we know what to expect."

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Agnus blushed a looked a little embarrassed whispering to her friend “You know how weird these mystical things get sometime right? Well my powers get a little wonky if I’m in a nation that isn’t friendly to the UK, and the UK and Russia aren’t always on the best of terms.â€

Feeling a little better for sharing that with her friend she decided to share with the rest of the group. Well everything except what she’d just told Starlight.

“I’m in much the same situation as Starlight here; I provide my own light and can stand the pressures. Plus if necessary I can teleport, though I’ve never managed to transport so many people. I could manage a couple of people no problem. “

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Omen folded his arms he taps his foot taking in the information. He did come to the realization that some sort of environmental uniforms might be a prudent purchase choice at some point in time depending on the price. "I'm a bit more fragile when it comes to pressure. As in, I'll crumble like paper tossed into an unguarded garbage bin. I wouldn't be opposed to borrowing some of those classified AEGIS power armors. But, seeing as that's probably not on the table. I'm guessing OVERTHROW is probably using some sort of transportation system to move to the undersea base to get around that pesky pressure issue. Hitching a ride that way should get around any pressure and sight issues so you don't have to overdo it with the teleportation."

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As the others spoke Powers was leaning back in his chair, calmly writing down the supplies they would want. Raising his grim eye briefly from the pad he said "As far as my sources can tell me, he had around thirty people on that ship, give or take four or five. That plus the fifteen or so in the base, if Overthrow is really pushing their luck, and you might end up facing around ten superhuman and thirty-five regular opponents simultaneously as the absolute worst possible outcome. Luckily, most of the ship's crew is unlikely be much of a challenge or even to put up a fight, and the close-quarters of the base means folks like you" he nodded at the heroes gathered around the table "should clean house without any trouble. I agree with you Gabriel, by the way. Four squads of three agents each will go with you. Young Britannia, since both you and Starlight are good for underwater work, and both of you have teleporting abilities, I'd suggest at least one of you remain in the water outside the base in case of external trouble. You can just 'port in if you want or need to, no known shields against it on the base's hull. As for how they're getting down there, they've got a small submarine. Apparently they stole it from the Kuwait military"he shrugged as he glanced away casually "Couldn't hurt to reclaim it."

"My powers are relatively unimpressive outside combat" Dr. Solokov said, pushing his glasses gently back up face and smiling with a faintly apologetic air "like the lighted one and the lady of Britain, ocean depths are no trouble to me. As you have seen already Mr. Powers," he added with a deeper smile "I can fly, but cannot move as freely as Young Britannia. If you need someone to spot-weld something, lift something or defuse a nuclear situation, I am your man." Director Powers shrugged "I trust that won't be necessary, Dr. Solokov. Now, as for sinking the ship...I would prefer you not do that. It's cargo is still valuable, the ship will probably contain additional evidence of what Mr. Marlow was up to, and Omen's brought up the other reasons." Nodding curtly Powers tapped the central green button once more, the display showing a meticulously animated schematic of the ship 'East'. "The layout is similar to other vessels of the same ship class. The only main difference is the expanded hold, so far as we can tell the containers of mutagen were placed near the aft of the ship in case of attack." The AEGIS director frowned "Most of the crew will be belowdecks, so a quick and quiet attack by the stealthier members of your crew should be all that's needed. Omen, Silver Spider, what do you think you'll need for an attack like this?" his eye flicked over the others "If there are no other concerns, we'll get moving. If you still want to work alongside AEGIS, of course."

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"So... a three decade old Soviet underwater base? Is he a part of SPECTRE?" Pausing then and surveying the others. "Do any of you read Ian Fleming?" Sighing and rubbing his hands over the sides of his face and back through his hair in over-dramatic exasperation. "God, I feel old. Anyway, point is terrorist groups, and discarded cold war equipment tend mean a lack of upkeep. So we do have a small problem, and collateral damage will likely not just be limited to people. I know, I now, you are going to say it will be fine, but for those of us who can put a fist through structural steel 'fine' is a useless platitude. Especially for those of us who are still needing to breath air."

Folding his arms across his chest. "He has a cat. I just know it. This man will have a cat."

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"Did Blofeld have a cat in the actual novels? Only seen the movies in the yearly marathons." He'd quip in response to the possibility of the stereotypical mastermind stroking a cat mental image. Omen rubbed his chin whilst looking over the diagram of all the levels of the undersea base once more. Pondering Director Powers question he would parse his lips before thinking of what would be the most appropriate aid. "I would prefer a bit of tact in the case of taking over the vessel. The quicker they lose the mutagen the better. Ideally, outside support jamming any communications between the freighter and the base. Even better if we can disrupt their overall coordination and kill off internal comms as well."

As far as commandeering the ship went, extra equipment wasn't necessarily needed. But Gabriel's point on needing some men to take in the prisoner's would be a much needed addition. "I do hope the cure is administered via auto-injectors for expediency. To be honest, for the undertaking of breaching a ship as long as we're not trying to cause a commotion I don't think any stops to your armory will be needed. Considering how many men they have on standby, I'm sure the submarine is just there for the taking after everything's cleaned up there. Push comes to shove I think I'm set and if not or the upkeep doesn't hold up as he so eloquently reminded us we should be able to figure something out as we go along. But I will note Russian sturdiness is not to be taken lightly." The assumption simply echoed Omen's preference for playing things by ear.

"And although the comments on re-breathers and the like were a fun consideration. Chances are not even an atmospheric diving suit will come into play unless everything went wrong and the base is breached in some way. Not that I would put it past those fanatics to abandon their lives to hide the evidence and try and take us with them. Not that they'll ever get the chance. So I'm ready if everyone else is." It just wouldn't do not to bring in every single OVERTHROW agent. Stopping for a moment he would hold up a finger before continuing with a wry smile. "Last chance to change your mind on the MAX armors." Taking one for a joy ride just had a certain thrilling ring to it.

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"Well, the general motif sounds SPECTRE-ish, but the whole "underwater base and a guy who wants to remake humanity" smacks of some combination of  The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. We had better keep an eye open for a guy with metal teeth.


Gabriel's face was completely serious as he spoke, despite the seemingly-absurd content. 


"That said, besides not breathing water, I'd be worried about the mutagen getting out into the water itself. It seems the sort of situation that could prove...unpleasant. 


So, are we thinking Omen and Silver Spider will clear the way, while the rest of us deal with the more...troublesome...metahumans, and the AEGIS agents make sure the prisoners are secured?"

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"Nah, Overthrow's not SPECTRE, that'd be a little high-end for our boys in camo" Director Powers interjected casually, "And that's a wise thing to worry about Gabriel. Luckily there isn't much chance of that stuff finding its way into the ocean, Marlow keeps that mutagen close and tightly overseen. It will be in the deepest depths of that base where he can make sure nobody messes with it or nowhere. Besides, if the crew dumps it after some superheroes come aboard how will they claim innocence? Also yes, those two seem the best suited for the job of taking the ship."


Forming some elegant letters on a tablet he looked up sharply "You'll be given pressurized water-proof suits if you need 'em, and I very much doubt you can't control yourself Mr. al-Misri. Worst comes to worst, burn off those super-calories with a little flying." A few loops, and he was back to tapping briskly away, his sole eye focusing intently on the screen "No Omen, you can't have MAX armor on this. If you ever decide to join AEGIS, that'll be a different story. Your transport has a full suite of signal jamming equipment, and you can park it wherever needed so range isn't a real issue. The agents coming with you will have the best mutagen-suppressant distribution system patriotism and science can devise, from multi-use syringes containing the substance, spray canisters for the more ethereal kinds of metas you might engage, to a, and I quote" Powers read from the tablet with very exacting diction "'dimensional stabilizer coupled to a Proteus-nullification proton ray emitter'. Rest assured, they won't be without options no matter what the situation. They'll be right behind you, w"


He surveyed the room closely again, especially the very quiet and subdued Russian, who was busily writing in his notebook. Rising to his feet he said gravely "Since that is all-" "My powers allow me to provide medical attention if needed" Aleksander broke in, looking up and smiling warmly, the screen reflecting off his glasses "So supplies will not need to be very numerous there either." the Director inclined his head shortly and resumed "Since that is all, let me finish by wishing you all the best of luck, godspeed, get that bastard, and to follow the yellow/red line to get to the cafe if you want some real food before setting out. Blue/white leads to the launch bay. Good day, ladies and gentlemen, I'm due in Washington in two hours" he scowled and marched out the door, caling back "I wish I could go with you instead!"


With a snap, the doors opened and then closed behind him.



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Omen had no idea what the Proteus-nullification ray emitter was.  He just knew he had to get a chance to use it.  It sounded like a right good time.  "So that's the type of guy it took to catch Gemini.  Hard to see him working a desk job.  Even if that desk job is the head of AEGIS."  Looking around at the others he'd place his feet on the table in which their briefing was given.  "I was hoping to get some Russian cuisine.  But, anyone feel like taking him up on that AEGIS dfac offer before we ship off?  Not like we're on a schedule."

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Starlight was not thrilled about riding in any craft so loaded down with ways to strip her of her powers and expose her identity. Nevertheless, if she had to than she had to. She wasn't the sort to leave things undone, after all. "I do not require further equipment," she said. "I would prefer to be escorted directly to our vehicle." She paused. "But don't let me stop you, Omen," she added.

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"Excellent, it sounds like we've got our angles covered as much as they can be, Director."


He paused in thought before continuing.


"I believe I will forgo the waterproof suit, for fear of not being able to utilize my armor properly."


He shrugged, and gave the Director of AEGIS a nod of respect as he left the room. He waited a moment before starting to walk toward the door.


"Part of me would prefer leaving right away, but I think I will get a small snack. I'm feeling a bit low on energy, and my powers can be draining if I go long enough in their usage. Hopefully we'll be good enough none of us will need to worry about running on empty."

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Agnus was still getting over the idea that she’d be allowed to take part in a mission of this size with people of such importance. Even her friend Starlight seemed to her to be more capable to carry out the mission than her. But now wasn’t the time for such worries, for all her doubt they needed her help so help she would.


“How about those of us than need to eat, or want the full tour, go do what they need then we can all meet up in say 15 minutes? I’d say whatever passes for the hangar here. And personally I’d like to see what our transport’s look like.â€

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