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Found 6 results

  1. Character Name Lord Steam Power Level: 8/15 (211/250PP) [254] Unspent Power Points: 39 Trade-Offs: +4 Attack / -4 Damage, +4 Defence / - 4 Toughness In Brief: Steampunk Sherlock Alternate Identity: Lord Lucien Lockwood Birthplace: London (Earth Victoriana Dimension) Residence: Just outside Freedom City (Steam Manor) Occupation: Diplomat, Detective, Aristocrat Affiliations: FC Police Department, Earth Victoriana Government (Ministry of Extraordinary Affairs) Family: Lord Lombard Lockwood, Ederly Aristocrat Description: Age: 35 (DOB 03/03/1981) Apparent Age: 35 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian (1/4 Indian) Height: 6’1” Weight: 85 Kgs Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Lord Steam dressed in antique Victorian clothes of the finest cut (and yes, he pulls it off, although he looks eccentric). He is a handsome tall man with long, Bryon-esque hair. He has an athletic, yet somewhat gangly frame. He usually carries his antique (and very valuable) brass tipped walking stick with him. History: Lord Steam is a genius. He grew up in Earth Victoriana London, to a wealthy and elderly father and a beautiful (disappeared without a trace) mother. He studied at Oxford studying engineering, and soon excelled. But his real love was detective work. Actually, his really real love was mingling in high society and dazzling everyone with his brilliance. After an indiscretion with Lord Bellowforth’s young wife, it was agreed by all that it was best that Lord Steam made himself absent. An excellent position on the newly discovered “Earth Independence” dimension had opened, and Lord Steam became an official ambassador to Earth Prime. Since his seemingly indefinite time in this dimension, Lord Steam has thoroughly enjoyed himself as a detective, man of leisure, and his very occasional demands as a diplomat, and is quite keen to remain in his advantageous and interesting position. Personality & Motivation: Lord Steam is a restless and curious soul, unable to keep his nose out of trouble. Despite his intellect - and it is an intellect he uses - he is by nature somewhat reckless, a thrill seeker. One must also consider his upbringing - he believes in doing the right thing, in manners, politeness, law, and social order. In some ways, his aristocratic upbringing holds on to the code of "chivalry" from days past. He is no stick in the mud, however. He is also charismatic and charming, and loves throwing a good party and the company of equally charming women. He has a taste for all the fine expensive things in life, and only the best will do! Powers & Tactics: Lord Steam has no super powers, but is a genius and extremely charming. He is a master of all forms of detective work and an expert in mechanical engineering. If in a fight (which he prefers to avoid, as it hurts), he is a capable martial artist, trained in the EV Japanese/British hybrid martial art of Bartitsu. Complications: Antiquated Attitude: Lord Steam is somewhat antiquated in his view on servants, class, and even (in some regards) women, although always polite about it. (He has no prejudice on race or sexual orientation, and is actually very familiar with Asian cultures). Curiosity killed the Cat: The finest mind means the finest curiosity. Poking his nose in, and never letting go till the mystery is unravelled! Schmoozer: With an eye for the ladies, fine wine, and parties, Lord Steam can be distracted... Silver Spoon: Lord Steam can live without the necessities of life, but he simply must have the luxuries. He might refuse to use “common” things (public transport, cheap meals, cheap tools, etc). Equally, if a particular antique (or something artistic / splendid) captures his eye, he simply must have it! Steampunk Mechanic: Whilst clever with steampunk technology, modern stuff can sometimes defeat Lord Steam (particularly computers or electronics, but potentially some mechanical or structural work too). Abilities: 4 + 8 + 8 + 12 + 12 + 10 Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 22 (+6) Wisdom: 22 (+6) Charisma: 20 (+5) Combat: 24 + 24 = 48 Initiative: +8 Attack: +12 Defense: +12, +6 Flat Footed Grapple: +16 Knockback: -2 Saving Throws: 2 + 6 + 2 = 10 Toughness: +4 (+4 Con) Fortitude: +6 (+4 Con, +2) Reflex: +10 (+4 Dex, +6) Will: +8 (+6 Wil, +2) Skills: 184 R = 46 PP Acrobatics 4 (+8) Skill Mastery Bluff 8 (+13) Craft (Chemical) 4 (+10) Craft (Mechanical) 12 (+18) Skill Mastery, Additional +2 with Masterwork Tools Craft (Structural) 4 (+10) Diplomacy 8 (+13) Disable Device 12 (+18) Skill Mastery, Additional +2 with Masterwork Tools Disguise 4 (+9) Drive 4 (+8) Handle Animal 4 (+9) Intimidate 8 (+13) Investigate 12 (+18) Second Chance, Additional +2 with Masterwork Tools Knowledge (Art) 4 (+10) Knowledge (Behavioural Sciences) 4 (+10) Knowledge (Civics) 4 (+10) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 4 (+10) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 8 (+14) Knowledge (Technology) 12 (+18) Language 8 (English [Native]. French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Urdu) Medicine 4 (+10) Skill Mastery Notice 12 (+18) Second Chance Perform (Keyboards) 4 (+9) Pilot 4 (+8) Ride 4 (+8) Search 12 (+18) Second Chance Sense Motive 12 (+18) Stealth 4 (+8) Feats: 53 Attractive [High Society Natural] Assessment Benefit 6 (Wealth 3 [Filthy Rich], Earth Victoriana Culture, Diplomatic Immunity, Aristocrat) Chokehold Connected Critical Strike Defensive Attack Eidetic Memory Favoured Opponent 2 (Robots, Criminal Masterminds) Equipment 16 Grappling Finesse Improved Disarm Improved Initiative 1 Improved Pin Improved Sunder Inventor Master Plan Minions 6 (Blakely) Power Attack Second Chance 3 (Investigate, Notice, Search) Skill Mastery 1 (Acrobatics, Craft [Mechianical], Disable Device, Medicine) Takedown Attack 1 Uncanny Dodge 1 (Auditory) Weapon Bind Weapon Break Equipment 80 EP = 16 PP Headquarters: Steam Mansion (Toughness: 10 [1 EP], Size: Large [2 EP], Features: Communications, Dimensional portal [Earth Victoriana], Dock, Garage, Grounds*, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Masterwork Living Space, Pool, Power System, Security System 5 [DC 40], Stables**, Staffed, Workshop) [25 total EP] *Grounds increase size to gargantuan for the purposes of gardens, estates, etc (used in 3E), Stables function as a garage for horses etc. Alternative HQ [Identical Mansion based in Earth Victoriana Dimension, London] [1 EP] Vehicle: Bessie the Steam Powered Car (Toughness: 10 [1 EP], Size: Huge [2 EP], Defence Bonus -2, STR 40 [2 EP], Features Alarm 1, Caltrops, Oil Slick, Retractable Weapons, Smokescreen [5 EP], Powers: Speed 5 [5 EP], Super Senses 1 [Radio] [1 EP], Armament Array [16 PP Array, 2 Alt Powers, Total EP Cost 18: Blast 4 with Autofire, Penetrating, “Gatling Guns” Alt Power: Nullify 8 all flame/heat powers, Touch Range, Cone Area “Retardant Spray”, Alt Power: Damage 8 Line Area “Flamethrower”) [34 EP Total] Masterwork Tools [Investigation, Mechanical, Disable Device] [3 EP] Rebreather [1 EP] Flash Goggles [1 EP] Splendid Brass Magnifying Glass [1 EP] (Microscopic Vision 1, x5 time to notice/search) Walking Cane (Damage 2, Feats: Thrown, Mighty) [4 EP] Steam Powered Pistol (Blast 4, Feats: Subtle, Non Lethal Ammunition) [10 EP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 17 Tough Damage Cane Touch DC 19 Tough Damage Revolver Ranged DC 19 Touch Damage Totals: Abilities 54 + Combat 48 + Saves 10 + Skills 46 + Feats 53 = 211/250PP
  2. GM August 11th, Late Evening In a plane... Or more precisely, Mr Jonathon Hale, Esq, asleep in a Plane... Across endless icy plains, mountains, and beautiful bleakness...an Icebreaker was trapped. Steam poured out of engines, and whilst Ice cracked, it did not splinter asunder. Outside, Inuit and Europeans were hacking at the ice, desperate to move the ferocious ship. It groaned, full of Iron and Guns and Coal. And a black coated man with the biggest and blackest handgun one could conceive stood on the ship, bristling with frustration. The ship must break free! Seek it! Arnasaq woke him up. She was as quirky and beautiful as ever, at least to Mr Hale's eyes. A little older, a little wiser. And right now, rather worried... "Ladies and Gentlemen...please fasten your seatbelts and assume the crash position!" Screams and sweats poured forth from the passengers, who nevertheless did what they were told, and with great frenzy. As the Plane started to descend, Arnasaq pointed Mr. Hales eyes to the starboard wing, where one engine was smoking most alarmingly indeed. Below, the icy plains of Greenland, where Arnasaq had insisted they return for a break. And it look like a break was what they were getting. A quite different type of break. A piece of wing looked like it was going to break. And it did, splintering from the main wing and tumbling in a rather splendid arc, trailing black smoke.
  3. OOC for thread. Synapse is asked by the Ministry of Powers to investigate Ulysses strange affinity to the power of steam, and gets pulled into Earth Victoriana, India! Right, to start off: We have Synapse travelling to Dover. Exaccus, Feel free to narrate whatever you want about how you might be in Dover / The Channel Tunnel, either by chance or by some mysterious conscious or unconscious drive from your patron. Also note: I have left date of this out, but will edit it in. This is complicated due to Synapses involvement with other threads. I am open to suggestion on this front.
  4. GM It was the ever enigmatic Mr. Smith, dressed in his black suit and carrying his extremely large suitcase, powered by his tall, muscular frame, that sent Synapse off. "Dover" The channel tunnel had been shut. On the English side. There was a cover story, of course. Engineering works to ensure safety. All very reassuring. All completely false. Nobody really knew what was going on, but it happened fast. An explosion and then...nothing. No trace of explosives. A flash for one second popped into existence, and then popped straight out again. "From the little information we have, the origin of this may not be from our dimension" explained Smith as he introduced Doctor Rhona Rost. Dr Rost was working for the government, an expert in theoretical physics apparently, and well briefed. She was a nervous, thin, woman with nicotine stained fingers and bad glasses. For all that, she was also a tall, blonde, woman with sculpted Russian cheekbones. She looked like a Supermodel who had stayed up three nights on too much coffee and had thrown all her make up and fancy clothes down the toilet. "Y-Y-Yes yes" she said, adding a nervous stammer to her plethora of qualities. Her voice didn't indicate either a lack of confidence or an abundance of arrogance. "We best get going. Don't want another frazzin' explosion in a tunnel under the sea, do we?" she asked, hopping from one foot to another in perpetual restlessness. Smith's face was, as ever, like unnatural stone. No muscles moved at all. He merely handed Synapse a sealed document. "Only open if you are...displaced..." he said, stoically, before marching off.
  5. OOC for thread! Carrie and Cannonade back to Earth Victoriana, to face some political skullduggery and the Cannonites! Please tag! Starting of with Steam and Carrie, will hook Cannonade in asap! Steam is purely a hook here, will not participate in adventure!
  6. "Ah there you are. Devil to find. Pleasure to see!" No matter how long he stayed in Freedom City, Lord Steam continued to dress like the most outlandish fop. And somehow just pulled it off. He got stares wherever he went, and was quite happy to sign photographs. He passed himself off as a British Detective and Aristocrat who fancied a life in Freedom City. His role as inter-dimensional diplomat was less well known. It was easy enough to contact Carrie aka Silhouette. Her Medal of Valour doubled up as a radio receiver for Steam, and his home dimension to contact her, and as fate would have it, pay her well for her services as their best freelance agent. The Summer was hot, hot, but Lord Steam had merely rolled up his starched shirt and kept his top hat on to field the rays of the sun. It was Freedom City Park and he had arranged to meet Earth Victoriana's number one agent there.
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