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With his efforts to dislodge the bus defeated, Jerry goes ahead and swats at Geckoman.


Nat-20, whoops!

His stats are here:

OK, well, that's a DC 40 Tou save for the Pitchoo with the Pitchoo? Um. I think it's dead, Jim.

In any event, I'll subtract the Pitchoo's Tou and say Chris only needs a DC 26 save.

Geckoman: 24

Jack of all Blades: 24

Dragonfly: 20

Willow: 8

Jill O'Cure: 7

Jerry: 2

Geckoman is up. Maybe down! But up.

So as I don't forget, Dragonfly's Knowledge: Technology gives her the following:

Jerry's armor has a weakness; if she or Chris (using the Pitchoo's computer) can hack into its systems, the passenger compartment can be ejected even if the driver' area is completely intact
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I figure Fulcrum can join the fight or intervention or whatever next round.

  • 24 - Geckoman - Uninjured, 5HP
    24 - Jack of all Blades - Uninjured, 5HP
    20 - Dragonfly - Uninjured, 5HP
    13 - Fulcrum - Uninjured, 2HP
    8 - Willow - Uninjured, 2HP
    7 - Jill O'Cure - Uninjured, 1WP

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Jill currently has Defense 29 and +9 Toughness, because of reeeaaasons.

Jill O'Cure

Hero Point: Stunting off of her implied PL14 Array for:

  • Damage 14 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Area [General, Cone], Range [Perception, +2]; Flaws: Action [Full Round Action]; Power Feats: Incurable, Indirect) [58PP] (force field bubbles in your blood stream, @$%s)

Full Round Action: Well, you can probably guess. Everybody present (not Fulcrum) give me a DC 29 Fortitude save. Don't forget the Inspire!

Jack of all Blades

Fortitude Save vs. DC 29. (1d20+10=15) I'll wait to see how everyone else does to decide whether or not to reroll!

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Move Action: Move at full tilt along the giant robot's arm as a run-up.

Free Action: Extra Effort on Leaping, making it rank 3 (x10). This multiplies his running jump distance while using Skill Mastery Acrobatics by a further factor of 5: 230 feet.

Standard Action: Use the epic leap of epicness in a Charge attack, while All-out Attacking for 2, and Power Attacking for 2. This will give a DC20 Toughness save from the punch (DC22 if you deem Sneak Attack to apply :P) (1d20+17=32)

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