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  1. You are a very understanding individual, and I appreciate it. Two things haver occurred here. First, my deep-seeded enthusiasm for getting a game going has led me to make promises I haven't kept, the second is the new job that has kept me from keeping the promises. Luckily, the enthusiasm is undiminished and, without making the mistake of specificity I made earlier, I will get an intro post up this week, afterwhich it will be much smoother sailing; the first step is always the hardest. Anyways, I appreciate your patience. I would write the first post now, except that I'm finishing up the final shift at my last job (don't tell them I'm using the computer for personal projects!) Keep watching the skies! (and this thread)
  2. Hey all! A quick update: unfortunately Kavos cannot join us on this story, which is completely ok! Hopefully we get to play with him in the near future. My Rl mate cannot join either, which is a shame, but it does mean that I'll get the first post up tomorrow! Arichamus, as to your questions: 1)Would you give a clue as to the identity of our opponents? You will find out in time Don't worry, you're not going to be fighting Omega or anything like that. 2) How many will we be defending against? To say as much would give a lot away! Stay tuned! 3)Will there be a 'special surprise', in the person of a powered individual? Again, wait and see... and finally, 4)Has anyone volunteered for this play thread in chat in the interim? They haven't. I have, unfortunately, not been able to find the time for chat. That won't mean that I won't for this game, however. Till tomorrow!
  3. Not a nag at all! I actually swung past today to update this. I'm going to give it a couple of more days, and will get the introductory post up early next week (Monday or Tuesday). The adventure will take place in North Freedom; I thought this suiting. Feel free to ask any questions you like! I'll send everyone involved a PM as soon as I get the introductory post completed Looking forward to it!
  4. Not particularly Just make sure you're having fun and flexing the proverbial 'muscles' of your new creations.
  5. Daemon would fit in very well with the scenario! Looking forward to seeing him in action. And yes, sunsets are indeed cool. We'll keep this 'recruitment' open a little ways into the new year and go from there. I'm happy to run anywhere from 1 to 4 PCs. I may or may not include The Seventh Soldier as a back-up, depending on interests (but even so, he would be a background player to the main PCs). In the meantime, anyone interested needs to have an idea why they would be inside The Freedom City Trust, one of the cities pre-eminent banks in the around 1pm on a weekday. They could be there on business, applying for a loan for example. Perhaps they're meeting a friend who works there? It would have just started raining outside, so perhaps they're escaping the weather? In any case, they should be there in their civilian identity if they have one, or with good reason if they don't.
  6. Done; looking forward to it. Happy New Year and all that jazz, and good luck moving! I know it can be a hassle.
  7. cosmicarus

    Bank job

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone would like to participate in a little bank heist (as the heroes, of course ) Even though I've never stopped FtF GMing, it's been a while since I did so on the ol' boards, so I'm looking to run something relatively simple to get back in the groove. I know what the villains are trying to do and basically who they're going to be, so all I need is some daring heroes (preferably ones with secret identities) who'd like to be at the right place at the wrong time. In the interests of keeping things simple and because I currently have an affinity for the 'newbie' in all of us, I'd like interest from those at the lower end of the PL table (this adventure could be a great starting trip for a group of PL7s, for example). If you've got a demonic, divine or mystical PC, they might get an extra kick out of what I have planned (that's not too much of a spoiler alert, so don't worry), but this should be a lot of fun for anyone. As a GM, my style is pretty open. I like to play things free and easy, and I'm looking for players who want to have fun and be heroic. I also like long walks on the beach... just sayin'.
  8. *tries to play it cool but grins like an idiot* Hey cuz (I don't actually say that now, just so everyone is clear), up for some gaming?
  9. I would say the same for myself. Looking forward to getting stuck in here upon my complete return however, including running an ordinary FC bank robbery (which, of course, means that it's anything but ordinary ).
  10. None required, you're a busy man. Another approval and I'll be, as the basketballers say, "In the game!"
  11. Just saw Megamind: BOGoyNEIJQw Gotta say, it was hella fun. Really enjoyable from start to finish. If you like your superheroes and you're somewhat a child at heart (which I assume many of us here are), I really recommend going and checking it out.
  12. Great I've gone through and put in the information as requested. I also made a couple of changes (the last, I promise). I switched out Instant Up for Prone Fighting - I thought this made more sense as he can skitter around quite well, given his wall crawling. I also opted to drop a rank of leaping (as once I got down and really looked at the numbers, he was jumping quite far indeed). With the extra PP, I took Stun (limited to Daze) as an alternate power to his Emotion Control. I thought this fit well with the image we see of many giant insects often emitting a loud-pitched screech that folk seem to have trouble standing. Also, I switched the saving through of my Emotion Control back to will, giving the Seventh Soldier a greater number of saves to play against.
  13. Ok, a few minor changes: Fluff Updated history - more detailed Name change to reflect his individual status: The Seventh Soldier Listed more complications Mechanics Swapped Blind Fight for Connected (makes sense, no?) Moved Gather Information 12 and Contacts to powers section (to reflect their nature). Updated numbers as a result.
  14. Ah, I see now. I appreciate the refs taking the time to discuss the character. I'll more than likely re package him as a lone hero of the colony, which will give me an opportunity to flesh him out a little as well.
  15. No worries and no pressure. Happy to move on to a different concept if this doesn't fit in with the current FC shtick (of course equally happy to play them, as well )
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