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Hit the Plane Down (OOC)


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The OOC!

El Hurican I'm gonna let you decide if you're on the plane (probably with your parents) or just at the airport seeing them off and overhear some of the budding chaos.  Post in accordingly.


DC 15 Notice checks from each of you as you approach the plane.  And a DC 10 Knowledge: Technology if you have it.

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Tagging, So this is the other airport... hehe

Notice check has Skill Mastery, so I'll call that a 20.

Knowledge Technology I will roll naked, as if this has something to do with the aircraft there is a case for a untrained roll.
Knowledge: Technology check (naked): 1d20+1 4 - Yeah, I don't have pink hair. :P

One note though, as a professional pilot, Seahawk would know what could be amiss mechanically, and what doesn't belong. At her level, possibly by rote.

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Alright so if you beat a 15 on the notice check you get a good glimpse into the cockpit without arousing suspicions.  The captain is at the controls still in uniform and seemingly completely calm, miracle girl with her enhanced sight can make out that his ID picture matches and everything.  The rest of the cabin crew is not so lucky, co-pilot and flight engineer are both slumped over their stations in rather unnatural positions and seahawk with a 20 can make out what appears to be severe burns along what flesh is exposed though the uniforms seem largely untouched.

If you made the 10 Knowledge Tech check you can see that the plane is equipped with a handy bit of advanced superscience that prevents cabin depressurization if the doors or windows are breached the forcefield generators only last an hour or two and wont stop large or fast moving objects but can maintain cabin pressure if a window or door is breached.

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To clarify the pressure seals are a standard slowly being rolled out on planes so not completely standard but not so unusual as to be suspicious.  I should probably do more posting not in the middle of the night with an insomniac toddler screaming for juice ...

All in all the point is depressurization for many reasons is not something we're worrying about in this thread huzzah!

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Well, that and at the altitude we're at it's a non-issue. We're probably at best round 1000-2000 feet up. Just have to worry about the air rushing by us, with which as fliers already in motion shouldn't be too troubled with. So, let's get inside.

That and is there access from the passenger cabin into the luggage hold? Because last I checked stewards could go in to feed animals for long trips. I'd like to avoid punching a hole into the passenger cabin lest I'd create a panic. It's also in character for Seahawk to think about this...

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There would be a passage up to the passenger deck letting out into the little stewardess kitchenette.  And yea the basic idea is that because science! there is no concern about someone getting sucked out through a door or other dire consequences of going in through the boarding or escape doors for passengers.  Stealthier approach through the luggage bay has, well, stealthiness though.



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Well, actually the luggage area is pressurized anyways in case there are pets being transported. But point taken. Time to be sneaky. Although once we're in the passenger cabin we're gonna have to be explaining things, and quick. No stealth there.

Might be better just to get through quickly. At this point time is of the essence.

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Alright here's the conversation for Heritage and Osprey.  Given the margin of success and her feature Miracle girl can repeat with full inflection and what not for El Huracan if she chooses.


The older gentleman stands a worried frown fixed on his features, "Miss is there a problem?  We seem to be-"  he goes silent jaw working wordlessly as his eyes go wide and he unconsciously clutches his briefcase closer to his chest, "J-j-jeniffer?"  he stammers the question wordlessly his body language tense looking like he's about to bolt though there is nowhere to run.  "W-what are you doing here?"

The flight attendant let out a light carefree laugh at his initial question, "Oh no problem sir."  she replied as he recognized her and drew back fearfully, "Hello Doctor Warfield."  she purred, "Long time no see."  she said with venom canting one hip as she spoke.  "You have been very very naughty."  she growled as vague ripples formed in the air above her as if looking out over a hot parking lot in summer.

"N-n-no no no."  Warfield babbled as he backed away, "Jennifer don't do this I'm just trying to help the-"  He was cut off however as the woman broke in, "WE ARE NOT SOME DISEASE TO BE CURED!"  She roared as the air around her ignited in flame burning away her uniform and leaving her standing sheathed in fire.


And that'll be initiative. Time, unless of course you all decide not to intervene?

Initiative Firestarter 1d20+8 = 23 

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Ok so if you all want to jump in we'll be in combat rounds though you can put in reaction posts and some hurried planning if you want.


28             Seahawk            3HP

24            El Huracan          1HP

23            Firestarter            NPC

19            Miracle Girl          1HP


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