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Between Chris having reported via Citizen that a whole mess of Star Knights died in the attack on Lor-Van and having Caradoc standing right there doing the shiny-armor-over-something-scary thing himself, I feel like Erik probably has reason to jump to some conclusions here, but would you like a Sense Motive/Bluff check?

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Well, Jack doesn't know from Star Knights - but those are reasonable suspicions for him to have, especially given what he already knows. Do the Star Knights really have the resources for this given what has evidently happened to them? It does seem a little suspicious that they would appear in the middle of a communications blackout, doesn't it? 

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Alright, Erik's not going to sit there while the Faux Knights beam space computer viruses at Mara and Steve!

Jack of all Blades
Move Action: Feint vs. Red Star Knight, 29 with Skill Mastery
Standard Action: Charge Red Star Knight; Power Attack 5: 1d20+17 35

With Improved Critical 2, that's a Critical Hit so that's a DC 26 Fortitude Save vs Drain Toughness then a DC 31 + Autofire (up to +3) Toughness Save vs Damage.

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Ok, so Geckoman is uninjured with 4HP.
Move Action: I'll feint the yellow one! Skill Mastery, 31!

Standard Action: With a threefer combo of Acrobatics Skill Mastery, +20 Strength from MOON GRAVITY, and Leaping 1, as a standing long jump, Geckoman can do 34' leaps. Which isn't much to punch the yellow one in the face. And dice are fun. So, with a charge attack to punch the yellow "Star Knight" in the face... Space Gecko!: 1d20+15 35. OK. So that's effective Strength 38 giving him 24' running long jumps, plus 20 to 44' from Acrobatics, then x2 for Leaping. OK, 88' leap, halved for not running up first, so 44'. Still less than just running at 'em. Eh. Giant space jump.

Face punch! Charging Power Attack for 5 [in zero gravity]: 1d20+11 23 So that's DC24, 26 if the feint was successful. Sneak Attack, yo.

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Jack of all Blades
Move Action: Taking 10 on Acrobatics with Skill Mastery, Jack should be able to get about 8' of vertical distance with the moon's lower gravity.
Hero Point: Stunting:

Damage 6 (Extras: Area [Targeted, Line], Linked; Power Feats: Improved Critical [18-20], Progression 1 [25’ Length per Rank], Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Available, Concentrated Energy or Magic]) + Drain Toughness 6 (Extras: Affects Objects, Area [Targeted, Line]; Flaws: Limited [Objects Only]; Power Feats: Progression 1 [25’ Length per Rank]) [29PP] (energy sword)
Standard Action: Giant Energy Sword vs Communion Ship; Power Attack 5, -2 Environment: 1d20+13 21


That's DC 21 for the Drain and DC 26 for the Damage.

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Jill O'Cure

Move Action: Move out of the outpost toward the heroes.

Standard Action: Create a barrier between everyone and the Communion ship.


Create Object 12 (Power Feats: Progression [10-foot cube/rank], Selective, Stationary, Tether, Extras: Impervious, Movable) [52PP]
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