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  1. Right, Aiko has 2 points available (having spent 158 out of 160, up till now that is). First of all this: should look like this: Second - Please lower her ranks in Computers, Craft [Electronics], Craft [Mechanical] and Knowledge [Technology] by one each, freeing up 1pp for a total of 3 available. Third - Increase Int by 2, leaving 1pp Fourth - Add Evasion to her feats Code blocks presented here for your convenience. [b][u]Stats:[/u][/b] 20+24-10+4+2+0 = 40pp Str: 30 (+10) Dex: 34 (+12) Con: - (-) Int: 14 (+2) Wis: 12 (+1) Cha: 10 (+0) [b][u]Skills:[/u][/b] 96r = 24pp Acrobatics 15 (+27) [Skill Mastery] [Fast Bluff] Computers 13 (+15) [Skill Mastery] Craft [Electronics] 13 (+15) [Skill Mastery] Craft [Mechanical] 13 (+15) [Skill Mastery] Diplomacy 4 (+4) Drive 3 (+15) [Skill Mastery] Knowledge (Pop Culture) 4 (+6) Knowledge [Technology] 8 (+10) [Skill Mastery] Language 1 [English, Japanese [Base]] Notice 9 (+10) Pilot 3 (+15) [Skill Mastery] Sense Motive 8 (+9) [Skill Mastery] Stealth 2 (+14) [b][u]Feats:[/u][/b] 23pp Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus 6 [Melee] Challenge [Fast Acrobatic Bluff] Deep Ties [Enemy] Dodge Focus 8 Eidetic Memory Evasion Online Research Power Attack Skill Mastery 2 [Acrobatics, Computers, Craft [Electronics], Craft [Mechanical], Drive, Pilot, Sense Motive, Knowledge [Technology]] [b][u]Costs:[/u][/b] Abilities (40) + Combat (16) + Saves (05) + Skills (24) + Feats (23) + Powers (52) - Drawbacks (00) = 160/160pp Doktor'd
  2. Nyrath

    Heavy Metal [IC]

    "I was not aware I'd acquired any kind of fame or notoriety on campus, but since I know of no other with that name I do suppose it's me." Aiko had noticeably calmed down by the end of the sentence. Internally she'd been reviewing the recent events, examining the context more closely and evaluating her responses. The find just slightly further back in the memory banks that she'd left the door open put a rather different slant to everything else. The rather unplatable truth was that she'd gotten sloppy. "And now I, Aiko Karakuri, must apologize to you Wilder-san. My violent actions against you were a result of hasty and mistaken conclusions built on faulty foundations. That does not excuse them, but I hope it goes some way to explaining them."
  3. If I can regain some momentum with my posting I'd say Aiko's up for it.
  4. Nyrath

    Heavy Metal [IC]

    Suspended in midair by her opponent's mastery of sonic vibrations Aiko struggles for a few moments, discovers she's unable to make any headway towards freedom. So, with escape at least temporarily out of reach the gynoid relaxes; no sense in damaging her servos for no gain. She took a second to replay what he'd said from the moment she entered before saying anything. Then, using a digital command to actually turn on the lights, she took a deep breath, actually just using the simulation equipment she had for it, and replied. "Alright, as long as you don't try anything with my sisters." At this point the more organised parts of her mind had gotten their cohesion back a bit flagged who the young man in front of her. A faint but to the young man noticeable look of recognition spread across Karakuri's face. "Warren?"
  5. Now I'll just use GM Fiat against Aiko, she's not getting out of Rift's remote grapple and'll have to talk.
  6. And Aiko fails against that. Round 2: Grapple check vs DC 39 (1d20+20=35) And according to ourHouse Rules she's therefore pinned.
  7. Nyrath

    Heavy Metal [IC]

    The Guitar Genius's words weren't making it through, not immediately at least. Instead Karakuri was in the midst of flipping up to and off the roof of the room to attack from an unexpected angle. Unfortunately she realised just as she was in the process of pushing off from the roof that her current angle of attack would result in her crashing into Aki's bed if she missed, and possibly if she hit but couldn't push off again properly. So the gynoid was forced to make a very quick, and a bit dirty, correction which ended up causing her to miss. But at least she missed both the beds and the intruder.
  8. Right, Aiko isn't going to start listening right now. Instead she'll take 10 for a DC 37 Acrobatic Bluff as a move action courtesy of her Challenge feat and make another attack roll. Round 2: Standard Attack vs Defence 21, DC 25 Toughness check vs nonlethal damage if it hits (1d20+10=14), which misses whether or not Rift somehow makes that DC 37 check.
  9. Nyrath

    Heavy Metal [IC]

    The moment Karakuri saw the door was open she knew something was up. Her no longer quite so clear mind didn't recall that she'd 'simply' forgotten to close it when she left, so the gynoid jumped to the conclusion that mischief was afoot. A quick look at the door mechanism showed no signs of a forced entry, meaning whoever did it was either skilled or had powers of a more subtle nature than brute force. In either case she had to protect her sisters, so the blue haired one quietly went down the stairs without giving the command to turn on the lights. When the gynoid reached the bottom she saw the intruder, and without pondering the situation for more than a fraction of a second arrived at a conclusion: this man was here either for her or her sisters. With a cry of "Away from my sisters!" Aiko launched herself into a flying kick, her right foot rebounding slightly from the intruders head and she slipped into a more proper fighting stance.
  10. Right, Aiko makes her snap decision (and with it a misunderstanding) and fighty times are here. Aiko simply moves up and attacks. Round 1: Standard Attack vs Defence 21, DC 25 Toughness check vs Nonlethal Damage if hit (1d20+10=30) So, a crit; that's a DC 30 check then. And if Rift is stunned from that there's a Knockback of [10 (Dam) +5 (Crit) - 5 (Rift's Knockback modifier) = 10 = 1000ft] to consider, given that he'll plow into a concrete [Toughness +8] wall long before the end of a thousand feet flight that'd result in a DC 23 check too. At least Rift gets a shiny new HP for Aiko effectively stealing the Initiative straight off (and the entire fight is a bit of a complication) which puts his total at 4.
  11. Nyrath

    Heavy Metal [IC]

    The room in front of Warren seemed some kind of mix between a hospital room and a workshop of some kind. Well maintained tools hanging from the walls and mostly covering a few benches. Nuts, bolts, washers and sundry were in evidence in the open drawer of one of the cabinets. Cables and wires were also quite in evidence. On the wall just opposite the entrance was a poster portraying and labeling the Angel Androids, posing and smiling for the camera. And as more or less the centerpiece of the room two of those depicted on the poster, the blonde and black-haired one, lay resting on a pair of hospital beds. Still dressed in their somewhat old-fashioned 'sailor' style school uniforms the pair looks like they might be sleeping, expect for the fact there's no rising and falling of the chest to indicate breathing.
  12. Hmm, despite what I said earlier I might be able to pull of GMing this. In a not very fast way though. My mind's coughed up a bit more detail, and if I do end up GMing this I do believe the bit about them radioactive might well get left out. I should probably be something of a last resort mind you, most threads I've GMed around here have died before ending.
  13. Rift stumbles across Aiko's sisters, misunderstandings and fighty times ahead.
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