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Okay, we have our thread here.

So, as is suggested, all the award recipients (Graft (in civilian ID); Riftfand Titan (in hero ID) have been offered limo transportation to the event.  I assume Asad will arrive in his own ride.


Also, for those that wish, some Kn: Business or Current Events or Gather Information rolls are likely appropriate, to determine what each of you might know/have uncovered regarding the event, the sponsors, etc.  TA, I will be shooting you a PM, as Asad is in a unique position to know a fair bit about the other sponsors, and could know even more with a good roll!

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Well Avo, that Sense Motive roll won't glean you anything more than what I already posted (and there is really nothing about Diana that the Notice check could revel).  But, so the Notice roll is not wasted, there are some things that you do spot past the couple.


Just behind them is fit looking man in his late forties, wearing a blue uniform.  The yellow bars on his shoulder boards and the white cap on his head makes you certain he is likely the captain of Topple's yacht.


A rather heavy duty gang plank leads up to the upper deck of the yacht, and waiting at the top is a brunette woman in her mid-thirties, wearing a uniform similar to the captain's, a clipboard in hand. 


A short distance to the right of the woman at the top of the gang plank, standing up next to the railing and looking down at the scene below is a figure wearing what appears to be a red and chrome suit of powered armor.

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Okay, sorry for the delay, here are what Graft and Riff were able to learn/know about things (Riff’s Kn: Current Events capped out at 15 as he was using it untrained, putting him on relatively equal footing to Graft’s 19 for Gather Into)

Andrew Topple: From all accounts, a self-made man, his company, Topple Enterprises, having started as a real estate company and has since grown to include a number of real estate firms, a few security and custodial firms and has recently begun expanding into medical technology and the energy sector.

Knute Smith: CEO of Forge Motors, his company specializes high end cars and motorcycles, as well as custom kit cars and motorcycles. While his company is still going strong, Smith has recently begun focusing on numerous charity projects to give back to the community.

You two can review Asad’s rep block to see what you know about him (that you might not already know). Same for Titan.

The other award recipients are:

Deborah Magson: who is receiving the Everyday Hero prize for her company, Steamwhistle Limited, an online whistleblower website.

Jessi Nelson: also receiving an Everyday Hero prize, Jessi is a sixteen year old homeless girl (her parents dying in a fire three years ago) who rescued a family of six from another house fire just a little over a month ago. She helped the parents get clear, then climbed up to the second floor of the house with a garden hose to help the four children escape as well. Now under the custody of the Division of Youth and Family Services, she will be going into the foster home system. The cash prize connected with her award will be placed into a college trust fund for her.

Mariam Koy: who is receiving a life sciences prize for her “Sudden Stop†anti-intoxication treatement.

Nadiya Schmidt: who is receiving the invention prize for her Chameleon Bikini.

Robert Cross: the author receiving the literature prize for his book, “Beyond Human.†(Graft: I will give you a little more info, given Graft is an MD. Cross’ book is a study on metahumans and stakes a position that humanity is at risk from the variety of enhanced and mutated humans that exist. This is done primarily through the examination of the possibility of a virus or other disease infecting a metahuman and possibly mutating or adapting to take on some of the metahuman characteristics of the host and then getting released back into the normal human population. It also discusses possible consequences of bioengineering and other testing being done to try to develop metahumans.)

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Asad does not have a rep block as of current. Buuuuut... he is an open book, so ask questions, but he is:

Arab-American. Rich. Owns a massive company Summit Transational.

He has been a hero post the Gorgon event. He is presumably a mutant. Capable of resisting great harm, flying, and able to blast people. Recently he had been involved with a massive explosion over the bay.

Anyway, his Gather Information: 1d20+10=22

And his Knowledge: Current Events: 1d20+5=19

Business: 1d20+5=25

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Thanks TA, I will PM you what Asad knows in addition to the above.


Also, the rest of you are welcome to arrive anytime you wish! :D  (Topple and his wife will come over to great each of you as you arrive, after some initial attention from the press)

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Okay, long post :)


TA, feel free to have a quick response (if any) for Asad in his interaction with Mariam and Jessi, as well as any reactions during the introductions.


Thunder, Avo, Dark, you can each handle your characters being called up to receive their awards (and of course their thoughts and feelings in the whole process).


I'll pick up again once all that is done.

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