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Found 10 results

  1. Heritage


    GM Post Bedlam Harbor. Tuesday, May 21st, 2019. 8:35 am. You found all sorts of useful junk floating in Lake Michigan; wood, bottles, bits of plastic. Stafford T. Phillips, mostly known as 'Relic' to his few friends, had been plying his trade on these waters for decades, collecting these treasures in his little jet boat, the Eartha Kitt, then selling them for scrap, or to several local artists who worked in found materials. A few hours every day with his net and his crook was usually all he needed to maintain his simple lifestyle. This morning, Relic was pok
  2. IC is here: https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10841-to-serve-and-protect-ic/ Please do not post in the IC thread until I give the go-ahead. In the meantime, both of you please make a Notice check and a Will save before you make your first IC post. If you intend to be sneaky with your approach, please also make a Stealth check.
  3. GM John Smith's most recent job had run well past sundown, and the closest bus had still dropped him ten blocks away from his shabby Downtown motel. Five blocks into his hike, he spotted a yellow Chevy Camaro 5G with its driver-side door hanging open. It was parked on the right side of the street, facing him head-on, a couple blocks away. The passenger door was adjacent to the sidewalk, but closed. He thought he could see someone in the passenger seat, but the driver seat was empty. There was some kind of dark lump sitting on the street behind the open driver door. Twen
  4. Celestial Spirit Fellowship Tuesday, July 10th, 2017 7:32 PM The heat was breaking as the sun dragged down towards the horizon. But it still felt hot enough to light a fuse. Samantha Lemire sat on a graffiti-splattered bench in front of the shelter, nursing a cigarette like a shipwrecked man might nurse clean water. She looked out on the dirty street as the lamps flickered and fought against the twilight. As a charity worker in the Country Club, Sam had seen a lot and handled half of it with her own two hands. On a number of those occasions, she'd wished she
  5. GM All Over the City Bedlam City, Wisconsin Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 5:30 PM Although it was a day away, Bedlam City was beginning to feel a whole lot like Groundhog's Day. No, there weren't any furry little creatures predicting the future from the comfort of their little burrows. No, much like Phil Connors the entire city was caught in an endless loop. The denizens of Bedlam found themselves sharing a recurring nightmare for the past week. A deep voice bellowing that "She be brought to him." Egyptian imagery and other incomp
  6. GM Early evening Saturday Night, Bedlam City, April the 8th. Fat Joe was rotund as ever. He was a tall man, bald, always wearing sunglasses in the worst of weather, with a smile that nearly split his face and wobbled his jowls. He knew plenty of people in Bedlam, and got on with most of them. He sported a missing front tooth from the one time his friendly demeanour just got some crook up the wrong way. But, as he said, he was damned if he was ever gonna stop smiling. Fat Joe sold hot dogs on the street. They weren't particularly good, but they weren't bad
  7. OOC thread for this this be the mood.
  8. Bedlam City, 11:57 PM, May 20th, 2017 John was sitting in a corner. He had a brown bag bottle in his hand, but it was just water. He wore an old rayon jacket over a stained t-shirt and a pair of tattered, holey shoes. He kept his head down. He was just one more homeless man, one more bum. This face was an older man, graying, paunched, haggard. Looked like a man with a hard life. He didn't even look up when he heard the car stop, or the men get out of the car. There were two of them, one was noticeably heavier than the other, had heavier steps. He didn't look up when he heard the
  9. Bedlam Harbor 2 am on a Cold Winter Night GM Post Beldam liked to keep it simple, and as long as you kept the right people happy things could go simply. With Bedlam that mean keeping the Mob happy something that the Vorovskoy Bratva, the Russian gangsters, didn’t always do their best to keep them content. So when one of the Bratva’s warehouses burst into flames there seemed to be little interest by the authorities to stop the flames, they seemed more concerned by the nearby building which were obviously owned by people more aligned to the city ideals. L
  10. Player Name: Thunder King Character Name: The Tattered Man Power Level: 8/11 (150/173 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 23 In Brief: A murdered police officer, saved and empowered to save Bedlam. Residence: A cheap motel in Downtown Bedlam Alternate Identity: John Smith Identity: Secret Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Occupation: Freelance and under the table work Affiliations: None Family: None he associates with Description: Age: 33 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'9" Weight: 185 Eyes: Gray Hair: Brown John's appearance varies by which face he's
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