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If you meet yourself on the road... [Open]

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Nowhere, nowhen

As you wake up your eyes are assaulted by the stark whiteness of nothing, as if everything was bleed together into a single bright nothing. All that you can see was is the think wisps of fog that swirl around your sleeping form. Thinking back you have a vague memory of what had happened just before you awoke here, you can’t tell yet if it was good or bad but you have a feeling that it was momentous. Though with the bright whiteness maybe it was you last thing...


Through the darkness though you hear the sounds of others shrouded in the mist, so at least you are not alone. Hopefully they’ll be friendly.

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Oswald groaned in discomfort, his hand moving to shield his eyes from the omnidirectional brightness that surrounded him, his head was still fuzzy from the red wine and his eyes dry and itchy as he tried to make sense of his predicament.


the graduation party hadn't gotten that out of hand had it? not a great first impression for his new line of work at the Office of Arcanum Obscura to be certain.


"H...hello?" he called out into the stark bleakness "Alister? Lorn? are you there?"

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Alice stood, looking around, trying to orient herself in this strange void. Habitually she raised her weight off the ground with her flight, before realising that whatever she had been standing on hadn't broken beneath her weight. She called out to the strangers she can hear in the mist, flying in the direction of the one she can hear, relatively slowly, knowing the damage she can do if she flies into someone. "Hello!? Can anyone hear me?" She knew it was possibly dangerous if the strangers were hostile, but figured it was worth the risk. "If you can hear me shout out!"

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"Keep it down! You don't know what's out there!" 


Alice would see a woman in a form fitting black suit, with glowing light purple, almost pink, powerlines running from the center of her belt and out to her arms and legs. The woman was probably in her early thirties, but the black domino mask with lenses in the same light purple almost pink color made it a bit difficult to make out. Her hair was dark brown.


Julia was alone, or at least she had been, until she had seen the flying woman. She didn't seem like she knew this place, as she looked around, scanning the area and the horizon for, well, anything.

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Alice pulled to a stop settling to the ground a reasonable distance from the stranger, her white cloak settling now that her flight was over. She stood a few inches taller than the stranger, resplendent in her white suit, sky blue gloves and boots and bronze chestplate. She brushed her black locks back from the front of her cowl. "If you know something I don't about this place, I hope you're willing to share." She looked the stranger over, recognising her as some kind of super, but she didn't know of any heroes who looked like her, and it was hard to fail to identify the scant few left who still fought the Khanate. She readied slightly, hoping that she was wrong and she hadn't just flown straight into an enemy "I'm Meteor, any idea where we are?" Secret identities would hold for now.

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Oz had been startled by the appearance of the two young women in their strange, sleek clothes, even more so when one lifted from the ground in stark defiance of gravity and soared towards the other, his stunned silence had held his curiosity at bay so far but now things were begining to get more comfortable (well relatively anyway).


"No, Something is...wrong." Oz stated with a cough as he rubbed his dry mouth with his wrist "My glasses should defeat all forms of deception but they see the world as my unaided eyes do....stark whiteness and harsh brightness from all directions." he croaked even as his wrists rolled and his mumbling turned to incantation, spinning from nothing a clear glass pitcher filled with water and a glass.


"Forgive me, I am slightly hung over." he confessed as he poured himself a drink and took a ginger sip.


Before turning his attention towards and addressing the one who called themselves meteor


"you're magics are most impressive! being able to defy the third law of Thaumodynamics and transmute your own body to defy gravity like that can't be an easy task."

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What followed was an odd mechanical noise - like a booming buzz, and then rapid motion from above that resolved itself into a sight oddly familiar. Justice and Alice would have recognized the armor of the Freedom City champion Daedalus in its vaguely Grecian garb, but this version of it looked to be shaped and beaten oddly, as if something not quite shaped like a person was inside it. The armored figure landed by the side of the group and croaked distinctly before speaking in an odd, vaguely mechanical voice that sounded fascinated by this turn of events."I speak your tongue! All of you live! How delightful! Is this where you go when you die?

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What was this? Obviously, the flier and the young man didn't know anything about this place, or at least they were good at hiding it. Had someone drugged her and hooked her into some kind of AR scenario? She looked over the other two, hesitating just a bit perhaps. Could she trust them? Probably not. 


"Did we get drugged?" She asked, while looking around, and keeping a good distance from the others. No, don't get too close. Don't divulge more information than necessary. Any of them could be working for MarsTech or one of the other corporations.


And then an armored figure from the sky, speaking strangely. Julia took a step back from the figure. If anything, this one was the one to watch. 


"Maybe. At least it'll be for you if you don't keep your distance."


Both the armored figure and the woman with the cape looked like something out of the history books, like super heroes had used to look like. And the other looked like what... a few hundred years out of date? Was that what this was? Some kind of weird cosplay AR room?

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Alice looked over at the man as he spoke "Yeah, I think we all keyed onto something being wrong. We're in a misty void, with a group of complete strangers." She said drily. "I don't know about you, but this isn't exactly normal for me." She narrowed her eyes as he poured a drink from a flask, alcohol was not exactly common under the Khanate, so was that homebrewed like some resistance gathering places made, or was he deep enough in cahoots with the Khanate to be allowed booze?

She stiffened as he mentioned her magic being strong, but tried to resist the reaction to not give anything away. She payed very close attention to what he was saying, noticing that he hadn't slurred, he had in fact meant thaumodynamics. Did the Khanate have different nomenclature in their programs? Had they found a way to work with both magic and physics and changed the word to match? Were they changing language to make the difference between their colonies more pronounced so that freedom fighters could be found based on different words? Or was this a full 1984 style redevelopment of the world, changing language gradually to reduce what they deemed traitorous thoughts?

She was growing more and more certain that this man worked with the Khanate, and was simply too hung over to realise he was talking with an enemy. If so she could get some good information from the man before he sobered up enough. She glanced at the woman next to her. Was she in with the Khanate or fighting for freedom like her? She didn't recognise her implying that she wasn't from any of the resistance groups she'd worked with, so any signals would likely be a coin toss, and she couldn't risk flashing too many is quick succession or the man would catch on that something was off, drunk or not.

"I haven't ever thought about it." She replied finally.


She span as the new stranger landed near her, falling half into a ready fighting stance. She knew something was up here- That was Daedalus' armour, who had died in the first attack by the Khanate, so this new individual must have taken it and moulded it like that. And if someone had picked up Daedalus' legacy that would have surely been something she would have heard. So it was a Khanate agent, and in order to claim his armour they had to be high ranking.

"If this is where we go when we die, why would you be here?" Which Khanate species was it, and if so what was the best course of action if she couldn't talk her way out of this? She could likely fly away, but if the armoured lady was a resistance member she would be abandoning her to her fate. Her suspicion hinted that she was likely to be one, since the Khanate tended towards overconfidence. Quietly she replied "I wouldn't put chemical warfare outside the realm of possibility."  She stepped closer slightly, whispering "I hope I'm not wrong here, but are you part of the resistance? Cause I really don't like my odds if you say no." 

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Now slightly refreshed from his drink of water Oz banished his construct back into the ether to address the newest member of the group


"Oh hello!" He smiled cheerfully answering almost reactively to the question of if they were where they went when they died.


"I'd hope not! It's pretty bland, I always imagined it would be like a beautiful summer afternoon that lasted for all eternity, plenty of grand food and fine drink and music to dance too."


"That and I am a little hungover I imagine if I was dead I wouldn't have the nesscicary organs for such." He added after a moments more thought.


"Anyway how rude of me to not introduce myself, I'm Oswald zapellius, Oz for short if it pleases you, graduate of the college arcane and if I do say so myself, transmutation prodigy." He offered his hand in friendship to each member of the group so far.



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"Daedalus" dropped to all fours, legs folded up behind its body, and the armored head swiveled to look from one face to the other.


"Ohhh!" came a mechanical croak. "I get it! I traveled in time! Like when Daedalus did when he fought Nazis on Moon, or when Freedom League went back to meet gods. How exciting! I like Daedalus," it added, "he is my favorite, because he liked to poke at things, as I do, and to make things. I learned your tongue from his thing I found! That is why I wear his armor, and why I want people to call me Daedalus! They hardly ever do," it added disconsolately. 


Hopping around to the front of the group, Daedalus went on, "This must be an up-time-team! Are we going to fight bank robbers? Or..._taxes_?" it spoke the last word in awed, slightly fearful wonder, as one might when speaking of a dark menace of ancient days. 

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GM Post

The mist around them seemed to swirl as if driven by an unseen breeze as it increased in ferocity the mist seemed to gather together forming a face that looked down on the heroes. This face looked impassively down at the rag tag group as if judging them for some past, of future, sins. As the wind died down, it formed a cloak apparently made of stars that must have covered a body of some sort. The whole thing still had a wispy etherial form that you could almost put your hand through and it would evaporate like the morning dew. Though you also got the impression that this would be a bad idea.


Welcome travellers I am Verðandi. She didn’t quite speak more the words formed in you brain like they’d always been there You have been bought here because the Omniverse is at threat, soon there will be convergence between the world and alignment that happen only once but a millennium.


She waved her hand and before you an image of multiple Earths arranged as grid stretching into infinity. But here and there you could see a few Earths that sat above this perfect alignment.


But some have meddled and some have fallen out of Alignment, if they are not bought back to where they should be than it will cause disaster for the whole Omniverse.

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"Ah this explains some things." Oz mumbled as he looked around at the blank white of the surrounding space.


"This is a very liminal feeling space." He commented before getting back to the matter at hands.


"Well I'm one of the fools who lives in the multiverse so I'm invested in keeping it safe...but I am just a humble wizard, what can I do to challenge a power that threatens the foundations of reality?"

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Daedalus fell to all fours at the sight of the god - and only reluctantly seemed to raise the tattered crest on its head. "Oh yes," it croaked softly, its voice echoing in the fog. "Worlds where things are not right - and must be made right." It fell silent again when Oz spoke, then hopped up close to the worlds. "I will help," it said, its voice a low rumble. "But why us?" it added. "I am not like any of them, and some of them are different from each other. I think those two might be females!" it said, "you can tell by the shape of the chest! I...am also a female," she added hesitantly in a squeak, "but my chest is not shaped like that! It is...normal...

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Alice pinched the bridge of her nose as 'Oswald' humoured the alien. And tried her damnedest not to glare as it talked about Daedalus being it's favourite, although them being from different times made a certain degree of sense since she didn't recognize the armoured lady and the alien didn't recognize an 'enemy of the state'.

She did openly stare as it continued, asking if they were going to fight taxes however, and was about to respond when the mist shifted.


She clenched her jaw as it talked about the multiverse being in danger, and looked at 'Daedalus' side on. This was her enemy, but if all of existence is in danger...

She had worked with people who had once been supervillains to defend humanity. Was this so different? How had it been put? Evil versus Oblivion? This was bigger than her war on her Earth. A threat of this scale, it didn't really matter if she had to work with Omega, it had to be stopped.

She watches Oz out of the corner of her eye as he talks, feeling something similar. Unless reality ending threats can be punched in the face, she wasn't much help. She looked directly at the alien as it began to question why the group was the way it was, and felt her cheeks flush as it talked about her chest.

She sighed. "I don't know why we were chosen. Maybe were somehow the best possible combination, maybe we were just the first couple to become available. I really hope it's the former. Hell, maybe we're all dead and Hades decided to put on a morality play, all 'not so different you and I'. But regardless. If there is even the slightest chance that all of existence is in danger, I can't ignore it. I'll work with you all. The enemy of my enemy is my friend after all."

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There was of course another distinct possibility


that our worlds have already crumbled under the attack and we are but floatsam on the tides.


Oz opted to keep to himself for now and not ponder too hard upon it himself.


"I would hope that I am not dead lest i be hung over for eternity." he mumbled as he wiped his brown with a conjured hankerchief that vanished back into nothingness as soon as he was finished with it.

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Julia had stayed silent, listening, observing all of them. Arms crossed over her chest, she stood back and let them talk. She didn't need them, she just had to find a way out of here, with or without them.


And then, the being of stars stood before them, the earths, talk of alignments and worlds being out of order and needing help. Everyone was quick to agree to work together, even if only the one with the cape made any questions as for how them.


"Do we even have a choice?" She adressed the being directly, arms still crossed over her chest. If looks could kill, the all powerful cosmic creature would be stardust now. "I don't know what everyone here can do, but you're some sort of cosmic power being, right? What can we do that you can't?"


She motioned to the woman in the cape with her head. "I'm with Capes, here. Why did you pick us for this? And just what do you expect us to do?"

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GM Post

Time was short and your universes were close, and each of you will become heroes on your own world.


She waved her hand and a series of windows opened up displaying each of you doing heroic acts, you might not recognize the actual event but certain thing showed you that this was indeed your world.


You and you’re Earths are still there and whenever you wish you can return to when you left without any ill effects. And if you wish to leave now…


Justices window shimmered and changed showing a figure standing at a window, looking over and sparking hi tech city stretching as far as the eye could see. The figure turned to what looked like a boardroom, the armour they wore looked like Justice but subtly different in design.


you may and I will find a replacement to go instead.

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Daedalus bellowed in righteous wrath at the sight of her armored self battling hordes of squamous-looking amphibians in a partially-flooded, seemingly-abandoned metropolis. "Yes, cursed seamount tribe! They are very bad!" she added firmly to the others, "they steal fish, and mate with dolphins, you do not even know." Rising up on two back legs, she croaked, "Oh, what an exciting day! What must we do?

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The window showed a woman in a purple and dark grey armor, kicking through a robot with the MarsTech logo. The others probably wouldn't recognize that armor, but Julia did. 


She turned to look up at the being as the other image was shown. An armor so close to hers, but slightly differente. And standing in a board room that looked very familiar...


"Fine. I'm in."


Still, Julia stared at the window.


If they were just close, destined to be hero... then why would her replacement be an alternate of her? Why did they need Justice?

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"Barbaric." was Oswalds summation of the seamount tribe and their crimes as spoken by Daeladus as he made a pointed effort to avoid looking into his own window.


"needless to say I am with you! I will use all the knowledge at my disposal to see this doom undone!" perhaps he was getting a little to into the idea of being adventurous...he had been expecting to be largely relegated to a desk with only very occasional field work, a cushy if boring job that would fund his hobbies and flights of fancy.


a little more adventure couldn't hurt before he settled down right?


"what more can you tell us?"

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Alice stared through the window as she fought a Khanate destroyer, but turned away before it could spoil anything. She peered into the window for 'Daedalus' after her outburst to see that she was definitely no alien, especially with this 'Seamount tribe' mating with dolphins.

 "I said it before and I meant it. I'm in."

She looked around at the others, before turning back to Verðandi, "But Oz is right to ask. What else can you tell us about this?"

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GM Post

I cannot tell you how to affect the destiny of this world, other than to say that those that help humanity are helped against those that wish it harm.


She waved a hand, almost as an after though, and number of fancy vambraces appeared hovering in front of the group. They looked like a mix of technology and magic, festooned with Norse style runes. They were also slight translucent as if they’d become invisible when worn.


These will help you in you travels. They will allow you to speak and look as a native, and needed be able to understand the local language. If you need additional information you ca request such information, though as I mention there is much I cannot tell you.


She waiting to see if any or all would accept the devices before adding.


If you are ready I will transport you to the Earth in question, once done you will return here.

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"Ready! I eat adventure for breakfast, just like my WHEATIES!" Daedalus croaked cheerfully. Now standing fully upright, she seemed to reach behind herself and produce as if from nothing a trident, green like corroded bronze but barbarically shaped like wrought iron. She struck it against her armored gauntlet, producing a distinct ringing sound. "The stars will be right!

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"Shoot the bad guys, then." Julia sounded cold. She reached out for the vambrace and looked it over, before slipping it on. What else was she gonna do? Let some corporate Justice take over for her?


"Let's get this over with already. Figure out what's wrong, fix things. Its what we're supposed to do, right?"

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