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Found 3 results

  1. GM Continued from OVERTHROW in City Hall! The Iceberg, headquarters of AEGIS, Freedom City September 12th, 2012, 2.15 PM The walk to Director Powers' office was a short one, made longer by that sense of unfamiliarity coming from new environments and the unceasing hustle and bustle of the American Elite Government Intervention Service going on all around them, reports of events happening around the globe the subject of constant surveillance and study, dour military officers considering tactical difficulties and pondering the best way to safeguard the world marching cheek-by-jowl with lean and excited scientists explaining new breakthroughs in cybernetics and the tantalizing results of new tests done on metals from another dimension, and they quickly opened ranks to accept the neat and professional shapes of the direct agents of AEGIS, who opined on new ways to undercut and overcome the forces of evil and villainy. They quickly stepped to the side to let Agent Anthea, Agent Silas, and the heroes of city hall past, giving them stern but warm words of welcome, and more than a few quiet waves and thumbs-up as they went by. For their part, the guiding agents looked neither right nor left, acknowledged only a few close friends and followed the dark purple line that led them straight to the office whose thick oak door was marked H. Powers, Dir. of AEGIS with a smaller sign below it saying "Do not disturb, bureau business" Knocking three times on the panels, Anthea called in "Mr. Powers! The fine people you wanted are here." From within there was a brief sound like shuffling papers, and then the door was abruptly opened to reveal the towering, eyepatched, confident and vigorous master of the agency, Harry himself. Dressed in a neat black AEGIS uniform, the man oozed command from every inch of his being. "It says do not disturb, agent" he snapped, shutting the door behind himself and briskly taking the lead down another corridor following a green line "Do you think I put it there as a test? Dismissed! You and Silas are due for another assignment in four hours in India, get ready" he said crisply, folding his hands behind his back and leading the team in silence to a room dominated by a narrow table and large screen. Silas and Anthea saluted and marched off, Silas giving a slight wave before they were out of sight. Tapping a small button on the table, the screen clicked to green life, showing the schematic of a ship, and the layout of a base. Turning to face the assembled heroes Harry Powers said gravely "Good day, I am Powers, the director of this agency, I am pleased to meet you and would like to request your assistance on a delicate mission." turning to Gabriel he added "Of course, I cannot force you to help, and if you would prefer not to act in tandem with us, you may use the information I am about to give you as you see fit." he leaned on the table, his one eye boring into the very hearts of the group who had saved city hall "Any questions before I begin?"
  2. GM June 29th, 2013 Mayor Santo was a portly man with a bronzed face that was round and lined. He somehow carried off a magnificent smile and a handsome warmth, and had kept a magnificent lock of white hair on his head that made him look like a perfect mayor - approachable, experienced, warm but with authority. He smoked too many cigars. He drank too much port. He had a reputation with too many ladies. But he was not a corrupt man. That was a bonus. Yet politics was fierce, and he wanted to keep his job. And it so happened, that with the influx of several benefactors amongst the more successful upper class of RiO, and their businesses, he had the money to do it. Sure, every second float would have sponsorship's plastered all over it, but he had put together a city Carnival that would ignite the city this day. His younger - too young - some might say, and pretty - too pretty, some might say - wife, Sandra, came up to lean on his shoulder and comfort him from the stress he endured in the midday heat, as he coordinated with police, ambulances, and a thousand other details. The first signs of music, dancing, and costumes were already hitting the streets, and the smells of street food complimented the sounds and colours. It would be a long day, and a longer night. "My love my love" he said, patting Sandra affectionately, but - it should be said - patronisingly - "Leave me to my work. There will be time for fun later. Now! I must concentrate!" he said, with a smile. Something tickled the edge of his brain. He couldn't put the jigsaw together yet, but as he chomped on a cigar, he had the nagging feeling from various irritations and frustrations, and reports, that something wasn't going quite right...
  3. HGM

    Opening Bids (IC)

    February 27th, 2013 8:00 P.M. North Bay Marina Ever since the fateful events in the previous month in which the Curator sprung a sense of terror that the city hadn't seen in well over twenty years, the word charity had become synonymous with Freedom City's night life. And although the city itself would never be desperate for repairs with the spirit of Dr. Metropolis, the families of the victims and the civil servants who gave their all still needed the proper assistance to get through the most trying of times. Of course proceeds for the needy in general would not go forgotten. The somber subject didn't stop many an event from becoming such a grand celebration that it could be considered the go to event of the evening. As could be expected along the piers of the North Bay Marina overlooking Freedom's own historical museum from the distance, a large 534 ft. luxury yacht would be home to just such an event. Celebrations were well under way, as one by one an expensive vehicle or limousine began arriving bringing many of Freedom City's elite all under one place. The generous spirit of the night would do nothing to dissuade those with unsavory intent from partaking in the festivities. In fact, it was even suspected that some of the items put up for auction were simply a means to transfer illegal goods. The massive vessel belonged to the financial titans at Rath & Stromberg. Though one would be hard pressed to find the two children of Stromberg whom actually chose to attend the event. Choosing not to be on full display as the family was one that valued privacy. The roar of an engine would rip through the night as a dark blue rear engine sports car pulled into the pier. Erick Sloane adopted son of David Sloane accompanied promptly exited the vehicle. The handsome young man was dressed in a sleek custom tailored suit. The 2-button classic styled vent jacket worn over a collared dress shirt afforded him little protection against the cold night air. The Russian wasn't a stranger to less than favorable ambient temperatures and the only concession afforded to the temperature would be the slight moment in which he checked to see if his breath was visible. Erick's light blue eyes rose to meet with the large lumbering vessel. He didn't often attend the showy functions, and in fact dreaded the small talk that inevitably followed. Other than sharing a tax bracket, Erick didn't often find he melded with higher society all that well. "Remember it's for a good cause. I can nod along for at least an evening...I think."
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