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There is no sign of Caradoc - she does find a whole lot of debris from Freedom City. It's debris that scavengers have obviously been picking over. There are animals around eating garbage; big flocks of birds, rats and mice, and buzzards and eagles. Lots of animals, really! She also finds a well-trodden trail leading up and out of the 'bowl'-shaped depression they're in; up towards the nearby mountains. (Take a look at the picture I posted) - a trail recently walked on. 

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As a reminder for Mad and Bluefish, Caradoc doesn't actually look monstrous: he's Steve's third identity, a holographic disguise that makes him look like a sort of retro-future medieval knight with a jetpack and lance. If either Echo or Wildcat see him without the hologram in his Harrier identity they'll immediately recognize the armor as belonging to a heavy combat Omegadrone -- and should probably react accordingly! For now though they have no reason to suspect that Caradoc has anything to do with Harrier, if they've even heard of the latter.

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http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/6795-aas-all-new-all-different-oddballs/?page=3#comment-216748 = the T-Rex and rider! 

The T-Rex gets 10 http://orokos.com/roll/322949

A mysterious person gets...11! http://orokos.com/roll/322950


Jack of all Blades: 17 

Geckoman: 17

Echo: 16

Mysterious Person: 11

Wildcat: 11

T-Rex: 10 


Jack of all Blades is up!


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Jack of all Blades
Move Action: Climb the dinosaur! Climb check: 1d20+10 23, Acrobatics check: 25 with Skill Mastery
Standard Action: Energy Sword vs Dinosaur Rider; Power Attack 5: 1d20+15 22

  • Damage 3 (Extras: Autofire 6, Linked [+0], Penetrating 4; Power Feats: Improved Critical [18-20], Mighty, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Available, Concentrated Energy or Magic]) + Drain Toughness 6 (Extras: Affects Objects) [29PP] (energy sword)

So a DC 10 + 6 + 5 Power Attack = 21 Fortitude Save vs Drain Toughness then a DC 15 + 3 + 3 Mighty + 5 Power Attack = 26 Toughness Save, plus any Autofire bonus.

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Geckoman: Uninjured, 4 HP

Move Action: Using Wall-Crawling and Acrobatics Skill Mastery for 25, Chris can also get on the dinosaur

Standard Action: Gain control of the dinosaur. If it's Pilot, that's Skill Mastery for a total of 30. If it's Ride or Drive, he'll have to roll. For Drive, he'll just flat-out roll with his +10 bonus, with Ride, he'll spend a HP on Beginner's Luck for a +14 bonus: Controlling the dinosaur: 1d20 5 Eh, not great, but that means it's a 15 for Drive, a 19 for Ride, and a 30 for Pilot.

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  • Avenger Assembled
    This guy has no ID? Like, at all - which is weird for someone from the 21st century. His duster pockets are full of what appear to be a variety of gold watches that do not match, along with silver dollars, Spanish currency, and other pieces of money, none of which are embossed with a date later than 1855. He has a big single-action revolver strapped to one hip, and on the other hip is what looks like a weirdly high-tech device - a black circle th
    9:57 PM
    size and shape of a tea-set's saucer. It has two buttons on it, right in the center, pressing one produces a staticky, whistling sound like a walkie-talkie.
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We'll use these stats for 'the Withering', kicking up to PL 12 

http://orokos.com/roll/338342 = Jack goes unspotted!





Dropping these to PL 12 



Echo also goes unspotted! 



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