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Move Action: Toss smokescreen flask.

Obscure 3 (Magnetic Dust Cloud; Radio, Visual, 25' radius; Extras: Action [Move], Independent [+0], Flaws: Unreliable [5 Uses]) {10/12} (chemical, magnetism, smoke)

Move Action: Move behind whatever cover is readily available.

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That'll work! Give me a Physical Sciences check to try and gather samples without being contaminated. 


Let's say many of the Deep Ones stream after the "Chosen One", ready to fight on its behalf, while others stay milling around the initial occupation zone. (i.e., they'll hold their action until their god is attacked) 


Sea Devil: 

Move Action: Aquaria interposes herself between the monster and its target. 

Standard Action: she makes an attempt at Diplomacy. This won't work, so I get another HP! 




This is a Damage 12 (Extra: Area [General, Cone]) + Dazzle 12 (auditory, Extra: Area [General, Cone]) - which only hits Aquaria, eesh! 

http://orokos.com/roll/394077 = she fails her Reflex save vs Damage 


http://orokos.com/roll/394078 = 31 she is unhurt... 

http://orokos.com/roll/394079 = 23 and undamaged 


Singularity is up. 




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Letsee.  Before Glamazon even thinks about attacking the giant Deep One she's gonna want to keep her word.  So, taking 10 to attack a Deep One Minion chasing after the thing to get a sample it is!  DC29 Tou Save


Actually, let's stunt off a new AP off her movement array. 


Speed 7 (Power Feat: Moving Feint) + Enhanced Feat 2 ( Takedown Attack 2) [8+2=10]


Essentially if she's able to she's going to try and use Takedown Attack to mow down a couple of minions from behind the large frog!  If she gets close enough to it in the process she'd probably take a swing at him too (in which case I'll have to roll).

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