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And Two More Shall Take Its Place

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I'd have to hash out the maths when I get home, but would it be acceptable to you guys (AA as the thread GM and Rob as Cho's player) for Thoughtspeed to try stunting a Nullify off of his Communication power, with the descriptor/fluff that he's basically linking his mind with Cho's to help her control her powers?


Or are we locked into having the Chocano blow?

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Here's what the heroes find out. 




Putting everything together, Terrifica concludes that the scene was staged. Not only was all this created for the heroes to see but everything, even the grimly scattered gore that looks like it was once teenage superheroes upstairs, is fake. The blood itself is real, certainly, but the parts and signs of actual murder are fake (they don't even appear to be real flesh, just cunningly molded high-grade plastics). 


It's the sort of thing that would fool someone on close inspection - but even a middling police crime lab would pick up that this is almost entirely phony. It's not just a fake - it's actually a pretty shoddy fake. 


Except for that poor innocent receptionist, who appears to have been stabbed through the heart and left to bleed out on the floor. Someone did die here last night. 




It's certainly a grim scene, with carnage and gore everywhere and the unmistakeable parts of bodies scattered through the house like a scene from a horror movie. Come to think of it, it does look just like a horror movie! This was obviously staged to strike fear and panic in someone. The highest-ranking Notice score reveals something in a room with half an Asian teenager's torso in it (or IS it?), what appears to be a still picture of a warehouse somewhere in Greenbank. 




Searching reveals that the kids' rooms are empty of any personal items. There's some random debris scattered around (and covered in the gore, as if to simulate a bloody fight to the death) but there's nothing here that actually belonged to anyone who lived in these rooms. 

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Initiative: 29. Silly super scientist being faster than the speedster! :argh:
As for non-sight powers:

Psycho-Kinetic Awareness 1.4 (7PP Container [Passive, Permanent]) [7pp] (Mutant, Kinetic Energy, Psionic)

Enhanced Feat 1(Uncanny Dodge: Mental) [1PP]
Super-Senses 6(Accurate, Acute, Radius, Ranged, Mental Sense) [6pp]
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I would...hmmm...Do you think that the murder of the poor woman was an accident, and someone made it look like a massacre to cover their tracks and throw suspicion on someone else?


I can easily see someone accidentally stabbing her, panicking, setting up the scene...


Okay, now that I say it out loud it doesn't make much sense, but I'm going by Super Hero Universe Logic. 

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