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  1. Maze's idea to have Miz as a Ref-controlled NPC is currently under consideration. Um, I didnt want her to be ref controlled. After All the effort to get this far, I really really, am against making this character I'll never get to use. Cant she just be Teir 2?
  2. "Good, that should simplyfy things" Prodigy said with a fake smile, trying to be personable and friendly "My plan is to hormonaly manipulate the production and distrubition of neruotransmitters which normal are released during sleep, providing the physical refreshment gained by rest. By altering these so that they function while awake, it would be possible for a perosn to only require a short pause in physical activity to recover, while their bodies experiance the same benifit of sleep at all hours." Prodigy spread out some plans she'd drawn up. Granted, mechanical aptitude was as much an art as a science, which is why she called in Quark, who's knowledge of machenery would be vital for making this work "I suspect I can create the needed protean chains to enact the change, but the delivery system would need to be airborn. would you be able to construct a chamber that could keep the proteans properly sustained so they dont break down, even as they are spread into the air for the subject to breath?" Prodigy attempted what was was commonly called the 'puppy dog eyes', seen as a gesture of need for aid.
  3. well...ok...we could just say he knows it now. Its not that major a plot point.
  4. "If that was what you understood from my explination, my mistake. The orginization on a whole would be overt and open to public knowledge. i mearly wanted to use descression in the display of the discoveries that we may make, filtering out those with to great a potential to be used harmfully" Sarah answered. She prefereed to keeping things in the open, but the last thing the world needed was another good discovery turned into a weapon.
  5. Sarah sighed and was quiet for a time. She considered the coruse this argument would take, and that really, she didnt care enough to continue debating. "To each their own." She said flatly, trying to drop the subject. Finishing up her books, Sarah stacked them up. "Now, tell me, would you care to, I believe the term is 'hang out'? I understand this to be a typical social activity for teeagers, and would greatly enjoy the chance to engage in such behavior."
  6. Sarah sighed. It was regretable, sometimes, being unable to devote her full attention to a task, simply because of the amount of mental energy she possesed, otherwise she might have been able to simply focus in on her books. As it was, she was able to split her attention easily between the two tasks."I cannot punch through walls, nor shoot energy from my limbs or eyes. I am no faster than an person of the street, I have no arsenal of technology to bring to the table. I'd be a liability. Now consider the alternative. By not exchanging blows with mafactorious foes, I might seek to unlock the building blocks of reality, probe answers which might rid human kind of illness, or build a sustainable energy source to last indefinatly. There is no logic in your argument"
  7. "No not long, four minutes 36 seconds." Sarah answered after seeing Darian "But then, I was early, so it is no fault on your part either" Sarah gave an awakword smile, finding that negotiating the social custom of 'small talk' to be a treterious engagment, with the minefeild of customs and rituals to be followed. Feeling the conversation already falling appart, Sarah returned her attention to the lab equiptment. "Tell me, how familiar are you in the feild of biochemistry?" She inquired. Hopefully Darian would be versed enough in the art that she wouldnt have to explain her plan in to great a depth.
  8. March 8th, 3PM Sarah was setting up some of the lab equiptment, the familiar weight of beakers and test tubes in her hand. Of all the ailments that vexed humanity, none were more ccostly than the need for rest, and the susceptibility to illness. Combined, they cost millions of hours each year to be wasted. A waste that Sarah was keen to put a stop to. It was a big problem, even for her. Which is why she called in some aid. Darian Cale. Sarah was confused greatly by him. On one hand, he was comparable to herself in terms of mental agility, even if he couldnt match her speed. His experties were more focused than hers in the area of mechanics and engineering, which gave him the ability to build nearly anyhting he could invision. Yet at the same time, Sarah feared there was more to her intrest in him than the obvious, logical reasoning. And it troubled her. Still, the matter was pushed aside for now, there was work to be done. No doubt, Darian would be arriving soon, and their work could begin.
  9. just...forget it. Its not worth arguing the point any more.
  10. I dont see how this is such a big deal.I wanted to take my character in a new direction. Why is that such a problem?
  11. Because I want to, because I think it would be fun, and because I think I made prodigy to...bland. She needs something more to stimulate her RPing what exactly is the problem with the morph idea? Or rather, what would you be comfortable with, since you havnt liked either ideapresented so far
  12. k changed some things Morph (mutagenic Dreamstate manifestation, Extra: Metamorph)[2] Drawbacks: 4 Drawback (One way transformation: Prodigy can only shift forms from a natural REM sleep, and Miz will always shift back into Prodigy when Prodigy would natural awaken (Common, Moderate [3]) and the Transformation is invoulentary(DC10) [1]) [-4]
  13. “Yes, I know†Sarah replied to Daedelus’s comment, showing a slight twitch of annoyance, one which sharp eyed observers might pick up on. “I embellished on the ease of transition between the empires to simplify the geopolitical interplay. Even a shallow investigation of the topic would take hours and I felt it best to avoid such a lecturing which would ultimately be redundant to the point that the torch pass between the Greco-roman and Egyptian cultures†Sarah next turned her attention to Archville, finding his internal debate to be something of an amusing puppet show. Vaudevillian antics aside, his question was an understandable one “While I’d prefer to keep actions of such a group on display fully, where in it could do the most benefit, by virtue of human nature in the regard that their exists those whom might use the fruits of the collective group present here for nefarious or otherwise detrimental ends. Thus, it follows a need for secrecy in matters which may ultimately prove beyond a scope which could be safely released for public view.â€Â
  14. Maze


    Sarah did not hear Darien’s thoughts, as when he turned to flee his face was away from her so she couldn’t analyze his expression. Still, Sarah found that despite his fear towards her, he was still at least kind enough to offer an attempt at pleasantries. And he seemed a fairly sharp boy. There was a high probability given the population of the school, that if indeed they had some measure of comparability, either social or intellectual, that they would meet again before to long. Till then, Sarah could wait. She had other matters to attend to and other introductions to be made.
  15. Ok, I thought I should do the thread first. Sand said I should get the changes approved first. Either way is fine. As for the regen, if she didnt have regenration from being KOed, than when Sarah changed after being KOed, Miz would aso be KOed and it wouldnt do anyhting. This way, Sarah changes, heals, then Miz wakes up. If Miz gets KOed, she changes back next round before regeneration kicks in.
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