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Earth Victoriana: On Track


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OOC for thread. 


Synapse is asked by the Ministry of Powers to investigate Ulysses strange affinity to the power of steam, and gets pulled into Earth Victoriana, India!


Right, to start off: We have Synapse travelling to Dover. 


Exaccus, Feel free to narrate whatever you want about how you might be in Dover / The Channel Tunnel, either by chance or by some mysterious conscious or unconscious drive from your patron.


Also note: I have left date of this out, but will edit it in. This is complicated due to Synapses involvement with other threads. I am open to suggestion on this front.  

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I think Synapse is less of the problem than Ulysses as far as what date this should take place.  Synapse is currently only involved in the Vanguard thread (which takes place a few months ago).  I should be able to be vague enough about things that might happen in that thread to have this more current. 


Having it take place in EV actually helps that issue a good bit, as what will happen in the Vanguard threads will matter very little over in EV.  :)

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Synapse can make a knowledge (Physical Sciences) Roll. Her skill and INT are enough to broadly follow what the Doctor is saying (and generally agree with her theory). But its complicated stuff - if you want to go further...


Ill give a somewhat arbitrary +2 bonus due to the fact you have a journey down to Dover to take your time, and Synapse has Quickness x25 for mental tasks. This is not so much a research thing as following and understanding the data. 


DC 25

You can independently confirm that the readings do indeed appear to indicate transfer of energy from another dimension into another. The flash of energy looks otherwise like a conventional explosive in pattern, only muted due to travelling between dimensions


DC 30

The readings indicate the brief formation of a wormhole type thing (your own narrative license) between two alternative dimensions. The transfer of matter between the two dimensions in both directions is not only possible, but probably

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The driver is basically a functional robot / andriod, a bit quirky and malfunctioning, but passable and efficient nevertheless. The design and systems all look pretty good, but it falls into the "experimental prototype" field of technology. 


Its high tech, but unreliable. 


No signs as far as she can see of military or combat applications. 


Just a plan old butler, the sort that could hang around in an HQ, for instance. 

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Right then!


She can find some clues: Fragments of what look like explosive (metal shards)


From the Physical Science Check this looks like a ground based explosive that flew upwards. It was not designed to cause structural damage to the tunnel, so either it was random, for another purpose or incompetent. 


In addition, the blast pattern and damage all points to a "flash" effect, as if a powerful explosion was briefly brought to this dimension from another one. 

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I would like to See if i can play minesweeper by running up and down the 10 mile streach of track and looking for bombs as i attempt to detonate a few with proximity. if i spot one that hasn't gone off yet and doesn't seem ready to pop i'd like to bring Captain Singh and Synapse over before poking at it further.

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Sure, you can set some off though!


Ok so lets say you need a DC20 Notice check to spot one, given you know what to look for and have Singh to brief you. 


Roll Notice until you get a 20+. Each failed roll is an explosion: i.e. DC 20 Reflex roll to avoid (with +2 situational bonus as you know precisely what to expect!), and then a DC 25 or 20 Toughness check. Of course, with your impervious, if you make the reflex roll you halve the rank of the attack, and suffer no effects. 


So essentially each failed roll is a DC 20 Reflex (at +2), and if that fails, a DC 25 Toughness check,. 


Also, this is one of those rare occassions that I will award an HP for sheer awesome., Running up and down a railroad setting off bombs just screams a great few panels in a comic. 


Ulysess 2 HP

Synapse 1 HP

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Ok feel free to narrate travelling x hundred yards "uptrack", although the track will end in a mile or so. And find the unexploded bomb. 


Make knowledge (Physical Sciences) or (Technology) to analyse it. DC 20 will realise


It is an absolutely expert wind up watch activated stick of dynamite. Placed with great skill, built with great skill. not remotely activated. There are trademark pieces of machinery (keep it steam punk - springs, copper, whistles) and chemical residue on the bomb itself, clues you could recognise...

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Ulysses has polydipsia, so i think the heat would have a greater effect on him in that regard, even when supplied with water, he's also got a injury so its not helping much i'd wager. so id say at best break even, at worse moderate penalty? though i might be blowing it out of proportion.

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