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Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

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Hey everybody, before I go ahead and have the NPC go - 


The idea here was that we have a big, hard fight and save the Fens (and possibly Freedom City) from being eaten by rampaging Ferals - I think we were still going to go with Nighthawk holding the Alkahest in the portal so it closes shut on her arm? After that the cleanup crew arrives, and there's time for the more social characters like Nighthawk and Sparkler to shine and finish the conversations started before the threads came together. 


I had thought that was the plan from the beginning, but I hadn't put it all down in one place before. Are we still good for that? 



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Woundmaker is in a tough position - he wants the heroes to die, but he also doesn't want the cannibal Alkahest that Abel was supposed to have dealt with to eat him or his men. 


Move Action: take cover and activates his Master Plan, giving himself and his allies +3 to all skill checks and attack rolls

Standard Action: Snipe Grim! 19

With the Master Plan, that hits! 

DC 25 Toughness save - note that if you take an Injured here, you will get access to a dog. 




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Raina is going to grab the sword from her parents and attempt to put that poor cow out of its misery herself, let me know if anything is going to require a roll there. I'm also going to spend one of the many, many Complication-related HP she deserves for this thread to queue up her array into a form useful for closing magic portals or assisting in closure of same. Merlin is going to bite the proverbial bullet and call for as much superhero backup as he can swing, probably Claremont and the Freedom League emergency line. 

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Given his day and the blood, I would like to stunt the following on Matt:


Summon, normal: Summon Minion 11 (165pp dogs; Feats: Mental Link, Progression 2 (5 dogs), Subtle; Extras: Fanatical, Horde) [48PP]


Summon, stunt: Summon Minion 11 (165pp dogs; Feats: Mental Link, Progression 2 (5 dogs), Subtle; Extras: Fanatical, Heroic) [48PP]


Per our house rules only one summoned creature could be heroic, which is fine by me (and without Horde he could only summon one at a time anyway). Matt's not carrying a baby into combat!

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