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Life's Bazaar (OOC)

Sandman XI

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Rolls and lols?

Anyway, can we get a little more description about what's going on? Is this a 'blink in and out of existence' sort of thing or a 'reality seems to warp around us' sort of thing? Are we wearing out regular costumes or wacky fantasy versions? What's the state of any technological stuff we might be carrying: lighters, electromagnetic screwdrivers, affectionately named firearms, etc.?

I ask because I care!

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Intro, take two! Alright, a few things. Colt have an HP since you are gearless (and a blanket if you sleep au natural, same for you Grimalkin :P). Don't worry, there's a method to my madness ;) Dr Archeville, since you were not prepared for this you are essentially gearless and can has HP. Again, there's something coming up to rectify this :D Dark Star, Jack of All Blades, Grimalkin and Jester, you guys are there too!

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Honestly? I think he's gonna make one out of Colt's magic pants. But yeah, he could easily leech off of Grim, 'Star or Jester for glamour, gravity or chaos magic descriptors respectively. It's always more fun to steal straight from his opponents, though! Should probably steal one of their regular swords just to be on the safe side, too.

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Or off Doc -- he's occasionally claimed his enhanced mind is due to psionic energy. (It's really pseudonatural magical enhancement, so instead of a Psylocke-esque mindblade, JoAB'd get a writhing tentacle-blade!)

That... is super gross. Let's, uh, put that in the last resort column, right after Fulcrum's Terminus emissions. Seriously, why isn't anybody powered by sunshine or positive vibrations or something?

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