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  • 2 weeks later...

Who ordered the Nazi deathacopters?

Anyway, Koshiro's going to spend an HP to stunt off his origami magic array. Now he's got quite a good Disable Device check, so if he could just get close enough to those copters, he could wreck them up pretty good. Luckily, it has stopped raining, so he has some friends who can do the work for him.

Stunting Nullify Flight 8 (Extras: Area [Cone, Targeted], Autofire, Flaw: Action [Full]) [24/24PP]

And it's a 20, but hopefully that will be enough to do something.

The Nullify check, on the other hand, is a very respectable 27.

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Okay, Koshiro's going to use the "Walking attack" option on his autofire to try and get both of those guys. Since they're together on adjacent blocks, I think it's just a -2 penalty to the attack roll for that. And hey, they are minions, so taking 10 gives a 20 for both.

DC 23 toughness saves

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Ghost Girl

Move Action: Fly out toward the remaining commandos.

Standard Action: Siobhan’s Shroud (100' cone visual Obscure) to buy some time.

Since that's from her secondary array, she'll actually remain invisible for the time being. What a crazy, sudden weather pattern, huh? I'll wait for Papercut's IC post to hit that up.

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Move action: Shapeshift!

Enhanced Feat (Takedown Attack, to Takedown Attack 2) [1pp]

Super-Senses 2 (Accurate Normal Auditory) [2pp]

Speed 1 (10mph / 100 feet per Move Action) [1pp]

Strike 4 (Feats: Mighty, Power Attack) [6pp]

[1+2+1+6 = 10/10pp]

Wraith can heaaaaar youuuuuuuuu.

Move action: Close in on the nazis.

SURGE: Standard action: Some Nazis want to get into a fight for their country. Oblige them.

Wraith's attack bonus is +11; with a full power attack that's +6, which should be just enough to hurt some fools while taking 10. DC30 Toughness, using Takedown Attack 2 (if possible) to nail as many of them as she can.

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Move action: Fly up a little for a nice view where any remaining bad guys will be able to see her. And shoot at her.

Standard action: Glow can take ten on an attack roll with her area-effect Telekinesis 7 power (with +1 power attack) for a 16 to hit the whole group at once. Toughness save would be DC23.

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