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Habitat for Metahumanity


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This idea came up in chat (Thanks Raveled). Thought I'd make it a little more official.

A group of craft able / heavy lifting capable heroes join a community out reach program or charity event for those less fortunate in the "Areas beyond freedom". Hilarity ensues when super villains attack because the build site is actually on top of an Indian Burial Ground or some other crazy reason.

Any interest in this kind of thread (I'd likely run blueshift)?

Any Red Names interested in the possibility of running some cannon villains?

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Wow, I've got a lot of interest on this so far. More than I thought I would. I'm going to put a temporary hold on sign-ups, as I've got three players besides myself. I need to do some research and see if there are any villains I can use that would fit the bill here. Updates to follow...

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Okay, update time!

I'm going to point this thread out to some of the refs. If they don't have any ideas or Canon villains they can see making an appearance in a thread like this, or they're not willing to run a thread at this time, I've got a backup plan.

I've got a trio of villains (pretty much ripped right out of instant super heroes) and an idea.

I'll give the refs a few days before I start getting things together.

EDIT: Right now, I think I'll still be holding sign ups. Apologies to anyone that missed out!

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Random ideas for what the home-building heroes may run into:

* Green Man (if building on the outskirts of the city/near a forest)

* Foundry or Labyrinth labs ("okay, dig here for the septic tank... wait, what's this heavy duty power conduit doing here?!")

* Megalodon or Devil Ray or Trawler (if building near the ocean)

* random supers battle that's spilled out into the area, or random villains running out of town after some nefarious activity

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That's fine by me, Doc. This thread certainly has some ref attention directed at it now (which is good)! Is there a possibility of either you or AA (as those are the one's who've posted here) might be willing to run a thread featuring one of these big name villains? Or perhaps delegate to one of the other refs? Or should I continue with some of my earlier plans of avoiding the big names and giving some no name villains the spot light?

Frankly, I'm fine with either. Just throw me an answer, and I'm set to go. I'd of course prefer featuring a canon NPC, as threads tied to the setting are inherently cooler.

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I think some no-namers (cultists of Baron Samedi or Malador who were planning to use that spot as a summoning circle, plant monsters from Green Man's lab, robots from the nearby Foundry workshop, etc.) might work best.

I'll keep an eye on things, to make sure nothing too wonky happens.

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