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  1. Leon turned to Blink when she commented about his guard, "Good insight miss, it is true that my guard on right side is little weak... " He said to her. "By the way... I assume that you are also trained in martial arts too right?" He asked her as he leaned little forward while resting his arms on his thigh.
  2. Leon Mighty Y2K Bug West End Warriors Training in the Wharton State Forest Invasion! - Southside
  3. Leon was amazing that Tempest could change shape of the natures. The sits was very natural and it look like it was made by nature itself. He looking at the sit before he gently sitting on it. It is more comfortable than simple sitting on the rock. He looking back at the others as he touching his chin.
  4. Leon was calmly walking on the street, he started to get know more about the Freedom City and he learned to get used to super-powered being in this city. He have tried to find more clues about Dr Sin but he don't have much success with it. When the surrounding area start to change, he could feel the uneasy feeling about it. From far away from him, he could see how the people is running away from demons. It feel like it is the end of the world and it become hopeless to fight against it. But deep inside his heart told him to not to give up and fight hard so that you could create miracle. He closed his eyes as he take a big breath. He focused his spirit and cleansed his fear until he breath out and open his eyes. He slowly walking on the street to face the demons. He don't want those demons think that they can toy with humans and crushing people's hope.
  5. Leon looked at the woman who just had hiding, it seem that she have been in wrong side of law but he don't know about her so that he can't simple assume that she is a criminal. He then looked at the others, the undead who call himself Dead Head and elemental being Tempest. He was only expected Jack to come but he never expect to face three stranger at same day in the forest. Ahmm... But anyway it is interesting to meeting you Dead Head, Tempest and... you miss...! He greeting with slightly confused look. Let me introduce myself... My name is Leon Yeerum but better known as Leon Mighty. I'm martial artist who travel around the world to improved myself. Me and Jack of all Blades know each other with our early encounter.
  6. Leon started to used appearing of supernatural being. But why they appear right in the middle of forest make him wondering. He first looked at the elemental being and then at the undead who seem to speak with southern accent. "Man... I'm started to get used of strange appearing of supernatural beings and superheroes..." He simple said until he suddenly hear sound of somebody who is hiding. He turned to the direction to the sound. "Excuse me, are you gonna appear too?" He asked to Blink who is still hiding.
  7. Let see if Leon can notice Blink. Notice check (1d20+10=17)
  8. I think that Disarm and Sunder can exceed the power cap. I have heard that Improved Block are capped.
  9. For Leon Mighty, I like to spend 1 pp on Fearless feat. Sandman ponders if Leon Mighty is Jet Li or Taylor Swift
  10. Did not notice that he make intimidate check... Intimidate check (1d20+8=13) I will edit the post.
  11. Leon stopped with his training when Jack show up. He turned to him while he resting his fists on his waist. "Hello Jack! I was waiting for you!" He greeted to him as he shaking his hand. "I don't mind ending my training now but let me remove my weights first before we can start sparring each other." He said as he sat down a rock. He removed the weights from wrists and ankles, it sound very heavy when it dropped down to the ground. "By the way... I'm not a even monk, I´m just a martial artist..." He said as he standing up and then he make some quick stretching movements.
  12. Leon silently sneaked after them as he see them started to fighting against the thugs. He could simple join in to help them but it seem that they are more experienced with dealing of criminals so that he let them do their jobs. But he don't hasten to help them when it started to get bad for them.
  13. Master_Pelle

    Y2K Bug (IC)

    Leon was intimidate by his intimidate look. He is used to intimidation of other peoples but not against by supernatural powers so that he don't know what he should react. He was simple standing there and doing nothing against him as he start to sweat.
  14. Leon have tied with huge ropes around a tree where he will practicing by striking on it to improved his blows and withstand the pain by delivering powerful strike. He don't use any protection on his fists or feet because he want to harden them even more. Before he practicing by striking on, he took a short standing meditation before he start striking on it. The thick ropes that are tied on the tree are softing the blows from Leon. Leon start slowly punching on the tree until he started to increased his speeds. While he punching at the tree, he also perform strong side kick on it and some forward kicks. The weight on his wrists and ankles are making him harder to perform fast blows but he still try to push his limit because he want to go beyond the human limitation of the body.
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