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  1. Well, if I recall correctly, it was more of an argument whether or not the Spartan would have to kill an opponent. Despite a lot of justifying reasons at the time, the rules denied the kill. That, along with a personal discussion with another who quit before me (he is planning on returning as well), which was mostly complaints about the rules here, is what drove me into leaving.
  2. Hey, um... I've been busy elsewhere and all that, so I haven't been in here for ages. I can't even remember the last time I was here. Probably due to a rule confusion with my character led to me leaving for awhile. But I've been busy, as I told you. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4718255/1/Power_of_the_Mind# This is the main reason I was away. Feel free to read if you wish. But, I am thinking of coming back, with the Spartan. Just need, to uh... poke my elder sibling into making those upgrades and then I'm pretty much set for returning. Oh, also just need to read up on the rules again.
  3. Still around, looking for something. But I'm also thinking of leaving Freedom City. It's just not very fun anymore. And with the news that villains can't be PC anymore, well, that makes things worse for me.
  4. Bran works too, Avalon. Yes, I attacked. I made the link in the OOC thread. Check the last page. Or do you want me to make a reroll?
  5. Yes, I'm doing a normal attack with power attack 3.
  6. Alright, I will not kill the monster. Guess I'll have to change the post I made. And I do not know Save DC. It's the one thing I haven't learned from combat in M&M.
  7. I have to wait 'til next turn until I can finish the move. So the lizard does have a chance to pull me off him. I'd still inflict damage if he fails his toughness save.
  8. Would I like to point out as a personal perspective, the lizard is trying to kill us. Plus, the Spartan is not one to kill humans anymore. And this thing is an enemy of humans.
  9. Aristodemus fought alongside the others as the big monster was hurt several times. His kick did virtually nothing at all. On his person, it was a bit of a blow. Okay, time to use that move! It was justified by three factors: 1: THe opponent was trying to kill them. 2: It wasn't a human, and he didn't kill humans anymore. 3: They were fighting for their lives right now. The ancient human charged in, no battle cry as it didn't fit this move, shaped his right arm like a spear and attempted to drive it into the creature's belly. Fortunately for the beast, he could not penetrate the tough hide. Tough... I really didn't want to use it anyway...
  10. Okay, now I'm going to pull a tough one. The Digging is from ancient Pankration, and is a battlefield move. Best used as a finishing move, it is used to literally rip out your opponent's guts and innards out on the ground. Now since it is a killing move, I'm going to have to make it a double action, leaving me unable to move until the next round. And there we go. I manage it barely . Fortunately the lizard might have a chance to pull me off. Now I have to do a constructive post around it.
  11. A check up on Nyrath. Onee-chan has got a mild amnesia, can barely remember the crayfish party we had last Saturday. Also, concussion and a nasty head wound has rendered hir to bed and he's probably going to stay there for a few days.
  12. Nyrath will be away for some time, primarily due to being hit by a car. He's fine, just needed a trip to the hospital. Though hir bike could use some service. As a sibling I am worried about his condition. Just saying.
  13. Hmph. Next time around, I'm doing the Digging.
  14. Aristodemus noted the big lizard... thing coming towards him and the others. Where did the others come from? But given that they were in mortal danger, there was no time to ask questions. A young man, must have seen him before kneed the creature's stomach. Aristodemus decided to follow example. "The head is mine!" He shouted as he jumped high (his strength allowed him to do so) and also plant a serious kick right in the eye of the beast.
  15. Yes, I can almost see their knees shaking right now. Here I go.
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