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Overthrow in City Hall!(OOC)


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Harlan Schultz is the director of the FBI situated in Freedom City. He rose to that position after years of steady advancement through the Bureau, preceded by several years of combat service in the Army where he served with no notable blemishes or shining marks on his record. He is as cagey about the actions of the Bureau in Freedom City as might be expected, but has managed to secure several arrests of villains and the break-up of dozens of cults and conspiracy groups throughout his years Director.

Captain William "Bulldog" Maddicks came to the FCPD from the U.S. Marine Corps and the NYCPD's SWAT division, where his experience in weapons-handling and small-team tactics made him an exemplary officer. Soon commanding his own team of SWAT officers, he applied for the position of Captain of Superhuman Tactics & Regulation the day he learned of the position's existence, and after a brief interview Commissioner Kane formally instated him into the position. He gets along well with her, and apparently almost nobody else, with a reputation for being short and confrontational with the city's superheroes. Despite that, he is all business, and has a flawless record and reputation, pioneering many new ways for normal humans to battle supers and win.

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Uh, TK?

The bit that 'looks like this' is Gabriel thinking, not speaking. That's why it's in italics and a single quote, not regular font and a double quote. He's not insulting her, but he did need a second to process someone whose costume was "OMG UNION JACK!". :P What with him being a bloody Irishman and all. ;)

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City Hall:

Asad: Unharmed, 3HP

Gabriel: Unharmed, 6HP

The Guards(x15): Unharmed-GM

Starlight: Unharmed, 4HP

Silver Spider: Unharmed, 2HP

Young Britannia: Unharmed, 2HP


Omen: Unharmed, 1HP

Quartet(x4): Unharmed-GM

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