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Found 6 results

  1. GM Post 17:13:56 October 19, 2018 Somewhere in the Amazon The ceiling falls. Huge slabs of rock brake from the ceiling, clouds of dust and debris exploding as they rain down on those below. People run across the ground, trying to escape the deathtrap they had found themselves in. Screams and shouts of alarm ring across the temple, echoing across the stone walls to mix with the sound of crashing stones. Shallow cracks web across the floor, the intricate artwork extolling gods and storied legends tearing itself apart. "Get out of the way!" A father leading three young children by the hand shoves past Cassie, causing her to stumble. When she looks up, the family of four is already moving among the panicking crowd. They rush for the nearest exit where the day outside streams through like a solid pillar of light. You move to follow but hear someone calling your name. "Cassie! Cassie!" A tall man wades through the crowd behind you, concern filling his eyes. His head is shaved and a beard, curly and orange, marks him like a target at a firing range.
  2. And here is the OOC for this. Hero Points Snakebite - 2 Status Snakebite - Bruised 2, Dazed, Injured Initiative Order Snakebite Neil Isa
  3. Thursday, September 13th, 2018 The British Museum Mid-Afternoon GM It was a balmy, comfortable afternoon outside of the world-renowned British Museum, its halls lined with patrons and on-lookers as they perused and browsed the multitude of stunning exhibits. It was a busy day, to say the least, the halls bombarded equally by enthusiasts and children on field trips as they filled the corridors with noise and laughter. Inside the curator's office, the dinning drum of the noise outside was quieted somewhat, the shut doors providing a modest reprieve. But Cassie wasn't here for her role as a curator, despite the short-staffed situation going on at the museum currently. No, she'd been summoned, and though the curator was busy filling in throughout the British Museum and assisting its many fresh-faced and veteran visitors alike, they were polite enough to provide the office with which to await the visitor - one Doctor Thomas Ritterton - who'd come seeking her out specifically, though the details of this visit were vague at best. All that could be inferred for certain was that the gravitas of the visit was one, the curator assured her over the phone, worth investigating. The office itself was well-decorated and finely furnished while still bearing an air of professionalism. Fine wood and expert craftsmanship were everywhere within the modest office of the curator, placards and awards lined with strategic precision on the walls alongside famous faces. Even a few pieces of history had found a home behind thick, immovable glass display cases bolted to the floor, a testament to the current regime's success - with a little help - in acquiring strange and exotic bits of history. A knock came to the door at that moment, careful and melodic, before a well-dressed man entered. He was an older gentleman, perhaps in his mid-fifties and sporting a bald head sharply contrasted by a thick but well-maintained peppered beard and mustache. Though he was aged and the cane he carried clacked with each step, it also did so with purpose, with drive. Even weathered as such he was someone who oozed confidence, his well-tailored navy blue suit complimenting his frame perfectly. "Good afternoon to you," he greeted, his voice raspy and refined like aged brandy, replete with a thick and warm British accent. "My name is Doctor Thomas Ritterton. Might you be Miss Crow?" piped the older gentleman with surprising energy, eyeing the young archaeologist with the same sort of respectfulness one might a well-learned colleague.
  4. Blam! The OOC for WoW for Snakebite (and anyone else who joins, maybe!).
  5. Snakebite The Crow Family History The Crow family are first mentioned in the Domesday book (1086), as residents of Canterbury Cathedral. Of course, tracing families back a thousand years is an obscure business, but there is mention of a scholar – clergyman of that time, and there are fragmented works of Latin stored still within that place of worship attributed to him, Seprens ad Regnum Diablo (The Serpent Kingdom of the Devil). It is believed that Edwald Crowe, the gentleman in question, was quite mad. As we progress through the centuries, the family are mentioned in obscure references throughout the South of England and London, but with references too in Scotland and France. There appears to be at least a hint of Celtic lineage to the family, and red hair is a frequent reference. By the 17th Century, there is more firm evidence of the Crow Family, who now appeared to have started a Mercantile Business in silks and was doing well. Interwoven with this wealth were two important threads. Firstly, the Crow family had a reputation for witchcraft that stretched back to Edwald, and secondly, they were known as scholars as well as businessmen. Winchester Crow was a particularly notorious member of the family. He was apparently a lunatic, and committed to Bedlam hospital were he created a number of disturbing artworks now stored away from all eyes. Winchester was eventually released, and perhaps due to bribery from the wealthy family. Whilst recovering in a family estate, he apparently murdered the butler with a steak knife and proclaimed himself the Snake King and that his murderous action was a sacrifice to a Roman Snake God. This did not go down well, and despite protestations of lunacy, he was hung from the neck until dead. In the 20th Century, the Crow family were essentially a matriarchy and campaigned vehemently for women’s rights. Vera Crow, who is now approaching ninety, was particularly vital in this area (as was her mother, Violet Crow, who was in the sufferage movement). By this time, the Crow family refused to change name upon marriage, and the children took their mothers name. This tradition actually intermittently appeared during the preceding centuries, but it was associated with witchcraft and sorcery and less potent in its application. Lemurian Heritage Unbeknownst to all but a few, and not understood well even then, the Crow family have Lemurian heritage. Whilst science can detect no significant abnormality in the genome, bar a few minor unknowns, the trait is still their and eldritch rather than genetic in nature (presumably – this is not clear!). The Crow family seem to have some natural affinity with snakes and a remarkably lithe, flexible body shape. More pertinent is the intermittent and variable levels of sorcery in the family. Many have some kind of second sight, able to see things in the past or future or from other dimensions. A rare fewer appear to have actually been witches, warlocks, or something of that ilk. Madness, of some form or another seems to pop up remarkably often in the family, although hand in hand with inspiration, genius, and creativity. Cassandra Crow Cassandra has always had a “second sight”, able to see what has happened in the past. Combined with her family traditions and wealth, and own clever aptitudes, this has made her a very successful historian, explorer, and archaeologist. After exploring Aztec ruins, Cassandra was infected with an ancient Lemurian poison and her latent serpentine qualities become more pronounced. Her senses, physical strength and reflexes are now improved, she is able to speak to snakes, and has that lithe, flexible body of a snake. By way of her family connections, and own success both material and academic, she is now honorary curator of the British Museum, and has filled its vaults and displays with antiquities, particularly from South America. This has made her respected and valued by the Museum – she is a skilled historian but she also keeps their displays filled with new acquisitions, for no charge. Understandably, this lead to them creating a specific new role (honorary curator) for her. When in England (or more specifically, London), she is often found in the Museum. However, she is at heart an explorer, and won’t stay there long! Adventuring! Snakebite travels the world unearthing old antiquities, cults, witchcraft, and various Elditch or mundane threats. She operates in that field just inbetween normal human and superhuman - her powers are actually few but she has peak physical performance and plenty of skills. Fighting wise she is a brawler using her physical strengths rather than a lot of training. She is handy with her whip, and carries a dart gun (it does not do to shoot people with real bullets in most areas!) when she fights. Whilst she is an academic and starts out as an investigator, explorer, and adventurer in principle, she is bold and feisty, and won't shy away from a brawl!
  6. For stuff. Reputation Chart 20 Questions HellQ Guide Entry (Details more on family history and heritage in particular)
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