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What are these, threads for ants?!


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The Pitch


Most everyone has plans. Specifically, for their PCs. Something they do, someone they meet, somewhere they go, something they lose or win.


But sooner or later everyone comes up against the great enemy, Time. There is not enough, it's too early or late for the plan to work and by the time it will you have other things to do. Most everyone just doesn't take that plunge, for sensible reasons, wishing things could be otherwise.


Well, wish no more. I will make your dreams reality.


I promise 100% Event. No fluff, no drag, nothing of the sort. After thoroughly re-evaluating all the problems people have had with my threads, I've identified the key failings and worked to get over them. Which, I only now realize, helped make my existing threads grind to a halt.


But that's in the past, your time is now, together we can make wonders!


The Specifics


Set down what you'd like your PC to do, the circumstances under which this event should happen(please be as specific as you can) the suggested tone and how many other PCs you're fine sharing the thread with. You will be paired up(unless the request is for a solo outing) with people who have similar goals and tonal preferences.


The resulting thread will be, regrettably, relatively short. But it will start and end conclusively.


While as a Guide I have considerable leeway in using universe-canon elements like NPCs, locations and signature items I must insist that you ask the other Guides and Refs about any requested use of or change to canon setting elements.


The Max


My limit will be 5 applicants at a time.


Now serving 4/5



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Okay, I have quite a few ideas. Here are some of them. Keep in mind these are just ideas I'm tossing around, though I would like to see a lot of these become "a thing" eventually. I'll list them by character...



  • After Hypno-Hippie is more established as a known hero in Freedom City, wave after wave of SHADOW assassins could be sent after her for revenge for setting SHADOW's plans back. See her character page for details on what happened. She would rather not have others caught up in her problems, but since SHADOW is basically a terrorist organization with a massive hatred for the superheroes that stopped them before, it may be all but inevitable. I'd intended for it to be a bit more on the serious side.
  • Hypno-Hippie decides to hold a public Super Freaks "sermon" as a part of a charity event, and some heroes have been asked, by her or otherwise, to come on over as security detail. Some actual members of the Super Freaks organization could be involved. It could either have a more militant member of the group using the gathering as an opportunity to further his/her plans, some protestors who see the Super Freaks as a dangerous cult, or some organization/supervillain that opposes the Super Freaks' ideology could disrupt things. Alternatively, the whole event could go swimmingly, with no disasters. Tonally kind of in the middle of the road.

Brayger Blue (Sentai Claremont Student)

  • The monster who killed Brayger Blue's team is in town and suddenly, he becomes totally revenge-obsessed when he finds out. Some of the others might need to restrain the normally cool-headed Brayger Blue from going off the deep end in pursuit of this killer. Serious tone preferred.
  • On a whim, he decides to build other transformation devices to rebuild his old team, but with new members, since he was the old team's tech guy. People could either encourage him or convince him not to and move past what happened. Can be lighthearted or serious.
  • Or, in a combination of the previous two, the previous team's killer has resurfaced and grown so powerful he/she is now in command of that evil army of monsters he/she belonged to, and it'll take four other, new Braygers to effectively fight them. Zords need not apply. Can be lighthearted or serious. Four other Claremont student PCs wanted, though if that is not possible, we can make do with two Claremont PCs and two student NPCs, or three Claremont PCs and just one NPC. The thing is that it must equal five.

The General (Big Alien Bug General Formerly Known as Girugon)

  • In time, the General gathers enough of a temporary army to retake his homeworld, since he used to be its Planet Hulk-style monarch before he was usurped by what essentially amounts to his Grand Vizier. He'll join up with resistance fighters led by his Hive-Queen, whom he ruled alongside, give a rousing speech, then lead them against the usurper's forces. Could very well end in the General challenging the usurper to gladiatorial combat. Epic in scope, with a huge, sweeping battle for the throne. Very serious tone.
  • Could offer archaic weapons and close-quarters combat training to other PCs, as he tends to look down on people who aren't proven warriors. Ideally, it would go like how Jedi train their Padawans, but in a more drill sergeant-like manner. He'll teach those PCs the Art of War and the Art of the Warrior as he has survived countless battles and duels. Can be lighthearted or serious.
  • His radioactive mutations are continuing, even mutating his biology to be able to lay eggs, becoming something of a brood-father, but not of sapients. These mutant Andromedans will be more like feral attack dogs he will direct and command. He will now be able create his own warriors, but the changes will not affect his performance as a warrior. Other PCs can react with fascination, concern, disgust, or what have you at the changes to his biology. A scientist may even examine his biology to monitor the changes.

There's quite a bit more, but I think I've made this post bloated enough already.

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Okay, here's some things I'd like to have happen: 


Mark and Harrier are pretty good right now. 



Wacky antics where somebody (probably need another PC for this, and one willing to make their character sweat) thinks they've had a thing with a Claremont student! 


Comrade Frost: 

I want him to square off against a German angry about the Soviet occupation of their country. 


Sea Devil: 

is pretty good, but would do great in a thread with another Atlantean PC. 



I'd like him to do something in Emerald City! Smarmy hipster Superman! 

Lady Horus: 

I want her to actually face off against the Hammer of Justice, played with the full terror of fighting an evil Batman. Dark Knights: Metal got me thinking about this! 

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For Dreadnought:

-I'd like to have him fight an evil X-men Expy team, its just a selfish personal desire. perhaps loosing once and coming back for round two, get some milage out of his complications to mess him up

-Punching dinosaurs/Racists/Extremists/Demons/robots or any such combination of those things, his time traveling not withstanding preferably just simple punching bad guys who are bad without the moral quanderies but perhaps some philosophical debate.

-Fighting an evil alternate version of himself in an all out battle, possibly the futuristic one i think you suggested i work on, i'd like to compare notes on you with some of my own ideas on the maestro figure so possibly...a different one? he might need some help if they're an older, more experienced or more powerful alter.



-I'd like him to mimic intresting things, go to exotic locals and meet intresting people, which i've gotten to do a lot of admittedly already, get to know more people and just really...grow. the character is powers wise and personality wise a mirror at the moment., at the moment he's extremely simple, he punches bad guys and not really think about it too much.

-I'd like to do a thread where he's unable to use his powers rendering him PL7 normal guy.


Moon-moth: Kinda still dealing with the grief of the ancient battle with the communion, it would be nice to have a thread where he can take off his goofy behaviour mask and just be angry and sad about these things. maybe a bout with insanity or some mystic entity that tries to corrupt him.


im fine sharing with as many or as few PCs as you feel you can handle and wanna run for.


Settings wise: Im pretty open, its more events rather than specific places and times or enemies so far. i can cook up reasons to be anywhere doing anything.


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Solo: Since her creator was murdered by a disgruntled former protege who caught wind that his old boss was secretly creating an AI, I thought it would make sense that she eventually tracked him down and confronted him. Tone should probably be fairly serious and dramatic. Combat kept to a minimum since the murderer was just a mediocre scientist with a gun.  


Paired: Anything to do with robots, superscience, street crime or mad scientists would work fine just for her. Having a run in with Talos or the Foundry would be great as well!

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Okay, sorry for the delay, folks, a house is a hard thing to keep clean and operational it turns out.


@Sylinator How about we do the one about preaching first. It will be a short affair where H-H can establish herself and the major conflict in her stay at Freedom City(a basic disagreement with her values and those of the barbaric Eastern Americans). Brayger Blue building new transformation gizmos sounds fantastic to me, and The General having non-sapient kids is very, deeply alien.


@Avenger Assembled I can easily do something for Citizen in the Emeralds, and I do like the idea of someone feeling a little sour about Soviet occupation of German territory, but Hammer of Justice and Bedlam is something I don't feel I can really make work to your satisfaction. Watchdog/Pulse antics, however, that sounds splendid.


@Exaccus Dreadnought I am unsure about, but Facsimile and Moon-Moth I can do easily.


@Cubismo I would be happy to do a solo thread where Replica confronts her creator's killer. Any more specifications?


@Letty We had Sixiang dealing with her secret ID, possibly with another hero involved?

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Yes! Just to put the details out there, it's a midscale to upscale joint. Cherish will be in her normal identity when The Clique decide to show up and hassle. For reasons. Make up reasons :D


I'd be up for one or two more joining in the foray if they have a secret identity and want to deal with the problem of not being in costume and not being found out.

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@Ari The scientist's motivations for committing the murder were mostly out of jealously and feeling that Replica's creator was the one responsible for getting him kicked out of Astro Labs. Also, the guy is a selective technophobe that's afraid that AI will be the doom of the human race. Perhaps a loved one (friend, family, lover, etc) getting killed by robots from the Foundry could be part of his backstory and another motivation. Behind that, do what you think would be neat.

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@Ari Okay, I was thinking that for the transformation gizmo idea, if he ends up deciding to go through with it, I'd like for at at least two, up to four others to make their own Claremonter Brayger PCs. Either that, or we can have NPCs fill in the spots not taken by PCs. Thing is, it should be able to equal five, since the original team was five people. I understand that I probably need to be able to get permission from one of the higher-ups before using NPCs, of course.

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I suppose I can throw my hat into this.


Terrifica: Rarely is she shown "on camera" doing what her comic series would largely be about. Competence porn. She has a ton of skills and an arsenal of little helper gadgets to smooth things when skill alone isn't enough. I don't know if it's just not as entertaining, but it hasn't happened yet. Specifically, I'd ask for something in the "person with unique skill set helps out the cops" style procedural. Like The Mentalist, Castle, or any one of the dozens of others.


JETTE: Let's go straight up noir. A sudden crime reveals a bigger plot. With a dangerous crime boss, a alluring femme fatale, and a cynical PI riding the line between nobility and darkness.


Queenie: Mmm. Dunno, really. Maybe something to play up her Superman-esque morality. But really, she's fine for now.


Pacer/Stalwart: I still haven't done anything substantial with Future Pacer impacting present Pacer's life, barring that one Vignette. I would like to. Whether it's positive or negative I'll leave up to you.

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