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Red Sky at Night (OOC)


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OOC for this thread.

Blod, Tsunami, and Crimson Tiger out for the night.

You may make some knowledge (current events) and (streetwise) rolls to know a few things!

Knowledge (Current Events)

DC 10 (Untrained)

A large number of dock workers have recently been laid off, and are unhappy about it, protesting and picketing...

DC 20 (Trained only)

The shipping company Triton International have taken over handling of goods in some docks from the regular businesses recently, and have laid off a lot of workers. They have brought in 'independent' workers, who are apparently unskilled thugs!

Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 10 (Untrained)

A load of street thugs have been employed down the docks, and are paid good money for it, no questions asked. They are happy!

DC 20 (Trained only)

Knuckles O'Hagan, a two bit street thug with a bit more sense than the regular thug, is organising the "thug labour", and has been bragging about the considerable pay packet he has been getting. He has been down the docks a lot, getting drunk and into fights...

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That is certainly enough for the crowd.

Knuckles, however - Ill give that an opposed roll, and put him at -5 penalty due to being preoccupied and light etc.

1d20+5=24 Hows about that.

As for the assessment:


He is weaker than Mali.

Post away IC your sneak, and assessment, Ill post Knuckles response. Given Knuckles only just beat you, I would suggest you can get pretty close before he spots ya. Its up to you if you want to say its because of bad luck, a klutz, or just because Knuckles is pretty sharp (which he is).

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Tsunami is shifting her array to Water Control (ie move object limited to water). She can make a 1 foot x 1 foot column of water up to 50 feet high in a standard action, so, depending upon the height of the ship, that should put her up alongside it to see the deck. She will be riding the column up thanks to Water Walking as it goes (SC, let me know if that does not seem right to you).

Oh, and she has her forcefield up now.

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Okay Supercape, Tusnami is going to try to use her her supersense to try to figure out where the ships' propellers are.  The supersense is accurate, so I would think she should be able to tell how the water is displaced by the various parts of the ship resting in it.  Let me know if you want me to make a notice check to try to pick up where the shapes for the propellers would be (the supersense has extended range). 

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No, that sounds absolutely fine to me. 


(Although an argument could be made for getting acute on that? Hearing without acute would be "There is noise", with it "Someone is speaking", that detect water sense is "There is water there" with acute "it is churning"? - however, I think for the sake of cool, it sounds good and there is plenty of time - and by default she would no where water isn't - so thats pretty helpful!)

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That is an interesting question! I suppose you could move water away, replacing it with...? sounds hard work but feasible. 


I think that is best considered an opposed roll. The ship probably has something like swimming 4 (25mph) so lets do an opposed roll:


1d20+4=23 yoikes!


Feel free to oppose that. However in the spirit of can do, also feel free to exert extra effort to automatically pass (Vworp Vworp handwavium alert!)

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