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Winter Wonderland


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OOC for this


Synapse and Foreshadow attend the Winter Olympics!


Some politics, some athletics, some icy danger!


To kick off, please feel free to post your arrival to Soshi, by air sea or land. 


Foreshadow has also experienced a fore-vision of Sergeant K approaching him, and also of Sergeant K getting shot (lethally? who knows...)


Feel free to make appropriate Knowledge (Current Events) or Gather Information rolls about any specifics you want to know - either now, or in the course of the thread. 

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With that, we can presume Synapse knows most details of the Olympics, like the major athletes, the timings, schedules, coaches, etc. 


Also, she is aware that the Russian team was under scrutiny for drug abuse, but this quickly disappeared / quashed. There was a significant hoo-ha about it, but then everything turned up clean. 

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Also, feel free to post IC:


Foreshadow has experienced his visions of Sergeant K. Wherever you want to narrate being (such as arriving at your hotel, or outside the stadium to catch the first events), he can make a DC 15 Notice roll to spot K in the crowd. 


As for Synapse, can she also make a DC 15 Notice roll? If she passes it, she notices two suspicious looking Russian men in shades, trench coats, etc, trying to look inconspicious but following her (wherever you would like to start narrating e.g at hotel, airport, train station, stadium, etc...)

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Ok, so I am going to ask for two rolls, HG. 


Firstly, a DC 10 Bluff check to successfully appear drunk. 


Secondly, a CHA roll (just modified by CHA) to see how much of a ruckus you can create in a short period of time!


DC 10: The immediate vicinity notice you. 


DC 15: The lobby notice you, including the reception staff. 


DC 20: The hotel notices you, including security and doorman. 

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Base Defence of 8, but I will say flat footed this round, and also prone (-4 to defence), so yes that hits. 


Ill wing this a bit, as I have fudged this, lets say a DC 10 Difficulty to kick K free, based on your damage roll.




Yoikes, so with that, I will also give you the oppurtunity to daze, bruise, stagger, or KO the guy. Your choice!

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