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[ToV] Vanity (OOC)

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Sure.  She knows they have bites and scratches.  Both came in with fevers and coughs.  Neither's medical history implied that they were anywhere near each other let alone knew each other.  Now both patients are presenting Increased aggression, excessive salivation, and judging by the hell beast talk at least one is hallucinating.  As crazy as it sounds it's as if they've jumped to the acute stages of rabies already.  Pretty much a death sentence, but one that shouldn't be progressing that quickly!

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Alright sorry for the delay!  Picking up a part time job on top of my regular work hours is a little distracting.


Anyways, the treatment options are pretty bare bones as far as medicine goes.  Stick him with antibiotics and put him on oxygen as well as an IV.  He has enough time to do that for sure, and no need to roll.



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Alright, while EP works on his edit.  I'll save a GM post for the other half of the heroes after the edit there.  Last GM post had Queenie far enough to be out of earshot


Feel free to create a post of Jack having caught news of the hospital's lockdown now, Giz.


Durf, give me a DC Notice Check! 

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In the absence of a better plan, Tristan is going to try to rally and organize the hospital staff to more effectively fight back against the waves of infections, or at least make sure that the regular doctors can do so themselves, before he attempts anything else.  Do I need to make any rolls for this?

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