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Found 8 results

  1. RocketLord


    GM December 12th, 3 PM Bedlam City, all across town It hadn't happened all at once, but slowly, unrest had begun to spread in Bedlam City. It was small things at first. At first, any paper or print with the initials W.E.B. had been changed to the simple I.G. instead. Random menus at restaurants or fast food places would show different prices than usual. The grades on all papers at Walgrove Prep had been replaced by what appeared to be random fractions. The students revolved, the teachers apologized, but they knew little of what was going on. If it had just been just papers graded by one teacher, it would have made sense, but it was all of them. The first big issue happened on December 10th. The lottery numbers were drawn, and exactly 100 self-proclaimed winners showed up. On closer inspection, all of their tickets had the exact same number. They started a small riot. On December 11th, the workers at Snacktastic all went on strike. By what was announced as a printer error, all paychecks had been made out to the CEO of the company. All attempts to rectify the mistake seemed to produce the same results. The already threadbare city government ground to a complete halt on December 12th, in the early hours of the morning. All papers, all their archives, had been rendered entirely blank. And all animals at Stone Ridge Animal Shelter had the name tags on their cages switched around. Not much in the long run, but one inattentive volounteer was bitten as a result. Similar reports flowed through the city. Anything written could suddenly change, seemingly at random. The would-be heroes and super human element of Bedlam City did not go unaffected. Ronin found the labels on his grandmother's medicine changed. They made little sense anymore. Mister Strix had found all books he read in libraries to be altered, to greater or less degrees. Anything from a different text all together, such as a newspaper showing part of Harry Potter, with several expletives insert, to being complete nonsense or being blank. Lady Horus found that everywhere she went to distribute toys to needy children, the address was instead for the rich and powerful. Clearly, it was those not in need. And Doctor Thorne found Thorne Investigations rebranded as I.G. Investigations. Any notes she had in the office, any books, anything with written words, had the text replaced with the repeated phrase: "I AM YOUR GOD." Would the heroes come together to stop the chaos, follow their own paths, or simply let it be?
  2. IC is here: https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10841-to-serve-and-protect-ic/ Please do not post in the IC thread until I give the go-ahead. In the meantime, both of you please make a Notice check and a Will save before you make your first IC post. If you intend to be sneaky with your approach, please also make a Stealth check.
  3. Greely Point Docks Bedlam City WisconsinMonday, November 5th, 201811:02 PM Greely Point was one of the few areas of Bedlam experiencing a period of economic growth. Of course at the center of that upturn were the docks controlled by the Gorganzua crime family. At any given if you knew just were to look the family could be making a "move" on behalf of anyone willing to pay the right dollar. Of course that took knowing where to look. The police didn't have to look the other way, as a majority of the trade in the docks were legitimate. The Gorganzua golden goose only laid an egg when it needed to. Vincent Elizalde was a straight C student who worked hard after school on the family business. Of course that family business just happened to be working for the Scarpia crime family. Vincent was a courier for the family. Too young to get his hands on "real crime" but old enough to know where his future was headed. College was out of the question, and since he wasn't Sicillan but Basque being a made man was out of the question. But, he could live comfortably if he showed his worth to the family. That ambition led the teenager and four of his closest friends to the Greely docks. Square in the middle of Gorganzua territory. The teens were planning on robbing a Gorganzua shipment that was arriving shortly. It was rare for the Gorganzua to let slip that they were expecting a shipment. But, even rarer for them to actively send an armed escort to meet the freighter. Whatever was inside was sure to make someone a lot of money. Which in Bedlam could only mean the locals were going to pay a heavy price.
  4. GM John Smith's most recent job had run well past sundown, and the closest bus had still dropped him ten blocks away from his shabby Downtown motel. Five blocks into his hike, he spotted a yellow Chevy Camaro 5G with its driver-side door hanging open. It was parked on the right side of the street, facing him head-on, a couple blocks away. The passenger door was adjacent to the sidewalk, but closed. He thought he could see someone in the passenger seat, but the driver seat was empty. There was some kind of dark lump sitting on the street behind the open driver door. Twenty stories above Smith, Arrowhawk perched atop the crumbling faux-Gothic stone facade of a half-empty tower. Even with half the lights burned out on this street, her eagle-eyes could read the license plate, confirming that the Camaro belonged to Mike Donaghy, the Scarpia family associate she'd been stalking for the last few weeks. He extorted protection money from several lower-tier businesses in the worse parts of Downtown, and she'd planned to intercept him along his usual pick-up route. One of those businesses was a convenience store a few blocks away. She'd doubled back on the most likely route when he didn't show. From above, she had a much more clear view of the situation. It was obvious to her that the lump in the street behind the car door was a person, halfway into the fetal position but unmoving.
  5. Mister Strix Alternate Identity: Gaetano "Guy" Giordano (Deceased) Base of Operations: Bedlam City Concept: "Vampire Batman." (See here for details about the specific type of vampire.) Table of Contents Allies, Associates, & Enemies Costume & Appearance Current Role & Hooks Design Notes Headquarters History Personal Life Personality & Motivation Playlist Powers & Skills Timeline Allies, Associates, & Enemies Costume & Appearance Current Role & Hooks Design Notes Headquarters History Personality & Motivation Personal Life Playlist Powers & Skills Timeline
  6. In Brief: Instead of becoming The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli becomes Spawn. Character: Mister Strix Power Level: 13 (Built as PL8) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 191/194PP Unspent Points: 3 Alternate Identity: Gaetano “Guy” Giordano (Deceased) Identity: Secret. The public is not aware that either Gaetano Giordano or Mister Strix are undead, or that they are the same person. Legal Status: Deceased USA citizen with no criminal record. Birthplace: Bedlam City, Wisconsin, USA Base of Operations: Bedlam City Residence: An abandoned, boarded-up house on Ash Street. The only sign of habitation is his casket sitting in the basement. The entrance to the basement is blocked with heavy debris. He accesses the house and the basement with Mist Form. Occupation: None Affiliations: Father Cesare Messina (Retired Catholic priest, Friend) Family: Doctor Adriana Aparo (Widow), Luna Giordano née Gallo (Mother), Massimo “Mo” Giordano (Father), Matteo “Matt” Giordano (Older Brother), Flora Russo née Giordano (Older Sister), Rafael Giordano (Younger Brother, Deceased). Matt and Flora are both married, with children. Adriana has re-married, and she has a child with her new husband. DESCRIPTION Age: 37 (Date of Birth: 1981) Apparent Age: 31 (Date of Death: 2012) Gender: Male Ethnicity: (Sicilian) Italian-American Caucasian Height: 6’2” Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Black His superhero costume consists of a white skintight jumpsuit, mask, and cape. The chest of the jumpsuit is emblazoned with a white crescent moon set against a black circle. The edges of the cape and gloves are cut with notches suggestive of the feathers on a bird's wings. The gloves are fingerless. The mask covers his entire head except for his jaw and the lower half of his face. It has a shape similar to the feathers on the head of a horned owl. The bottom of the mask comes to a hook with a slight downward curve resembling a raptor's beak. Overall, it looks like a photo-negative version of the original Raven’s costume. Out of costume, a fan of old movies might compare him to a young (and underslept, and possibly ill) Lee Van Cleef or Basil Rathbone. His flesh is unnaturally pale, and always cold to the touch, regardless of any physical activity or environmental factors. When visible, his veins appear to be black. His build is slender. He was never bulky in life, and when he transformed, most of his fat burned away, and most of his internal organs shriveled and atrophied. His face is all sharp angles, with high, prominent cheekbones, a large nose, and a narrow, pointed chin. His hair is dark, and perpetually messy. (Since he has no reflection in mirrors, even if he had much reason to style his hair, he wouldn't be able to see what he was doing.) He has thick eyebrows, perpetually arched over eyes set deep in their sockets, eyes which always seem to be surrounded by shadows, regardless of the angle or intensity of light in the area. The irises of his eyes are completely black, indistinguishable from the pupils. The center of his eye is one solid black disk. His hands are slightly larger in proportion to the rest of his body than they should be, the fingers slightly longer. His voice is a deep baritone, surprisingly deep for someone of his size. When he feeds or uses his powers, his appearance becomes even more overtly monstrous. His veins bulge and darken. The blackness at the center of his eyes spreads to cover the entire eyeball. His mouth, canine teeth, and tongue all double in size. His voice deepens by at least a full octave, and echoes independent of the local acoustics. When he growls, he sounds like a tiger. HISTORY Guy Giordano’s life ended just as it was about to begin. Gaetano "Guy" Giordano was born the third of four children in an Italian-American family living in Stark Hill. The family all attended the local Catholic school and church. His mother was a librarian turned homemaker, and his father was a "made man" in the Scarpia crime family. Guy was closest with his younger brother, Raphael, and his mother, whom they both took after, being more gentle and scholastically inclined than their brutish father and older brother or their scheming "queen bee" older sister. When they grew up, Guy became a doctor, while Raphael became a priest. Guy went to college and medical school in Chicago and Detroit, and earned a doctorate in emergency medicine alongside Adriana Aparo, his fellow student. After they completed their residency, they got engaged, spent a year working with Doctors Without Borders in Libya and the Congo, then moved back to Bedlam, got married, and bought a house. They were just about to start trying for their first child when Guy got sick and died. Unbeknownst to his family, Guy's younger brother Raphael wasn't just a priest, but a Vatican-sponsored monster-hunter. Raphael had destroyed a powerful elder vampire, and the even older and more powerful vampire who had created that elder took his revenge and replaced the lost member of his "family" by killing Raphael's favorite brother and turning him into a vampire. Raphael was no match for the vampire, who only ever identified himself as "Johann." He ambushed Raphael at the cemetery where Guy was buried. Guy dug himself out of his own grave, emerging in a mindless feeding-frenzy, and Johann made sure that Raphael was caught helpless in Guy's path. Guy drained his little brother dry. After Guy's bloodlust faded and he cried out in anguish over what he'd done, Johann wished him a taunting "Happy Birthday" and stabbed him in the heart with a wooden stake, putting him in a coma. Then he locked Guy's unconscious body in a box and left it there for five years. When Johann finally took the stake out of his heart, Guy woke up, but he had no idea how much time had passed. He ran home, only to learn that his wife lived there with her new husband and their child. He fled the scene before anyone spotted him. Johann laughed, taunted him with another "Happy Birthday," and vanished. Guy spent the next year living in the shadows of Bedlam. He spent days sleeping in sewers, abandoned basements, and hastily dug holes in the dirt, rarely staying in the same place twice. He spent the nights spying on his family and his widow, and through a mix of research and trial and error, figuring out how much time had passed, what had happened to him and what he could do. When he drank Raphael's blood, he absorbed his memories, so he knew that he was a “vampire,” but that could mean a hundred different things. He spent many nights at local libraries, catching up on recent history and researching his “condition.” An academic at heart, he felt “at home” there, and since he could ignore alarms and surveillance equipment, hypnotize guards, and slip through locked doors as a cloud of mist, he had the run of the place. When he needed blood, he would grab sewer rats, or hypnotize the employees at the less ethical animal “shelters,” so he could drain the cats and dogs already scheduled for execution. At first, he made the mistake of trying to subsist entirely on animal blood. But he learned the hard way that the inferior quality (for his purposes) of animal blood would only satisfy his undead body for so long. After the first time he snapped and almost killed a random person on the street, he made an effort to regularly infuse his diet with human blood. He limited his human feeding to whatever criminals and corrupt cops he could find, often guys he recognized as his father’s employees and associates. At one point, he decided that he needed to be destroyed, and even if suicide was a sin, the greater sin would be continuing to live as a monster. So he fought through his instinct to sleep during the day, and he tried to walk out into the sun. He was terribly burned, but he discovered that his undead body had a powerful instinct for self-preservation, one he could not overcome. He fled the light, slept deeper and woke up thirstier than ever before, and by the time he regained the capacity for rational thought, he was standing over the half-drained body of what was now the second random person he had almost murdered. After that debacle, he stopped trying to kill himself. During a chance encounter near the end of his first year as a vampire, he saved the life of a 70-year-old retiree and "supply priest," Father Cesare Messina. Father Messina quickly became his friend and confidant, the only source of human interaction for him since his death. Father Messina felt that it was his duty to help Guy figure out God's plan for him, even if that just meant praying for him and chatting with him over coffee. Father Messina reminded him that the best way to heal one’s own pain was to help others with theirs. As they spoke, an idea formed between the two of them. Guy could do what everyone with extraordinary abilities and a secret to protect did to help make the world better: He could put on a mask, and become a superhero, “Like Raven, that guy in Freedom City.” Father Messina was an ornithology enthusiast, so when the subject of superheroes came up, Raven's was the first name that came to his mind. Of the decorations in Father Messina's home, the pictures and sculptures of owls outnumbered the Christian imagery by at least ten to one. With little prompting from Guy, Father Messina practically gushed about how owls were found all over the world, in all kinds of environments, and how they appear in the myths of almost every culture on the planet, usually as demons or psychopomps. Guy mentioned a local legend he’d heard in the Congo about how owls hunted humans to eat their souls. That reminded Father Messina that while the more popular modern vampire myths describe them transforming into bats, in older stories, they turned into owls. Just like that, Guy knew what form his disguise should take. The tailor who would later craft it was hypnotized to misremember the job, but he was well-paid. "Mister Strix" was born. At the start of this new chapter in Guy's life, Johann reappeared, attacking him without warning and beating him almost to a second death. Then Johann laughed, taunted him with yet another "Happy Birthday," and disappeared. To Guy's surprise, he laughed too. Johann’s assault had an oddly invigorating effect on him. If Johann was still trying to break him, that meant he wasn't broken yet. His conversations with Father Messina had given him a new sense of purpose, but Johann’s beating gave him a new sense of hope. His existence might be evil, but he could still do some good with it. He might not be a doctor anymore, he wasn't going to let that stop him anymore from doing the same thing in death that he used to do in life: Try to save people. PERSONALITY & MOTIVATION Like any good Catholic, the primary driving force in his life has always been guilt. When he was a child, it was guilt over the apple, and the crucifixion, and not being the son his father wanted. When adolescence opened his eyes a little wider, it was guilt over who his father was and how he made his money. He became a doctor and went to war zones so that he could try to save more lives than his father had destroyed. Now it’s guilt over what he is and what he has to do. In life, he was quiet and gentle, but determined. He always tried to put others before himself. People always told him he was “a good listener.” He loved his wife. He loved his family, even if he didn't like them. He inherited his mother’s love of books, opera, traditional French and Italian cooking, and when he got older, coffee and wine. He always seemed to have his nose in a book. He’d lived in war zones, but he’d never really been in a fight. He'd never wanted to hurt anyone. In death, everything that used to define him or bring him joy has been stolen from him, and he's become a predator who leaves ruin in his wake, a danger to everyone around him. Violence now feels as natural to him as breathing used to, and the only thing that truly brings him joy anymore is sinking his fangs into another person’s neck and sucking the blood out of their veins. He hates the thing he’s been turned into, and the things who turned him into it. He’s trying to make the best of it. POWERS & TACTICS He is an unskilled brawler, relying entirely on the animal instinct and enhanced physical prowess he gained when he became a vampire. Everything he “knows” about fighting, he learned from movies and television. Popular culture is also his main source of “knowledge” about his own condition. He’s studying all the relevant history and mythology he can get his hands on, but it’s a slow process. The vampire who killed him didn’t tell him anything. Most of what he can do either comes from pure instinct, or is something he read about and decided to try that worked, either immediately or with practice. He is undead, preserved and animated by the life-consuming energy that is the pure darkness of the Schattenwelt, in a process fueled by blood magic. His undead body is far more resilient than his human body was. His skeleton is harder than stone, but just as light as human bone. His flesh feels human to the touch, but displays a resistance to cutting or puncturing more akin to silk, thick leather, or Kevlar. His body somehow metabolizes the blood he drinks to sustain his existence, keep him preserved, heal his wounds, and alter his body in ways he is only beginning to explore. He can increase his strength, speed, and agility to superhuman levels, grow claws that can shred metal and stone as if it were paper, or transform into a cloud of mist. His blood can also heal the wounds of others (a Healing power stunt off of his main array), though consuming his blood can bring unpredictable side-effects (a temporary Complication for the other character). He also has some psychic powers. He can broadcast a psychic command which forces the minds of others to ignore his presence. He can more directly hypnotize anyone who looks him in the eye, forcing them to obey all his commands and re-writing their memories. When he pierces a living creature's skin with his fangs and sucks out their blood, he triggers a rush of endorphins which overwhelms his victim with intense pleasure. This makes it difficult for his victim to understand what is happening or to remember it clearly after the fact. Since his blood can heal wounds, he can use his fang to cut his tongue, then lick the puncture wounds closed with the transfer of blood. This combination allows his feeding to go mostly undetected. Like a shark, he can sniff out even tiny amounts of blood from far away. The smell and taste of blood can give him the type of information about its owner that would make a crime lab jealous, and when he tastes blood, he can tap into any psychic resonance it has absorbed, experiencing the memories of its original owner like they were his own. He can see in the dark because he is Darkness. When he makes a scary face and roars, hardened soldiers will run, hide, and lose bladder control, because he’s giving them a glimpse of the literal Abyss, and when they look into his eyes, they don’t just see “darkness,” but “The Darkness.” He’s also learned the hard way that he has just about every quirk and weakness that’s ever been attributed to vampires in folklore. He doesn't have to worry about running water or being invited into a home, but that’s about it. COMPLICATIONS Accidents: He tries to feed carefully, but the GM can force him to make some sort of check or save to avoid “getting carried away.” Alternately, the GM can just declare that he lost control. If he fails to feed with moderation, then he will have to drop everything and find immediate medical attention for the victim. Achilles Heels & Weaksauce Weaknesses: Certain plants, objects, and symbols of mystical and religious significance will repel him, interfere with his movement, and cause him pain and injury. He cannot stand them, even if they were a source of joy or comfort in his mortal life. Addiction (Blood): He doesn't just need blood. He wants it. He loves it. It is as much his drug as it is his sustenance. The GM can give him penalties on other checks to represent how difficult it is for him to focus on other tasks when he’d rather be drinking blood. When blood is available, the GM can force him to make some sort of check or saving throw to resist the urge to lap it up or suck it down. He can also cause Addiction complications for other characters. They can become addicted to the euphoria of being fed upon by him, or they can become addicted to consuming his supernatural blood. Chill of Undeath: His flesh always cold to the touch. Living creatures who view him through Infra-Vision will always see him as colder than his surrounding environment, no matter what that environment may be. In his presence or passing, living creatures will often feel a chill, and see their own breath (but not his), while windows can fog up, and water can spontaneously freeze. Even if he cannot be perceived directly, a sudden drop in the local temperature can alert careful and prepared observers to his presence. Electromagnetic Ghosts: Although he has Permanent Total Concealment against most machine senses, his presence may cause brief electromagnetic interference, such as burst of auditory or visual static, or video tearing. While he won’t be perceived directly, these anomalies may alert careful and prepared observers to his presence. Enemies: Enemy To All Living Things: While machines seem to simply ignore him, nature seems to actively resent him. Animals universally hate and fear him, unless they have consumed his blood, or are under the effect of some sort of mind control power. They will flee from him, attempt to scare him away, and/or attack him. He automatically fails any Handle Animal or Ride skill checks. (See, also, “Walking Wasteland,” below.) Glamour Failure: He has quirks which either explicitly reveal him to be a supernatural creature, or at least create a subconscious “Uncanny Valley” effect, making humans deeply uncomfortable in his presence. The air is unnaturally quiet around him because of all the normal sounds his body doesn't make, and he lacks several signs of life that most observers would take for granted. The GM may give him penalties to checks involving social interaction, or declare such checks to be impossible. Indifferent or even Friendly NPCs could turn Hostile, attacking or fleeing. Many of those features are already mentioned in "Description," above, and others are described in other Complication entries. Heavy Sleeper: When the sun is in the sky, it is almost impossible for him to stay awake, and once he falls asleep, he stays asleep. Instead of suffering the usual -10 Notice penalty while asleep, he automatically fails Notice checks. Other characters can even lift or manipulate his body without waking him up. Nothing less than a direct attack on his body will disturb his daytime slumber. I Do Not Drink…Wine: His Immunity to Fortitude effects includes Immunity to Starvation and Thirst, but not only does he not need to eat or drink, he physically cannot. If he tries to consume food, or if he tries to drink any liquid other than blood, then he will quickly vomit it back up, along with some of his own stored blood, and the GM can also force him to save against an attack effect, like Nauseate, or even Damage. Involuntary Transformation (Berserk Rage): His undead body has instincts for predation and self-preservation more powerful than those of any living creature, and more powerful than his moral compass. When he attempts to resist those instincts, the GM can force him to make a Will save, or some other sort of check. Failure can result in a complication for him and/or for others. Made of Evil: He is that which should not be, but is. He is a monster, an abomination, a dead thing preserved and animated with the life-consuming darkness of the Schattenwelt. Any powers which “Detect Evil” will show him as such, and any powers which “Protect From Evil” or “Smite Evil” will affect him as if he were applicably “Evil,” regardless of his actual conduct or inner sense of morality. Any power such as “Aura Vision” which can detect the presence or state of a “soul” will show his to be present, but shredded, hanging in tatters, and stained by shadows and blood. Mainlining The Monster: Some view him as a monster to be destroyed, but others see him as a resource to be exploited. His blood and body could be used as a component for countless magical spells, rituals, potions, or other items. When ingested or injected by a living creature, his blood can act as a powerful and potentially addictive drug. The specific effects vary depending on the person, the amount consumed, and the GM’s whims. It can act as a stimulant or a narcotic. It can cause euphoria, hallucinations, and/or uncharacteristically aggressive or deviant behavior. It can even heal wounds, cure diseases, or grant temporary powers, such as Enhanced physical abilities, or Immunities like Aging and Disease. It can also create a temporary psychic link, and a temporary stain or “taint” on the user’s “soul” or “aura” with a "negative resonance." Prejudice: If someone does learn that he is a vampire, or that his family is part of the Bedlam Mafia, it could cause them to mistrust him (and they might not be wrong). Conversely, if he learns that another character is also a vampire, or some other sort of undead or supernatural creature, then this can be a complication for them, because his default reaction will be homicidal violence. Revive Kills Zombie: According to the game rules, he is an animated object, not a living creature, so, by default, Healing effects don’t work on him, unless they have the “Affects Objects” extra. However, in his case, by default, Healing powers, especially those with descriptors such as “Light,” “Cure,” or “Blessed/Celestial/Holy,” automatically fail to remove any damage conditions from him, even if they have the “Affects Objects” extra. In addition, such powers inflict Incurable Penetrating Damage upon him, with a Damage power rank equal to the rank of the Healing effect. A Healing power will only remove damage conditions from him if it has descriptors like “Demonic” or “Unholy,” or descriptors which otherwise indicate a beneficial effect for the undead in general, or for vampires specifically. Relationships: Secrets: It is not public knowledge that Gaetano Giordano is Mister Strix, or that either of them is a vampire. As far as most people know, Gaetano Giordano is still buried in his grave. Unlife: Even though he has no Constitution score and Immunity to Fortitude effects, he still needs to sleep, and he still needs “food” in the form of blood. Walking Wasteland: Since he is infused with the life-consuming dark energy of the Schattenwelt, his very presence can be hostile to life. At his touch, or even in his passing, non-animate plants (except for garlic or wolf’s bane) may wither, or even melt or crumble into ash, while food and drink such as bread, milk, cheese, or wine (but never salt) may spoil or rot. Animals which happen to be pregnant may spontaneously miscarry. The GM can treat him as having something like a Limited, Uncontrolled, Unreliable, Reaction Area Corrosion effect. ABILITIES 20PP Strength: 26/14 (+8/+2), 36/14 Lifting (Heavy Load: 3,680 lbs. [1.84 tons] / 175 lbs.) Dexterity: 26/14 (+8/+2) Constitution: - Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 18 (+4) COMBAT 24PP Initiative: +12 (+8 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative) Attack: +4, +8 Melee, +6 Claws/Fangs Grapple: +18 (+8 Melee Attack, +8 Strength, +2 Super-Strength) Defense: +8, +4 Flat-Footed Knockback Resistance: 8 ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC23 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Blood Divination Touch/Grapple Opposed Will save vs Rank 8 power effect Mind Reading DC18 Will (Staged) Sickened/Nauseated/Incapacitated Blood Drain Touch/Grapple DC18 Fortitude (Staged) Drain Constitution DC18 Will (Staged) Sickened/Nauseated/Incapacitated Claws/Fangs Touch DC25 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical, Lethal) Glimpse of The Abyss Touch/Area (Visual Perception) DC18 Reflex to avoid DC18 Will (staged) Shaken/Frightened/Panicked Hypnotic Eyes (Mind Control) Perception (Visual Sense-Dependent) DC18 Reflex to avoid Opposed Will save vs Rank 8 power effect Mind Control Hypnotic Eyes (Transform) Perception (Visual Sense-Dependent) DC18 Reflex to avoid DC18 Will Transform (Memory Alteration) Psychic Invisibility Personal DC18 Will Total Concealment from all non-Mental senses SAVING THROWS 5PP Toughness: +8 (Impervious) Fortitude: - Reflex: +8 (+8 Dex, +0PP) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5PP) SKILLS 36/36R = 9PP Craft (Cooking) 1 (+5) Handle Animal 0 (-) Intimidation 4 (+8, +10 Deathly Aura) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Current Events) 1 (+5) Knowledge (History) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 4 (+8) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy) 1 (+5) Languages 4 (English [Native], French, Italian, Latin, Spanish) Medicine 5 (+8) Notice 2 (+5) Ride 0 (-) Search 1 (+5) Sense Motive 2 (+5) Stealth 7 (+15) FEATS 12PP Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Benefit (Legally Deceased) Equipment 1 (5EP)Veteran Reward Evasion 2 Hide In Plain Sight Improved Initiative Interpose Takedown Attack 2 EQUIPMENT 1PP = 5EP Heavy-Duty Zip-Ties [1EP] Stainless-Steel Casket (Masterwork) [2EP] Abandoned House (PL13 Headquarters) [2EP] A small two-story house on Ash Street in Bedlam City. Size: Small [0EP] Toughness: 5 [0EP] Features: [2EP] Concealed (There are no visible signs of habitation) Sealed (All entrances are boarded up, and heavy debris blocks entry to the basement) Notes: He has no legal claim or ownership over the property. The house stood abandoned for several years before he moved his casket into the basement. The house is not fit for human habitation. It has been years since the house had any maintenance or active utilities. All of the old plants on the lot died within days of him taking residence, and no new ones have grown since he arrived. 1 + 2 + 2 = 5EP POWERS 133PP Descriptors: Black Magic, Blood, Blood Magic, Darkness/Shadow, Death, Evil, Necromancy, Undead Concealment 8 (All Auditory, Radio, and Visual type senses, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Limited [Machines], Permanent) [8PP] Enhanced Dexterity 12 (Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [11PP] Enhanced Strength 12 (Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [11PP] Features 3 (Deathly Aura; Touch does not leave prints; Wounds do not bleed) [3PP] Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects) [30PP] Impervious Toughness 8 (Flaws: Limited [Weaknesses inflict Penetrating damage]) [4PP] (Regeneration, Super-Toughness) Leaping 3 (x10, Running Long Jump: 180ft, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [2PP] (Super-Strength) Protection 8 [8PP] (Super-Toughness) Regeneration 5 (Recovery 5 [+0, Recovers over time like a living creature], Feats: Regrowth) [6PP] Regeneration 14 (Recovery Rate: Injured 6 [No rest], Disabled 8 [No rest], Flaws: Limited [Weaknesses inflict Incurable damage]) [7PP] Regeneration 10 (Resurrection 10 [No rest], Flaws: Limited [Does not resurrect while decapitated or staked through the heart, and requires extra time and outside aid to resurrect from being completely burned or dissolved]) [5PP] Speed 3 (50MPH / 500ft per Move Action, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [2PP] (Super-Speed) Super-Movement 1 (Trackless) [2PP] Super-Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [1PP] Super-Senses 9 (Acute Analytical Extended [100ft Notice Increments] Tracking [1/2 Speed] Smell/Taste, Darkvision, Extended [100ft Notice Increments] Hearing, Extended [100ft Notice Increments] Vision, Microscopic Vision 1 [Dust], Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [8PP] Super-Strength 2 (Lifting Strength: 36, Heavy Load: 3,680 lbs. [1.84 tons], Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [3PP] Vampiric Power 8 (16PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 6) [22PP] Base Power: [16PP] Drain Constitution 8 (Extras: Linked [Nauseate], Flaws: Limited [Can only drain 1 rank per round], Requires Grapple, Feats: Insidious, Slow Fade 4 [1 hour], Subtle, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [8PP] (Blood Drain) Nauseate 8 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Linked [Drain], Flaws: Requires Grapple) [8PP] (Euphoria) Alternate Power: [14PP] Mind Reading 8 (Extras: Action [Standard], Linked [Nauseate], Flaws: Duration [Instant, Lasting], Range 2 [Touch], Requires Grapple, Feats: Insidious, Subtle, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [3PP] (Blood Divination) Nauseate 8 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Linked [Mind Reading], Flaws: Requires Grapple) [8PP] (Euphoria) Super-Senses 4 (Postcognition, Extras: Simultaneous, Flaws: Source [Blood], Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [3PP] (Blood Divination) Alternate Power: [15PP] Autofire Strength 8 (Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [7PP] (Super-Speed) Damage 2 (Extras: Autofire, Penetrating, Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Incurable, Mighty, Variable Descriptor [Piercing and/or Slashing], Drawbacks: Inaccurate, Lethal, Power Loss [Daylight]) [8PP] (Claws/Fangs) Alternate Power: [12PP] Concealment 10 (All Non-Mental Senses, Flaws: Phantasm, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight], Progression [Counter Rank / Save DC] 2 [-2 = Rank 8 / DC18]) [7PP] (Hypnosis, Mind Control, Psychic Invisibility) Emotion Control 8 (Extras: Area [Perception, Visual], Flaws: Limited [Fear], Range 2 [Touch], Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [3PP] (Glimpse of The Abyss, Nightmare Face) Alternate Power: [16PP] (Mist Form) Flight 3 (50MPH / 500ft per Move Action, Extras: Linked [Insubstantial], Feats: Subtle, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [6PP] Insubstantial 2 (Gas, Extras: Linked [Flight]) [10PP] Alternate Power: [16PP] (Hypnotic Eyes, Psychic) Mind Control 8 (Extras: Conscious, Duration [Sustained, Lasting], Mental, Flaws: Distracting, Sense-Dependent [Visual], Feats: Subtle, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [16PP] Alternate Power: [16PP] (Hypnotic Eyes, Mind Control, Psychic) Transform 8 (Memory Alteration, Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Mental, Range [Perception], Flaws: Distracting, Sense-Dependent [Visual], Feats: Subtle, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Daylight]) [16PP] DRAWBACKS -12PP Vulnerability (Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy effects, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-1PP] Vulnerability (Fire effects, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-2PP] Vulnerability (Silver effects, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-1PP] Weakness (Daylight, Time: 1/round, Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Moderate [Cumulative -1 Drain on Toughness, Destroyed when Toughness reaches -6]) [-8PP] Abilities (20) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (9) + Feats (12) + Powers (133) – Drawbacks (12) = 191/194 Power Points
  7. Roger Pennington lived in Stone Ridge, the most exclusive neighborhood in Bedlam City. They had an eight-foot high stone wall, an army of round-the-clock armed private security guards, and one of the most vigilant homeowner associations in the country. His mansion may well have been one of the most secure places in the state. It wasn't enough. Roger's wife called up to him as he ascended the stairs to their second-floor master suite. "The car is picking us up in an hour." He sighed. "Thank you, Dear." Roger let a wry chuckle escape his throat. His wife would have more enthusiasm than he for the Smirlock family's "charity" functions even if she wasn't half his age. "Charity..." he muttered. "As if any of the money ever actually makes it to the poors." He twisted the shower spigot in the master bathroom to the "Hot" end, then turned to the sink and brushed his teeth while waiting for the water to warm up. He had just finished his bottom back molar when the bathroom light clicked off. The toothbrush fell out of his hand and his mouth, into the sink. "Wha..."
  8. In Brief: Huntress dresses like Moon Knight and learns kung-fu in K'un L'un to control the Daredevil powers she got from Captain America's super-serum. Player: Grumblefloof Character: Mister Strix Power Level: 13 (9) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 193/196 Unspent Power Points: 3 Veteran Rewards: Bronze: Additional character slot at PL12/180PP (Mister Strix) Silver: 6PP of free Equipment ranks for Mister Strix, 9PP of Equipment/Minions/Sidekick unclaimed Gold: Unclaimed. Residence: A two-story townhouse with a modest exterior and a heavily renovated interior, located in the Hardwick Park neighborhood of Bedlam City. Base of Operations: The bunker hidden under his townhouse. Alternate Identity: Brian Marcus Brubaker Identity: Secret Birthplace: Bedlam City, Wisconsin, USA Occupation: Sculptor Affiliations: Shambala Temple (former student), The Labyrinth (DNAscent test subject) Family: Franklin "Frank" Brubaker (Father), Ann Miller-Brubaker (Mother, Deceased), David Brubaker (Older Brother), Joan Romita-Brubaker (Sister-In-Law), Samantha "Sammee" Brubaker-Mazzuchelli (Older Sister), Eduardo "Ed" Mazzuchelli (Brother-In-Law), Wade Brubaker (Younger Brother, Deceased), Alexandra "Alex" Nocenti (Ex-Girlfriend) Description Age: 26 (DoB: 1991) Apparent Age: 26 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian of mixed German and Irish descent Height: 6ft 3in Weight: 250 lbs. Eyes: None (Grey prosthetics) Hair: Blond The skin on the top half of his face is still heavily scarred from being lacerated and burned by jagged shards of superheated shrapnel. His hair and sunglasses hide most of the scars, but not all of them. He wears a set of acrylic prosthetic eyes which mimic his original grey eye color. When out in public in his civilian identity, his usual mode of dress is "business casual," and he wears the dark sunglasses and wields the white cane which universally mark him as a blind man. Were it not for his blindness, strangers might assume he was an NFL linebacker or a Hollywood stuntman. Power Description Thanks to the DNAscent process, all of Brian's physical abilities are just beyond the normal human range. His strength, endurance, agility, and reflexes are all slightly higher than what any normal person could achieve, and unlike athletes without super-powers, his body is optimized for all kinds of physical activity. Unlike a normal human, he could be the world's greatest weightlifter, sprinter, and marathon runner, all at once. All of Brian's non-visual senses absorb information with far greater detail and sensitivity than a normal human. He can hear a person's heartbeat from across the room, hear a tear sliding down their cheek, and feel the vibration through the floor when they take a step. He can rest a pretzel on his tongue and count exactly how many grains of salt are embedded into it. He can feel the weight of a pistol and know exactly how many bullets it contains. He can run his fingers along a page of text and "read" it by feeling the difference between the ink and the paper, or "view" a picture by feeling the differences between the colors of ink or paint. He can caress an object gently enough to feel any fingerprints left on it, without disturbing the prints, and he can perceive enough detail to compare them to other prints he's felt. His nose acts as a mobile gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, able to distinguish the chemical makeup of a substance by the smell of its molecular components. In essence, his hyper-keen senses make him a walking crime laboratory. His enhanced senses of hearing and touch also give him superhuman balance and physical coordination. Brian no longer has eyes, but his brain processes and interprets most of his enhanced sensory input visually. He can hear sound and feel vibration just as a normal human would, but he can also "see" it in his mind, with the sound waves of different frequencies and decibel levels appearing to him as lines of correspondingly different colors and sizes, coating and illuminating the objects around them. Scents appear in his mind's eye as translucent clouds of mist, in various colors and sizes, leaving trails he can follow. His sense of smell is acute enough to judge the distance between himself and its source, as a normal human could with sound. As he moves closer to the source of the scent, it becomes "brighter" and "louder" to him. The DNAscent process not only enhanced Brian's original senses, but provided a new one as well: Echolocation. His brain has been altered to include a disk similar to the "melon" of a whale or a dolphin's melon. This disk emits waves of high-frequency sound in all directions. Those ultra-sound waves bounce off of the objects around him, and then return to his ears. A fraction of a second later, his brain interprets the results and paints him a mental picture of his surroundings. This allows him to "see" in all directions at once, though he focuses on one roughly 90-degree field of "view" at a time, with the rest appearing as translucent overlays. This allows him to "see" just as a normal human would see in the visual light spectrum, only without color or fine detail. He would, for example, perceive the difference between the bricks and the grout of a wall, but he would not perceive chalk drawings or spraypaint on that wall. He can effectively "see" human faces, but he can't "look someone in the eye." The echolocation is far more advanced than that of any existing animals or technological devices. He can it echolocation "off," in a manner similar to how a human closes their eyes. While it is active, anyone capable of hearing ultra-sound can detect the waves emanating from his brain, and the echoes returning to his ears. History Brian Brubaker never saw the world clearly until the day he lost his eyes. "You can have anything you want, but you have to want it enough. With hard work, anything is possible. People get what they deserve." Frank Brubaker made sure his sons lived by those words. He was a self-described "city college kid" who "pulled myself up from nothing by my own boot-straps." He grew up on Stark Hill, but when Stone Ridge opened, he was one of the first people to move in. With his money, he could move anywhere, but he chose to stay in Bedlam and give back to his hometown. To hear him tell it, Bedlam City was full of poor people because they just didn't work hard enough. Ann Miller was a minimum-wage kid who hitched a ride out of the Shady Meadows trailer park as soon as she could pass for 18. She didn't mind if Frank slapped her around a bit, as long as he did it less than her parents did, and as long as he was going places. They were both young and hungry, willing to do whatever it took to get ahead. By the time their first child was born, Brubaker Imports was well on its way to becoming one of the country's most profitable shipping empires, moving just about anything that needed moving to just about anywhere in the world. Their kids went to private schools. But Frank always stressed the importance of hard work, often with the back of his hand. His kids weren't going to have a free ride. They were going to work for everything they had, just like he had. Despite the abuse, Brian idolized his father, and spent every waking moment desperately trying to earn his approval. He got near perfect grades, tried out for every sport, auditioned for every play, took after-school jobs and summer internships. Brian was 19, home for a visit from his sophomore year at Freedom City University, the day he saw his family for the last time. His mother and his little brother Wade were already waiting in the limo. Brian was walking down the driveway when the driver turned the key. His father had just made it through the front door. The ignition switch set off a car bomb. Ann and Wade were blown to pieces. Brian was blown across the driveway. Shrapnel shredded the front of his tuxedo. His face was a mess of steaming metal. Frank's jacket got dirty. Brian woke up in the hospital to his father's voice, telling him that he was going to fix everything. He'd only been there a couple of days when his father told him he was being moved to a "private clinic." Brian didn't know why the new nurse sedated him. He was kept in an induced coma, but he could still hear the people around him. As the "treatments" progressed, he could hear them louder, more clearly, from further away. He heard things he was never meant to hear, like why his father took so many "business trips" to Freedom City. Frank Brubaker's life was a lie. When recounting his family history, he would neglect to mention that his grandfather was none other than the infamous Hans Graumach, also known as Die Eule of the Nazi superteam Die Ubersoldaten. In Frank's case, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. If he had told his sons the truth, then their words to live by would have been a different quote: "In devastation, there is opportunity. When there is blood in the streets, buy property." The car bomb was meant for Frank, a "gift" from one of his "business rivals." The Brubaker fortune didn't come from moving freight. It came from smuggling and human trafficking, on an industrial scale, and it got a big boost from new "friends" in Freedom City. Ann and Frank had enough Irish blood between them to join the local Bedlam syndicate in Stark Hill, but once the Italians absorbed it, they knew they'd never rise to the top, at least not out in the open. They needed outside help, secret help. Frank and Ann's operation was built during the tail end of the Franklin Moore era and the aftermath of the Terminus Invasion. With a period of low superhero presence in town, and the sudden death and destruction of so many Freedom City citizens and their properties (legitimate businesses and mob fronts alike), The Labyrinth and its front syndicates were able to quietly expand. One of the fronts they expanded into was Bedlam City, where there has never been a shortage of vulnerable and desperate people, or men of means looking to take advantage of them. Years later, the Labyrinth would wind up owning the legitimate city government as well, but they started with the black markets. Brubaker Imports is a subsidiary of Delphic Industries, which is in turn owned and operated by Constantine Urallos, part of the inner circle of Taurus. Most of the trafficked victims are sold to sweatshops or domestic slavery. Some are given to The Labyrinth directly, to become test subjects for the DNAscent process. Frank knows he's a part of something bigger than the crime syndicates he pays lip service and a small cut to, but he has no idea of the true scope of Taurus's evil. When Brian lost his eyes, Frank called in a favor. He didn't want Brian to become a brainwashed super-thug. He just wanted to give his only surviving son his eyes back. He didn't bother to get Brian's consent before letting the Labyrinth's mad scientists play with him. As far as the Labyrinth scientists were aware, the treatment failed. Brian's body was enhanced to just past the peak physical condition for a normal human, but his eyes had failed to regenerate. Brian had heard enough during the treatments to know he should keep the unintended side-effects to himself. He didn't tell anyone about how all his other senses had been enhanced, or how he now possessed a natural sonar that would be the envy of every navy on Earth. The DNAscent process didn't restore what he'd lost, but it boosted everything he had left. He knew that he would need to keep his cards close to his chest if he were ever going to be able to use his new gifts to dismantle the horrific empire his father had built on a foundation of blood and human misery. He was quiet and distant after his "recovery." His father, never the most emotionally available man himself, didn't press the issue. Frank was consumed with guilt, a foreign sensation to him. When Brian decided he wanted to "study abroad," Frank didn't try to stop him. But the boarding school for the blind in Spain returned Brian's tuition cheque to Frank, un-cashed. He had never shown up. Frank had secretly sent bodyguards overseas with Brian to watch his back discreetly, but Brian gave them the slip. His trust fund account sat untouched. One day, Brian Brubaker just vanished off the face of the Earth. He wandered through Europe and Asia for a time, learning anything he could get people to teach him, before he found himself chasing the legend of Shambala Vale, scaling the mountain peaks, and finding refuge among the ancient order of monks. They taught him how to master his new senses, and how to temper the worst of his rage. They gave him outlets for that rage. He took up sculpting. They instructed him in the original martial art from which all others descended. They helped to temper the worst of his rage. During one of his meditations, he observed a rat breaking into a container of stored rice, and an owl swooping down from the night sky to pluck that rat up off the ground. That incident became a symbol for him, and soon, it would become a symbol for his city. Seven years after he disappeared, Brian Brubaker quietly returned to Bedlam City. He spent a few months in Europe first, where the "intense, macabre, Giger-esque" works of the "mysterious, reclusive blind sculptor" became a darling of the art scene on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Then he bought (and renovated) a humble two-story townhouse in Hardwick Park, where he planned his mission to save his city. His father employed thugs, crooked cops, money-laundering accountants, coyotes and snakeheads, all vermin who preyed upon the innocent and the desperate. Brian would became a creature of the night who would rid his city of that vermin. He became Mister Strix. Personality Brian grew up as a mostly-happy son who suppressed his anger and idolized his abusive father. Now that idol has fallen farther than he ever thought possible, and that suppressed anger is coming back like a hurricane. The revelation of his father's true nature forced Brian to re-examine everything he ever thought he knew about himself and the world around him. Good things didn't always come to those who worked hard for them like he was always taught. In fact, more often than not, the worst things happened to the best people, while the worst people took advantage of them and laughed all the way to the bank. Even if you never give up, you can still lose. Those revelations, and the trauma of his injuries, lost family members, and subsequent transformation, left him bitter, cynical, and full of rage. Gaining the ability to know when most people are lying showed him just how often people lie, which eroded his faith in human nature even further. He hears everyone's dirty secrets, and he's overwhelmed by just how many dirty secrets everyone has. His time with the Shambala monks helped to soften that edge, but he still believes that justice only happens in the world when a righteous person forces it to. The monks showed him that the world can be a better place than it is, without vermin like his father gnawing at its foundations. But that vermin will feed, unless an owl comes along to eat them first. So much of the world he thought he knew is a dirty lie, that he's not even sure that world is worth saving. But he'll die before he stops trying to save the world, because it's his family, his people, who corrupt and destroy it. He owes the world his father's debt. These days, Brian enjoys solitude, partially as a result of his disillusionment and partially as a practical matter of his enhanced senses amplifying every outside stimulus. Just as everyone a speedster meets is the annoyingly slow customer in front of them in the ATM or checkout line, every person Brian meets is the neighbor who blasts his TV or stereo at all hours of the night or the guy sitting next to him on the bus who hasn't showered in a week. He rarely engages in conversation at all, and even when he does engage, he remains laconic, withholding, almost sullen. He does have a sense of humor, but it leans toward the dry, the morbid, and the self-deprecating. He is reluctant to volunteer information, and his reaction to those he meets defaults to suspicion (though his powers make clearing that suspicion and earning some measure of trust a faster process than it would be otherwise). Everyone is guilty (of something) until proven innocent. He has come to view emotional attachment to other individuals as a weakness, and so he does the best he can to avoid it. But since he is human, he can't avoid forming attachments, no matter how much he chastises himself for it in hindsight. Powers & Tactics Brian is an expert martial artist, and a world-class detective, athlete, and inflitrator. The DNAscent process left him at peak physical condition, just barely superhuman. His enhanced senses make it almost impossible to lie to him or to catch him off-guard. He prefers to strike from stealth, ending a fight in one decisive blow before it begins. When facing a foe directly, he still takes any opportunity to remove the advantage of their sight, whether by destroying light sources or by deploying smoke bombs. He adapts his fighting style to each opponent, seeking to counter them rather than match them or beat them at their own game. If they seem to favor karate punches and kicks, or the knee and elbow strikes of muay thai, then he'll use jiujutsu grapples. If they fight defensively, focusing on parries or avoidance, then he'll be aggressive, getting inside their defenses. Since the Shambala style is the foundation for every martial art on Earth, anyone fighting him is likely to see something familiar, mixed with something else completely foreign. He uses his cape to obscure and distort his movements. His enhanced agility allows him to move and strike in unexpected directions and angles relative to his foes. He uses custom-built throwing knives, stylized like crescent moons or an owl's talons, to disarm and distract foes at a distance, before closing in to finish the job with fists and feet. Complications Addiction (Painkillers and Stimulants): Brian's enhanced senses cause him chronic headaches, and make it difficult for him to get restful sleep. The meditation techniques he learned in Shambala Vale mitigate this problem, but they do not eliminate it entirely. The GM can force Brian to save against effects like Nauseate, or even automatically inflict conditions like Sickened, to represent the pain caused by his powers, or by medication withdrawal. The GM can also inflict conditions like Fatigued upon Brian, to represent lost sleep, or withdrawal from stimulants. Disability (Blindness): Brian's enhanced touch can feel the difference between ink and paper, and even between different pigments, which allows him to perceive color by touch. His echolocation, on the other hand, can perceive distance, size, and shape, but not color. It can perceive texture, but not with the same level of detail as normal human vision. This means he can only read text or view pictures if they are within arms reach. The screens of television sets, computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones may as well be blank to him, even to his touch, unless they have been specifically modified for blind users. He cannot directly perceive the level of light in the local area directly. At best, he can infer by feeling the heat from a nearby light source, if it emits significant heat at all. Incandescent bulbs are easy, but LED bulbs are difficult to impossible. Anything in his surroundings which depends on light, text, or color is invisible to him once it is physically out of reach. His enhanced smell can identify people by their individual scent, and his echolocation and tremor-sense together provide enough detail to differentiate between people based on size, shape, and mass, but not enough to let him tell their faces apart from one another. The white cane and dark glasses sometimes make him a target for opportunistic criminals, and if he puts up much of a fight, he'll arouse suspicion. He is physically capable of operating a vehicle or heavy machinery, but he cannot obtain a license to do so legally. Enemies (The Labyrinth, Frank Brubaker, David Brubaker): Frank Brubaker is a human trafficking kingpin, and he initiated his oldest son David into the family business years ago. Neither Brian, nor his father or brother, understand the full scope of The Labyrinth, the grand machine in which they are tiny cogs. Family Secrets: His father is a crime lord with good publicity, and his great-grandfather was a Nazi supervillain. Lost Love: Brian had a girlfriend in college, Alexandra "Alex" Nocenti. When he vanished from her life without warning, she came looking for him. When she asked too many questions, Frank Brubaker panicked and overreacted. He had her kidnapped, brainwashed, and subjected to the DNAscent process, turning her into his bodyguard and enforcer. The girl Brian loved now stands at his hated father's side. Noticeable (Echolocation): Anyone with Ultra-Hearing, or any other applicable Super-Senses, can hear the waves of ultra-sound being broadcast by Brian's brain when he uses his echolocation. This includes animals such as dogs, bats, dolphins, and whales. Obligation (Shambala Temple): The monks of the Shambala Vale took Brian in and trained him. One or more of their number may call upon him for aid in the future. Power Loss: A GM can force Brian to make Concentration checks to make sense of the information provided by his superhuman senses. Failure can leave him with the equivalent of hallucinations or "blindness." Secret (Identity): Brian may be superhuman, but he's not invincible. One sniper's bullet could end him. And if Brian's father finds out who's targeting him, then he'll make Brian wish for a bullet to the head. Vulnerabilities (Sensory Overload, Sonic Powers): A GM can arbitrarily increase the effective power rank of any effect which overloads Brian's senses, such as loud noises or tear gas. A GM can also force Brian to save against additional attack effects, such as Auditory Dazzle or Nauseate, when someone near him uses, or is targeted by, a power with the "Sonic" descriptor. Weakness (Sensory Overload): When Brian is exposed to sensory overload, such as loud noises or tear gas, a GM can inflict penalties to his checks and combat traits as if he had the Weakness drawback. Abilities 16 + 16 + 16 + 8 + 8 + 4 = 68PP Strength: 26 (+8) (Heavy Load: 1,200 lbs.) Dexterity: 26 (+8) Constitution: 26 (+8) Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat 8 + 8 = 16PP Initiative: +8 (+8 Dex) Attack: +10 Melee (+4 Base, +6 Attack Focus), +4 Ranged (+4 Base), +9 Shuriken (+4 Base, +4 Attack Specalization, +1 Masterwork) Grapple: +18 (+10 Melee Attack, +8 Strength) Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-FootedUncanny Dodge Knockback Resistance: 4 ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC23 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical, Bludgeoning) Shuriken Ranged DC24 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical, Piercing/Slashing, Lethal) Stunning Attack Touch DC23 Fortitude (Staged) Dazed/Stunned/Unconscious Saving Throws 0 + 2 + 6 = 8PP Toughness: +8 (+8 Con) Fortitude: +8 (+8 Con, +0PP) Reflex: +10Evasion 2 (+8 Dex, +2PP) Will: +10Ultimate Save (+4 Wis, +6PP) Skills 156R = 39PP Acrobatics 7 (+15)Skill Mastery Climb 7 (+15) Concentration 6 (+10)Trance Craft (Art) 11 (+15) Disable Device 11 (+15) Escape 7 (+15)Ultimate Skill Gather Information 13 (+15) Intimidation 13 (+15) Investigation 11 (+15) Knowledge (Streetwise) 6 (+10) Languages 12 (Atlantean, Braille, Cantonese, English [Native], French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Morse Code, Nepali, Russian, Spanish) Notice 16 (+20)Skill Mastery Search 11 (+15) Sense Motive 16 (+20)Skill Mastery Stealth 7 (+15)Skill Mastery Swim 2 (+10)Swimming Feats 34PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus (Melee) 6 Attack Specialization (Shuriken) 2 Benefit 2 (Status [Famous Artist], Wealth) Dodge Focus 6 Equipment 6 (30EP)Veteran Reward Evasion 2 Grapple Finesse Hide In Plain Sight Improved Ranged Disarm Luck 3 Quick Change (Costume) Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth) Stunning Attack Takedown Attack 2 Trance Ultimate Save (Will) Ultimate Skill (Escape) Well-Informed Equipment 6PP = 29/30EP Disable Device Tools [0EP] Grapple-Gun Baton Super-Movement 1 (Swinging, Feats: Subtle [Disguised as a cane]) [3EP] Masterwork Smartphone (Modified for blind users) [1EP] Medication (Painkillers and Stimulants) [1EP] Shuriken Blast 1 (100ft Max Range, Extras: Autofire, Flaws: Unreliable [5 Uses], Feats: Improved Range [25ft Range Increments], Masterwork [+1 Attack], Mighty 8, Subtle, Drawbacks: Lethal) [12EP] Smoke Pellets Obscure 2 (10ft radius, Visual-Type Senses, Extras: Action [Move], Independent, Total Fade, Flaws: Limited [One Sense: Normal Vision], Unreliable [5 Uses], Feats: Subtle, Drawbacks: Full Power, Reduced Range 2 [2 20ft Range Increments = 40ft Max Range]) [2EP] Townhouse with Secret Bunker (PL13 HQ) [10EP] Size: Tiny [-1EP] Toughness: +10 [1EP] (Earthquake-Proofing, Bulletproof Windows, Steel Plate Shear Walls reinforced with Pre-Cast Concrete) Features: [10EP] Computer Concealed 2 (+15DC = DC25) Fire Prevention System Gym Living Space Power System Security System 2 (DC25) Workshop 3 + 1 + 1 + 12 + 2 + 10 = 29/30EP = 6PP Powers 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 21 + 1 = 28PP Features 1 (Internal Laboratory [Can analyze clues with the Investigation skill on the spot, without access to a crime lab]) [1PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Senses) Immunity 5 (Interaction Skills, Flaws: Limited [1/2 Effect]) [3PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Senses) Leaping 1 (x2, Running Long Jump: 36ft) [1PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Training) Speed 1 (10MPH / 100ft per Move Action) [1PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Training) Super-Senses 21 (Accurate Extended Normal Hearing, Acute Analytical Extended Tracking 2 Normal Smell/Taste, Analytical Normal Touch, Danger Sense 3 [Sense Types: Auditory, Olfactory, Tactile], Sonar [Ultra-Hearing, Extras: Accurate, Counters Concealment, Flaws: Counters Concealment Limited to One Sense], Tremor-Sense, Uncanny Dodge 3 [Sense Types: Auditory, Olfactory, Tactile]) [21PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Swimming 1 (2.5MPH / 25ft per Move Action, Can always Take 10 on Swimming checks) [1PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Training) Drawbacks -0PP [None] Abilities (68) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (39) + Feats (34) + Powers (28) - Drawbacks (0) = 193/196 Power Points