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  1. Sorry for my sudden absence, life just gets piled on. Atm, I likely won;t be back for a bit longer until can use my left hand easily (of course I'm left handed) or at least until it doesn't hurt too much. Later all
  2. are we ending this one or continuing it?
  3. IC does not like you! Need an action post...
  4. Torque nodded in agreement with Blueshift's assessment. "Indeed. Though I have to wonder why they locked it up and left it there instead of simply ending the threat," he said absently to himself. It certainly seemed like a more pragmatic and logical avenue. "Well, hopefully we will have better luck apprehending it...and building a better prison for it as well I suppose." He looked out of the plane towards the museum. "I suggest we get moving then," he said, realigning the tertiary power matrix. It wasn't that far and he preferred moving under his own power.
  5. Sorry! I'm back. Stupid hurricane... I'll be a little slow this weekend but I'll get to posting.
  6. Dark Star Gorgon: Plan Bee Torque Starbucks and Sketches If you built it Invisible Horizons Rage Against the Machines Gorgon: Final Frontier ignore for now (just putting links here to remind me) Same Old, Same Old Cole + Caresse
  7. Apologies for my absence (especially if you've been waiting on me for a post). I JUST got power back a few hours ago after 5+ days of no water, power, etc from the hurricane. LOADS of fun.
  8. toughness (1d20+10=22) failed by 10! ouch. it is staggered and stunned. get your IC post up and then Torque will be up. He's going to hold for Wisp and do an Aid for her. attack (1d20+7=22) hits by 9. not quite +4; so she gets +2 for her attack damage next shot and she's up AGAIN :)
  9. Cole blinked. He might not be the most adept at these situations but he was a bright fellow. He'd said something wrong. Something about wounds or battle had hit a nerve. He thought she was going to cry for a moment there. She even tried to recover with a little remark but closed up tight almost right away. He'd definitely done something wrong. Now he suddenly felt like a cad and a heel...and he had no idea why. He nodded slowly at her as she turned away and help the pane in place with her eyes squeezed shut. He reached out with one hand to hold it in place, starting to use the sealant as he spoke. "Uh, I think I can handle this one if you'd like to go and...get a drink...or something," he said, struggling to think of how to fix this. His only idea was to give her an out, a way to take off for a bit. He'd have to apologize later, once he figured out what happened. He didn't look up at her; he just held the window and worked.
  10. Torque watched as Ironclad slammed Dirae to the ground, with little effect unfortunately. Another disk formed in Torque's hand even as he started to charge the woman. He threw it forward before he'd even taken two steps. He scowled as it zoomed right over her shoulder, missing her. He quickly keyed a change in his energy matrix, rerouting energy to the suit's strength systems. Continuing his charge, he extended his arm and slammed it into her as he raced by. Skidding to a stop, he spun to see how effective it was.
  11. first roll: throwing disk attack (1d20+7=14) think that's a miss...but it has homing so maybe next round it'll hit! burning an HP for a second attack attack, punch (1d20+7=22) think that hits too Dc 28 for the punch (27 for the disk if it hits next round )
  12. shifting Int array: comprehend so he can read the whole thing, maybe get some more helpful info
  13. Torque followed Mr Danger into the back. He listened to Ace even as he walked up to the container. He walked around it, studying it intently. "An island? Anything else on it besides this thing? Why would you take something like this back with you," he said idly. "Um...I think I can make this out. Give me a second; I'm rather adept at deciphering languages and codes." He slowly continued his walk around it, studying the symbols.
  14. Torque would have chuckled as the thing staggered between them if he had been the type. He simply created another disk and threw it as it ran by. Unfortunately, he rushed the shot and it missed. Rather than waste time grouching about it, he continued his the movement of his throw. Switching his armaments and augmenting his strength, he slammed his fist into it's back just as Wisp fired a blast into its back as well. Unfortunately for the heroes, all their combined attacks did was stagger it an extra foot forward before it started to turn with only a slight scratch on its back plate.
  15. attack (1d20+6=7) attacking Torque yeah, no. Torque's attack: attack (1d20+7=13) BAH! HP for a 2nd attack (not a reroll) attack w/ hp (1d20+7=18) well...it hits at least. toughness (wounded) (1d20+10=30) Wow...it shrugs off the DC 29 shot!
  16. As the first robot crashed to the ground, the other continued onward raising a huge metal fist. Servos whining, the machine charged forward swinging widely. So widely in fact, the robot stumbled right on by. It passed right between the two heroes as it staggered to a stop and tried to turn around...
  17. Cole quirked an eyebrow up at her, his mouth quirking up in a smile. She was a bit odd...which really didn't separate her from anyone else he'd met. They were all rather odd. Still, she seemed funny. Cute too. Tall, but cute. "Ah...and here I thought it was the result of a massive war wound suffered nobly on the field of battle," he said sagely. He reached over to a tool bench and grabbed a hammer and wrench, extending them to her. "Before you engage in the most fearsome battle, you should arm yourself appropriately," he said with a small smile, attempting fake seriousness. She'd have to find her own 'ammo'. He hefted the rather less than ideal kawk gun, half wishing he could take a few moment to whip up something better. "I am armed and ready of course, prepared to lay siege to the enemy. Have at thee!," he said with a grin...and applied the kawk to seal the window into position.
  18. Torque gave a nod as he watched the lummox tumble over with a thud. One down, he thought satisfactorily. He looked up in the sky as Jessica and the red aura woman collided with Ironclad coming out on top. Despite the villain's attempt to break free, she was being firmly held. Still, she certainly didn't look like she was going to settle down, what with her ranting and raving up there. He supposed they could just hold her until the authorities arrived...but that was too risky. There was a simpler solution. He activated another disk, forming in his hands, as he looked up. He gave his targeting systems a moment to get the optimum shot before slinging the disk upwards to slam into the back of Dirae's head.
  19. attack (1d20+7=22) DC 27 as always
  20. Torque frown as the woman managed to shrug off the hit. It had been worth a try. He sidestepped her return attack easily enough. It certainly looked powerful though. "Ah, I was just attempting to observe the formalities." He turned back and shrugged. "Surrender before you get beat down," he reaffirmed. He didn't bother to respond to Ajax's boast. It was wasted energy. Instead he launched another disk. This time at the loud mouthed man, right at his head. Not in retaliation or to shut the man up. No, it was just good tactics to take one target down quickly, combining their attacks. Of course, getting him to shut up would be a nice bonus too.
  21. attack (1d20+7=22) on Ajax dc27
  22. Torque turned at the sudden gasp of air and blinked. Twice. That was something you didn't see every day; well at least he didn't. Ace seemed to be treating it like someone who stubbed their toe or spilled something on their favorite shirt; an annoyance. That was just odd... "Uh, yes we did. A bit of a team effort I think, including your piloting too," he said, reaching out to shake the formerly dead man's hand. "I don't suppose you could explain what happened? What with the portal, the strange howling and what not," he asked as he stepped out of the plane to head to the back compartment. "We have someone else in the back I think."
  23. is it me or has this thread kind of slowed to a crawl? I'll post IC again to Heritage but was trying to be patient and give whoever is up next a chance...
  24. Torque popped up from cover, sprinting closer to the actual battlefield and trying to make sure he still maintained a target lock on the targets. These were the times he really wished he'd made the suit flight capable. Still, the suit's speed enhancements were more than sufficient for the current task. He whipped the disk he had in hand up and towards the aerially tumbling woman, almost without looking. It flew true and slammed into her even as he hopped over several obstacles during his charging approach. "I think we are supposed to ask if you wish to surrender," he said to them without inflection. He didn't care too much either way; but it would certainly minimize the collateral damage if they would just surrender.
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