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Pale Moonlight (OOC)

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Clearly, this is the part where I use Emotion Control: Calm on all parties involved resulting in a calm and orderly airing of grievances, settling matters peacefully. :P

Edit: And if it's useful, the fact that Sam's on an AEGIS watchlist as a recovering supervillain could be a fun thing to toss in, if they're gonna end up in the mix once the dancing starts.

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Hammerhead's Tou save vs. 24: [urhttp]Injured and Bruised

India Rubber's Tou save vs. 24: Unhurt

Mr. M's Tou save vs 24: Injured, Bruised, and Staggered

Blue Jay's arrows all miss Quickstep for some reason.

Walsh: 8

Walsh is now dying; luckily he has the Diehard feat!

Dave Walsh: 22

Dang it, now I have to make NPC posts.

DW uses his move action to fly over to his father. He grabs him with his Telekinesis, and starts flying to the hospital as fast as he can.

Mr. M uses his move action to retreat back behind and under the stage.

Arichamus, I need a Tou save for Heraldo.

Let's say, gosh, half a dozen people in the crowd are hit by arrows, half of them die.

Kit is up as soon as I post IC.

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