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Let's Talk Heroics, Part Deux

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Since y'all maybe missed it, let's try a fresh thread, eh?


Let's do something with Claremonters. Specifically, the day that sound disappeared. Needless to say, Claremont PCs with superhuman senses recommended, but not required. Long story short, Waverider's powers have gone a bit wonky, and it's up to Our Heroes to 1. figure this out and 2. bring back sound because (spoiler) she's not doing it to herself, ya know. I can make the sonic interference intermittent, if that's an issue. In fact, that sounds more fun. Sometimes you can hear, and sometimes you can't. Did some say...Complication? :D


Second, disaster relief. Hurricanes are supposed to be out of season, but there's one about to cream the Caribbean. Three goals here. Help the civvies on first island hit, track down the source of this artificial storm, and pound mad scientist bad guy into next Tuesday.

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On 11.4.2017 at 11:33 PM, olopi said:

Obviously up for any Claremont related things with Jann (who is currently stuck in PL-limbo, so could be either 7 or 10 depending on your preference)

As for disaster relief: Having Bonfire deal with a flooding sounds just perfect :P

Sha'ir could also work here, as he's more mobile and can show up in places that aren't FC.

And if it's in space, Barrier's probably there regardless :P


As always, prioritize others over me


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10 hours ago, Raveled said:

If you're willing to give a bit of leeway to how Chrome's powers work, he could do really well on quiet duty.

I don't quite know what you mean. Radio isn't sound waves. Though if you're volunteering that to be randomly blocked out too, I'm cool with that. :cool:

7 hours ago, Azuth65 said:

If I can get her reactivated in time, Gauss would like to rejoin things and here seems like an excellent place to start.

I'm not in a rush, man.

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21 hours ago, Droideka said:

You can sign me up freely then!

Just one question. How does Gallant get to a small island in the Caribbean?

8 hours ago, Raveled said:

I think I'm going to back Chrome out of this one. He can get around the problem too easily for it to be interesting.

As you like it, Rav. See  you round, like a donut. :D

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