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Swords & Sorcery 2.0

Sandman XI

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This was the old thread

(19:20:36) Dr_Archeville: we can always do like we did with BRANIACS OF FREEDOM and set up a "Sword & Sorcery, v2.0" thread; forget the first one ever existed. (Normally I don't like doing that, but sometimes a reboot is needed)

This was the suggestion

So, I'll be taking this thread up. It'll be a totally new story though (as I don't have MarkK's or MBCE's notes)

If you were in the old thread, you have first priority. I'll take up to 6 people. So, who's in?

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Would Jester even notice the setting being different? Atlas could at least pose as a half-ogre or something.

Jester would probably notice, just not care as much as one might suspect. Being a Jester is a reputable occupation back then remember. And if Atlas's edits ever get done, he'll have Morph.

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I'd be interested in bringing in Mongrel for this, rather than Exile
This is what I was expecting.
So' date=' is this supposed to be taking place [i']now, or back in September, replacing the original thread?
We'll have to set it now, as with our current crew it would have some trouble back in September.
Sure' date=' I'm up for it. (That was DS right? Been a while...)[/quote']Yup.I'll need to know who you choose before I start working on it :P
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Eight and a half days later I haven't received word from Nyrath. That coupled with this post I'm gonna have to ask for another player. Nothing personal, I'm just looking for a faster pace in this thread. If the others are still interested, we're going to start as soon as we get one more player. Please speak up if you're still interested :)


Dr Archeville




and someone else

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