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Welcome to the modern world (OOC)


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okay ill wait for a response from je'la before i do anything else. i may actually have to use my equipment and call for some help on my comm link :P gasp!

Case anyone's wondering, that means a certain red, white and blue clad defender of justice.

I'm just lurking on the thread until I get the call.

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Orichalchum is also a naturally occuring alloy of several precious and semi-precious metals, most famed since legend has Atlantis as the primary source of it. It is however mined in the Andes in RL, and doesn't seem to have any supernatural properties.

In Freedom however Atlantis, and its offshoots, are the primary users of it. Envoy used an Orichalchum staff back in the day, and Emissary has an engineered vulnerability to it as a safeguard.

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