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Hazard Pay (OOC)


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  • 4 weeks later...

For those who pass the Notice check, you'll hear a faint hum in the distance that is almost washed out by the ambient noises of nature. 

Survival check will net you that there are some creatures that passed through this area on two feet, moving lightly but there are the definite depressions in the moist soil of a few sets of tracks. 

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It's that time! Initiative, ladies and gentlemen. Everyone can claim an HP for the bad guys getting the drop on you with their wicked tech. Taylor would get HP, but she's been MacGuffin'd for the plot. Poor Phantom. If you want to try and suss out something about the tech, tell me the appropriate skill you are using to do so!

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Raina's got bupkis, she leaves the braining to the monkey. She will, however, roll Arcane Lore to see if she can tell what's going on with Phantom from a magical perspective. She gets an 18.

Merlin's going to use Skill Mastery on his Know:Tech for a 28, see what he can see about what just happened. 

Just to be thorough, he will also roll Know: Phys Sci to see if there's anything extra to see. Terrible roll, he gets a 19. If Computers could apply, he also has a Skill Mastered 28 for that. 

Raina's Initiative Roll is a 9.

Merlin's Initiative Roll is a 10.

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For their move action, the bounty hunters will struggle to their feet and cuss. :D And then one of them will whip out a technological gadget to try and clear the air faster with their standard action. We'll say it'll take until the top of their next round to clear enough to see and Riley can take an HP for that GM fiat. The Bounty Hunter Leader will still be suffering under the obscure during his action this round. 

Riley, you can juuuuust make it to the treeline's edge in your thirty feet of movement. If you're scuttling up a tree, that'll take the next round's move.

Ouroboros, you're up after I get an IC post up.



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Raina and Merlin are going to ascend out of reach of the cloud, and Raina will activate her concealment, using Selective so that her friends can still see her, but the bad guys cannot. Since she is using concealment, she will have to save her hella yellin for later. But it will come. 

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Reflex Save for Bounty Hunter Leader: (1d20+10)=13

He is duly snared!

Woodsman is up after your IC post, the Concealment effect will fade on the Bounty Hunters turn and the Leader is snared. 

Frostbyte: 24
Woodsman: 20
Bounty Hunters (2): 18
Ouroboros: 17
Bounty Hunter Leader: 14  SNARED
Reagent: 10
Merlin: 10
Sparkler: 9

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