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If you meet yourself on the road...

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OoC for this.


Give me the best version of an alternate version of one of you characters, then we'll have them going on interdimensional shenagians! Jot down a few lines of how they are different here so we can keep track of anything, they will go on to be heroes so keep that in mind.


This is a semi-social thread with the plan to spin off into one or more threads, so please don't feel put off by the number of people so far.

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As a reminder what-if's have rules to keep in mind if your planning another what-if or guest star, to quote:



...you can nominate one thread at the end of the month (when posting your post count) that is either a "Special Edition" (a non-canon thread or "what if" thread, or using an alternative version of your PC), or a "Guest Starring...." (a thread featuring one of your retired PCs). This can be a different thread every month. If you have more than one thread that is non-canon or features a retired PC, you can still have these posts counted, as previously, as worth 1/2 normal. 


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This Oswald is younger and from a world where steam power and magic are about equally developed.


Office of Arcanum Obscura is dedicated to rediscovery of lost traditions and such and ensuring compatability with "modern" technology.


He's Just been snatched from his post grad celebration

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Justice 2099 comes from the corporate cyberpunk future of Emerald City, now a sprawing metropolis that covers most of the West Coast. The heroes of today have passed, but in this dark future, a new generation of heroes have been born!


MarsTech employee Julia Langley accidentally discovered a hidden cache containing an incredibly advanced battlesuit. With information stored in the armor, Julia learned that MarsTech's CEO, Maximillian Mars III, is part of the secret group that rules Emerald City with an iron fist.


As Justice 2099, the Julia fights to make the future a better place!

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Meteor (Alternate Shooting Star) fights for the downtrodden in a world gone dark. The 2004 Grue invasion saw the aliens defeated at a much greater cost than in the Prime timeline, the Stellar Khanate used the demise of many of the world's superheroes to invade the Earth in 2007 when Alice was 3. They took a year to bring most of the Earth to it's knees, with a few places, including Freedom City resisting for some time after with assistance from the Star Knights and Lot Republic. The city finally fell in 2015 when the Khanate attacked the Republic directly, forcing them to quit the defence of the city, unable to maintain supply lines and needing the manpower elsewhere. A year later Alice developed her powers, and began to fight the Khanate with her superpowered brother as the superhero Meteor, hoping to live up to the legacy of the old Freedom League and the Centurion.

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taking a Standard action to retrive a magic microphone from his reliquary!


Awareness (Lies)-Auditory, Accurate (type auditory), Analytical (type Auditory) 7/10pp


intent is he can detect spoken lies and improves his hearing in general.

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23 Centurion, unharmed, GM

22 Oz, unharmed, 2HP

21 Sea Devil, unharmed, 4HP

20 Meteor, unharmed, 3HP

19 SP #1, unharmed, minion

15 SP #2, unharmed, minion

14 Justice, unharmed, 4HP

4 SP #3, unharmed, minion

3 SP #4 & #5, unharmed, minion


Centurion will hold for now, so @Exaccus you're up!


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Sea Devil leaps into the center of the fray and drops the following effect on all these nerds. 


BE Damage 12 (The Golden Sign; Extra: Area [General, Burst], PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect 2) {28/28}


She'll try and be high enough that it doesn't affect people on the ground but eh, this version of Aquaria is not as good at heroing. 

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