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A sobering reality check


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This morning my stepmother suffered a minor heart attack; thankfully my dad was home at the time, and he was able to call her an ambulance and get her to a nearby hospital very quickly. It turns out one of the skinniest arteries that feeds the heart is blocked, which is too thin to clear with an angioplasty, so they're treating it chemically for now, hoping to break up the blockage. She's in intensive care for now, but will hopefully be moved into a regular room later this weekend. She's awake and alert, but she still has some chest pain and a headache from all the nitro they're giving, but things are as best as can be expected. She's quite young (in her mid-fifties), which is why this has come as such a shock.

I would appreciate it if those of you who pray would send her a little bit of healing energy, so we can get her back home to her family as soon as possible :)

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Thanks for all the kind thoughts and wishes; the good news is my stepmother was able to come home on Saturday, but the bad news is they weren't able to clear the blockage. I don't know what that means long term, maybe she's going to be on new medication to help it work through more naturally, but I haven't asked too many questions becuae I really wanted to give her time to rest. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac with a few genuine health issues, so I've done serious hospital time over the last fifteen years, and I know how badly one sleeps stuck full of tubes and needles in a hospital bed.

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